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 2 months ago
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Just when I thought I was gonna like boar boy and he's trying to fight Tanjiro. You and Zenitsu better redeem yourselves by the end of this episode.
#DemonSlayer #Toonami

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#AttackOnTitan Be careful what you wish for Eren #Toonami

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#Toonami #DemonSlayer

I’m getting Super Castlevania 4 flashbacks on rotating room

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Man, @BrycePapenbrook's performance as Inosuke is on point! What a way to start this episode of #Demon Slayer 🔥


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"I wish something would happen."
Oh, Eren, Eren, Eren. Had no friggin' clue how good you had it, huh? #AttackOnTitan #Toonami

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#Toonami Inosuke's so inconsiderate. #DemonSlayer

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