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 2 months ago

Flushing your toilet actually sends fecal matter and other bacteria flying around your bathroom.

It's best to put the lid down before flushing.

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@STrostic @UberFacts Thats awesome!

Help me spread the word! LID DOWN!

Take a look at my pinned tweet and watch the videos and be rewarded for the faith!!!

Also a follow back would be nice :)

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@MJBIV4 @UberFacts Mr Jones.

Just think about whats spraying around your bathroom ;)

Take a look at my pinned tweet and watch the videos!

And a follow is always awesome!

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@UberFacts This is fact. It's called "fecal spray" or "fecal plume." Close the lid and keep your toothbrush, tissue and mouthwash far away from the toilet.

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@UberFacts Now that I knew.

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 2 months ago

@UberFacts I shut it everytime. Most don't know this though trick

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@UberFacts but... don't people often lean back onto the lid when they're sitting on the toilet

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@UberFacts Damn now I gotta remember to put the lid AND the seat down? Sheesh....

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 2 months ago
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@LincolnPine When you and her passionately argue your stance on healthcare #AlwaysLeadsToHavingSex

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#AlwaysLeadsToHavingSex When Baby's on Fire.

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Watching Shrek on Netflix

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Why is this hashtag listed as politics?


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