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22 títulos en el @RealMadrid

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@FLOTUS @WhiteHouse Who gives a fuck about Christmas? #bebest

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When ppl ask me in the future what are my thoughts about the 45th first lady were, and what did she contribute to humanity i will instantly ...
think of what it must be like to have hemorrhoids & how painful that must be! .....

Oh and Plagiarism
#BeBest everyone !

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@BillyBaldwin Haha! However, I don’t think #BeBest @FLOTUS can get blood from a stone. She should have gotten out when the getting was good. I guess it’s back to soft porn for her.

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Im going to be my best with my new coffee mug #BeBest

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@FLOTUS @WhiteHouse It was a "Crime against Humanity" to separate those children from their parents! .. #beBest??????

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@FLOTUS @WhiteHouse I would say fuck your #bebest but you probably would want $50 for doing it.

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