I dare each and every one of you to choose love…and to go listen to my multilingual project! What a dream come true to be able to share this with you. #idareyou is OUT NOW!

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@livingforkelly @kellyclarkson I love you and your music, Kelly!

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@WRHackney @kellyclarkson Same here at 2.30am!

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@houle_sally Profile picture SALLY HOULE


 9 months ago

@kellyclarkson Thank u Kelly it is amazing

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@faithlesslight Profile picture sweetest con


 9 months ago

@kellyclarkson multilingual queen 👑

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@wut_wr Profile picture Will Hackney


 9 months ago

@kellyclarkson You’ve got me learning five new languages at 7:30 am. Queen.

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@bonee_anna Profile picture Anna


 9 months ago

@kellyclarkson Such a good song Kelly!!! We love you!!!❤️

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@lesliemiller007 Profile picture Leslie


 9 months ago

@kellyclarkson It’s beautiful 🥰🌼

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@DannyWxo Profile picture Love, Danny


 9 months ago

@kellyclarkson Humanity does deserve you.

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We should let Trump back on Twitter so he can whip up some scary reminders for Republicans #ImpeachAndConvict

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(2/2) Have we become a nation of political expediency instead of a nation that does what is lawful and right? Are we a nation where anything goes?


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#ImpeachAndConvict trump has blood on his hands

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I believe Officer Sicknick’s family should file a wrongful death lawsuit against the trump family and every GOP Senator who voted to overturn the election and who voted to not hold Trump accountable: #ImpeachAndConvict #ArrestThemAllNow

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#ImpeachAndConvict Republicans are publicly saying that domestic terrorists who cause 5 people to be killed on Jan. 6th are fine people. We are no longer safe in America.

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