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These “sexualities” (and identity) EXIST. Animephobes aka nazi are a disgusting mockery of the algbtq+ and it needs to be stopped. These “sexualities” are literally the best. #animesexual #transracial #dreamsexual

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@Ronnichu_ I can tell they both honestly believe these things. You can tell by the #transracial in one of their usernames

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Let me stop fuckin with these celebrities had no clue who that girl was 😂😂😂😂

Aye but you ma'am nawww
@KimKardashian u don't count #transracial

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@imhpov_ and the #transracial 🤢🤮 WTFFFFFFF

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I’m transracial-phobic and proud 🥴 #transracial

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#BaseballHOF #NCT127_FirstLove #avondklokkerellen #HolocaustRemembranceDay #FarmersProtest #Survivor #TractorsVsTraitors #Tigray #warwanarat #Trending #vaccine #ValentinesDay #TheView #TheBachelor #transracial #BidenErasedWomen #Biblicalsmoke #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackLivesMatter

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What the fuck is #transracial and why the fuck is it a thing I swear stupidity can never be fixed

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I'm coming out as white 🥺🤍 #transracial

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@ayrda_ so fala pra eles q vc tem nariz de europeu mas se sente negra, vc tem alma de negro #transracial

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@TammyBlue61 ADOS hashtaggers & Sandy Darity have introduced #transracial & some messy convoluted lineage issue into the #reparations movement.
How do you determine lineage if Rarity said you can't be ruled out based on DNA?
Even on the Maury show they rule out lineage based on DNA.

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Agora que tô solteira, quero meu biscoito também ué?! #transbrasil #transracial #TransIsBeautiful
O melhor momento da sua vida é quando você vai criando consciência de quem você é, do que você pode ou não doar para o outro, dos seus limites e ficar leve em relação a isso tudo.

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man wtf is this 'aryan #transracial' account and how's he/she hasn't been suspended is beyond me.

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@Frozohne they think people can just change their race lmao who puts #transracial in their bio and user

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@FreddyBonzi They were the main person who got #transracial trending

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@Cian_leahy10 U know they have mental illness when they have #transracial on their account

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This girl doesn't quit. #transracial

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@itsjeffreypsd “proud #transracial” 😩😩😩

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Ariana Grande stans are the worst. She also support #transracial like what??

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#transracial hashtag de retardado

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The 1/8 applies to both the meme itself and the epic #transracial meme in the dn

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#transracial isnt real, you're just being racist. good day

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why is #transracial and #TransracialLivesMatter a thing? you guys are RACIST but want to ´transition´ to be black? aw naw baby that aint gonna work

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Yay I am white now My cracka #transracial

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i think we should REPORT this bitch
this happens when you give a 9 years old a phone and you dont check what he is doing🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

@aryangoddess_ go back to you #transracial bitchies and try to shoot 3pointer with one of yall's head😉

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@HuggosWAP they have #transracial in their name and they are complaining about white peoples death not being talked about?

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If you're dumb enough to not know that is a troll. I guess those #transracial arianators are one of y'all too

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Look at this y'all, it's the swiffties doing this disgusting act, plz report

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Y'all hype black people's death so much. Kobe Bryant and Gigi, Chadwick Boseman, George Floyd, etc. I think is kind of racist, y'all should give white people's death the same energy💯

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Kobe Bryant in 2021 Ariana Grande in 2021

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What Is Your Measure?

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lmfaooo guys

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These “sexualities” (and identity) DONT exist. They are a disgusting mockery of the lgbtq+ and it needs to be stopped. These “sexualities” are literally multiplying. It’s just dumb like “pedosexual” #animesexual #transracial #dreamsexual

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