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I understand now why the GOP are making such a big thing of Dr Seuss.
They want the former guy back leading the country & if Dr. Seuss is cancelled so is the entire #TerroristTrump
Presidential library with most of his favorite books, apart from the coloring in ones he finished.

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This is terrorism, and convicted terrorists should be executed. #GOPTerroristOrganization #GOPDomesticTerrorists #TerroristTrump #TerroristHawley #TerroristCruz #TerroristGreene #MoscowMitchOwnsManchin

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@JackPosobiec All because of the sack of 💩 #TerroristTrump and his accomplices in the GOP that incited insurrection. Let that sink in a moment.

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I still like Dr. Seuss, so I decided to read Green Eggs and Ham.

RT if you still like him too!

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@Jim_Jordan This will happen under POTUS Biden. Never did under #TerroristTrump.

Looking forward to your upcoming investigations. Pucker up.

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@PCee52 But they should have great resumes having worked for #terroristtrump

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Federal investigators have added a Trump administration official to the growing list of defendants facing charges in the deadly pro-Trump insurrection.


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@kylegriffin1 Yes & I hope these “people” succeed in destroying you @SenRonJohnson since you are helping to destroy our country & Democracy.

Why did you spend July 4th in Russia? Why did you sell your soul to the devil? Why are you protecting #TerroristTrump ?

Why’d you help incite the coup?

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Trump appointee arrested in connection with #CapitolTerroristAttack!

#TerroristTraitorTrump #TerroristAttack #TerroristRepublicans #TerroristTrump #TerroristsForTrump #MAGAts #MAGAterrorists #LockHimUp #DomesticTerrorism #CapitolRiots #ExecuteTerrorists

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#PutinsCoup #TrumpIsJustAPawnInCoup(That's WHY they all SEEM to protect him&everythinghe does&he pardons them etc...'quid-pro-quo' as well as #PutinsAgenda which is #PutinsCoup &WE CAN'T SIT BACK & DO NOTHING! WE HAVE TO RID USA OF THIS #TerroristTrump! #ExpatriateTrump2SaveUSA

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@Jim_Jordan President Biden has done more good in 43 freaking DAYS than #TerroristTrump did in 4 YEARS.

Don’t you have some work to do?

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Donald Trump is the leader of a dangerous terrorist organization. Pass it on.

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@SenRonJohnson When you support #TerroristTrump the #TrumpMobs and lie or twist the truth you might want to reconsider your options.

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Sen. Ron Johnson at the center of the storm: "People are out to destroy me"

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@GOPChairwoman And just what the hell did #TerroristTrump do about human rights abuse in ANY country except to accept and approve so he could have another bromance. Try to think before you post shi* that applies directly to Trump and his corrupt administration.

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House passes sweeping voting rights bill 'over' GOP
This is what we need to be tweeting about! This is what we need to be doing while we have a chance to 'fix the system' that #TerroristTrump & #CorruptGOP MANIPULATED&ABUSED FOR THEIR OWN GRATIFICATION.

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I wonder 'what' #TerroristTrump will 'spike their punch' with? I'll bet #PutinsScientists have 'all kinds of concoctions' he's willing to try out on some gullible(Trump humpers) Americans.

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Pull out my gat!!! Jk...or am I🤔😉If only WE could 'get away with ****** like #TerroristTrump & HIS #TerroristGOPorg have done since Nov 2016', WE WOULD ALL BE rid of the scurvy( #CorruptGOP #RepublicanmCoup) that still resides within OUR GOV.. #DefundTheGOP

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Anyone know how the #TerroristTrump #Inauguration is going? I don’t seem to see any channels covering it. #Biden #FoxNews #TrumpLostAgain

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According to QAnon, God descends from heaven today and makes Trump, President. Thoughts?

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Ted Cruz pulls up along side of you and asks for directions.......

What do you do?

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I woke up at 2:46 this morning and my forst thought was;
“ Can the National Guard be trusted”?
#March4th #NationalGuard #TrumpIsGuilty #terroristTrump

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@ExpLeft @onekainen @MaddowBlog @maddow Ummmm.....what? Citations? Evidence? Assuming you mean @Blklivesmatter protests; you realize those were infiltrated by #WhiteSupremacists who organized online to accelerate violence, per law enforcement & @FBI right? Not to mention #TerroristTrump ‘s militarized police violence.

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Arrest, imprison, execute the Terrorists! NOW. #GOPDomesticTerrorists #TerroristTrump #TerroristHawley #TerroristCruz #TerroristMcCarthy #TerroristGreene #TerroristRubio @marcorubio @HawleyMO

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Of course the delay of the National Guard came from the head Terrorist and his abettors. Arrest, imprison, fine and execute #TerroristTrump #GOPDomesticTerrorists #LockThemUp #TerroristHawley #TerroristCruz #TerroristMTG

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This deserves a life sentence.

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Who else was Complicid with #TerroristTrump in the "Capitol Terror Attack"?

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NEW VIDEO📽️: Marco Rubio doesn't think there should be any accountability for Sedition. He joined Cruz & Hawley in voting to end the impeachment trial before it began; a position too extreme for most Republicans even.

Retweet if you're ready to retire #TraitorMarco in 2022.

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.@CapitolPolice Increase her security, if you have not. Trump has insurrectionists & domestic terrorists under his command & loves to engage in stochastic terrorism as well as make direct appeals for his cultists to engage in violence at specified times & places. #TerroristTrump

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Trump planned it and on the day it occurred, called for the attack on the Capitol. He and his conspirators should all be in custody. Trump is not immune and in fact swore an oath to protect us from such attacks. He is a domestic enemy and we have right to have him charged. Today.

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#BREAKING: Donald Trump has been formally served with a lawsuit related to the Capitol attack. Formal notice that Rep. Thompson, Democratic Chairman of House Homeland Security Cmte, has sued him. It was received by certified mail in February at Mar-a-Lago. -@CNN

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@PWitchell @frogg1965 @4HumanUnity @DonaldJTrumpJr Because Americans were attacked by Terrorists. Oh wait, you guys are okay with that now .. especially when they are encouraged by the Domestic Terrorists leadership of #TrumpCrimeFamily #TrumpCult #TerroristTrump sorry forgot.

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@EarwQrm @zmanaz @RBReich What about all the pardons for the criminals, murderers, #TerroristTrump handed out..

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Biden should have made her an “acting” department head just like #TerroristTrump did with most of his department heads and tell the #TerroristRepublicans to go F-themselves!! #TerroristGQP #SeditiousGOP #TraitorTrump #TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump

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@KatrinaPierson Guess you couldn't get the endorsement of #TerroristTrump to propel your run. Sad.

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No one should feel good about what happened to @neeratanden. She’s spent her career fighting for people & policies to help people. She was qualified - in before times and in after times. Republicans won a hollow victory off the back of a woman of color with the help of some Dems.

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@pqben42 Yes !
1) American PATRIOT

2) Supporter of #TerroristTrump & one who set the Impeached Orange Fascist Monster free, TWICE !
The Anti-Democracy
@GOP Senator

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@mmpadellan Imagine Kay-lie getting a job just a couple of days before #DonTheCon #DiaperDonald #TerroristTrump will be back in the White House.
According to his uneducated followers.

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@TimMurtaugh @LineDriveLLC @petesnyder Because your advice helped #TerroristTrump secure a second term?

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@TimMurtaugh So after #TerroristTrump CLOSED the schools, when did he reopen them? No need for a specific date. Maybe the month and year. I feel like schools have been closed ever since Trump fuc*ed up the COVID response and then he just gave up. That date again please.

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@JasonMillerinDC Had #TerroristTrump told the scientists what Xi told him, and what Trump told Woodward, things would have been different. One year ago Trump said it would disappear. One year ago you still owed child support. Paid up yet deadbeat dad?

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@JimmyVielkind @DonaldJTrumpJr Anything a trump tweets about sexual assault is just a reminder that #TerroristTrump is facing multiple lawsuits from women for inappropriate behavior and was busted by multiple wives for infedelity.

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