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Getting so sick of this @Twitter malfunctioning since the latest Android update!
I was even prepared to blame my failing cell, but then @chrishambyfilms reported the same issues!
Tonight is as bad as last weekend, so many replies and most of my tweets are wiping out!

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Stopping cat cleanup because it is #VTTBOTS time!
(And I am exhausted!)
@godwhatamess @cellytron @CoughlinBrett @TheYodaPagoda @GargoylePhan

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Cuddle up with #Retro memories #70s #80s #90s #90snick #MeTV #AntennaTV #svengoolie #SaturdayMorningCartoons

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#MeTVBuckRogers #svengoolie
Wait...I have never seen any of this after his early flashback!
I must have fallen asleep right after this began! 😜
@godwhatamess @cellytron @CoughlinBrett @TheYodaPagoda

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#MeTVBuckRogers #svengoolie
Anyway, it SHOULD be "Adama" or whoever, bc Sheba is in this episode!
@godwhatamess @cellytron @CoughlinBrett @TheYodaPagoda @ashnickel8

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So @Twitter must be having a lot of problems with high traffic this year.
It had stopped freezing up, etc. for me during the week, but once the weekend began last night, do did all the new (2021) problems trying to use it (even to scroll my TL)!
It's messing up #Svengoolie Night!

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Thanks to all the #Svenpals and #MutantFam and #HorrorCommunity as well.
I had a blast this weekend. Be safe and see you next week. Peace ✌ Love ❀ and Rubber chickens πŸ”
#Svengoolie #MeTVStarTrek
#MeTVBuckRogers #MeTVKolchak

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#Svengoolie πŸ“ΊπŸΉπŸ“½πŸŒ˜ #TheEndOfSvengoolie Thanks for "stick"-ing with us. Now "head" out and have some fun! Heh heh heh heh! Oh yes, my fellow #Svenpals; this was a hilarious & entertaining episode, particularly when it's also a movie screened on #MST3K.

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@OlliHey The folks at hidden valley. #Svengoolie

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Omg what an endingβ€”had to rewatch on DVR: Get out of here Gordon! Give Gideon a chance!!! 🍿 #Svengoolie

I’m definitely going to be back next week for Fay Wray

This was fun, Svengoolie Twitter, glad to meet you!

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That was a fun one. Have a nice week everyone, be good to one another! Until next week, #Svengoolie #Svenpals πŸ§‘πŸ‘‹

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nite all next up-Spook gets hot and bothered #Svengoolie

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wouldn't they want to leave the necklace IN THERE with him for safe measure? #Svengoolie

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Are you KIDDING me with that ending?! #Svengoolie

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NOSFERATU! #svengoolie

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Oh he definitely wouldn’t want my blood #svengoolie

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