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I have a feeling that after the intelligence and law enforcement agencies round up all of these "Rebels Without A Clue", there will be alot fewer red pickup trucks on the roads of 'merica.

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@trashpandaAFA @NYCAntifa @Facebook @facebookai @fbnewsroom I'm betting these were there too. #roundthemup #WhiteSupremacists

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Keep exposing them!

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The kkk flag guy has been arrested! #roundthemup another white terrorist off the streets of America #NoFlyList

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Very much looks like an inside job. Any members found to have played this murderous role must be expelled from Congress — and then criminally prosecuted. They should also be deemed ineligible to hold any public office in the future. See 14th Amendment Sec.3.

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NEW: The guy carrying the Confederate flag is in custody. w/@ktbenner @GiuliaMcDonnell

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Two more white terrorist identified these are the faces of racist cops who are also haters of American #roundthemup #NoFlyList

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The Mainstream Media incited violence

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. @SenSchumer . @SenGillibrand . @RepTomReed #roundthemup and bring them to justice.

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Trial, conviction, Imprison.

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@WendyLHauger They got another one #roundthemup

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Better idea - "artificially induce" (human engineer) the ruling class et al. for blanket intolerance of greed, colonialism, imperialism, militarism, patriarchy, white supremacist ideology, capitalism, & industrial civilization.

Or - just eradicate them.

#RoundThemUp #AI

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His attorney is blaming others.....but

If he broke that line, he violated the Capital...anyone inside is a Criminal

U can't rob a bank as an accessary then say you were no part of it!!!!

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Another insurrectionist identified another white Christian domestic terrorist,a hater of our country #roundthemup #NoFlyList

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@StaceyCKs1 Another insurrectionist,a hater of our country & a white terrorist #roundthemup

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Another insurrectionist arrested #roundthemup #ImpeachmentDay

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BREAKING: A rioter who stormed the US Capitol last week wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with the phrase "Camp Auschwitz" was arrested this morning in Virginia, according to a law enforcement official

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There is a terrifying underlying motive to a lot of this “new normal” talk. @_whitneywebb & @elleprovocateur, have you seen this?

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Firefighter Andrew Williams arrested after photo showed him pointing at a placard for Speaker Pelosi in US Capitol Building

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@angelsd1 @catscouldruleus start with that psych op from s.c. who led a group to washington on her "day off" as a "private citizen" ... wrong, you represent america in and out of uniform ... you don't stop being part of the armed forces because you've changed out of your uniform

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One thing that’s very true is that we need to get rid of the stereotype that white supremacists are uneducated hillbillies. They are our real estate agents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc. This feeds directly into the systemic racism in society today.

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@RayRedacted @TrussTheSauce Ooooo look, they’re (⚪️) finally getting the oppression they’ve been crying out for. Won’t He Do It?!🙌🏿


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@sfpelosi @Toure Yeah, they didn’t “heal” after losing the election. #roundthemup

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@clairecmc @DeadlineWH @NicolleDWallace 💪💪🏽💪🏼 Thank you for your candor regarding the insurrection-complicit GOP

#RoundThemUp & #LockThemUp

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Trump is a criminal like Milosevic. He needs to be banned, condemned, and arrested. #ArrestTrumpNow #FailedCoup #RoundThemUp

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So open door policy pa?



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A growing number of politicians across Scotland have backed calls to bar Trump from entering Scotland and the UK in the wake of recent violence at the U.S. Capitol, calling him as a “dangerous criminal” who deserves prosecution.

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😭😭🤣🤣 #RoundThemUp

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Every person that contributed to this—whether it's Trump, Giuliani, Josh Hawley or Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) live tweeting Pelosi's whereabouts to the traitorous mob—should be charged as accessories to murder of a police officer. #RoundThemUp #LockThemUp #AccessoriesToMurder

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🐀🐀🐀 #NoFlyList

Could we please put this to music? Another #MAGATerrorist bites the dust ...

#TrumpInsurrection #ItalyDidIt library trump lmao

#thewaitwillbeworthit we miss you too

I could watch this all night. #maga #Trump2021

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So proud of the Twitter verse, apple, google, and the many other companies who have stepped up to stop hate speech. We must gather these people and put them in isolated areas so they cannot do further damage. #roundthemup #endfreespeech #silence #oppressthem @tedcruz

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ONE. By. ONE. #roundthemup

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BREAKING U.S. counterterrorism prosecutors investigating men arrested Sunday who allegedly carried zipties in U.S. Capitol breach.

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I am 100% certain that if there is a recount you will find more.

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The @FBI has received more than 40,000 digital media tips, including fotos and videos but that # does not include people who have called by phone with tips.

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Let’s move on to #roundthemup

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@ResisterForever @steventhobrien @natashavote2020 @womanperson1 @SmexyShirt @LIBingtheLife @ChardMeck @KarenMoser2 @Lenoc005 @no_mo_woe @LJH___________ @heathfthrlynn68 @lesleeo66 @ReallyAliveNow @RbgMarco @valhan56 @TruthWonToday @DawgMother @happyashepaiz @desperadoooo @Lucybelle4 #RoundThemUp

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Brad Rukstales, CEO of Cogensia, a Chicago marketing technology firm, said he was arrested after breaching the US Capitol during Wednesday's Trump-fueled insurrection in Washington, DC. "It was the single worst personal decision of my life," Rukstales said

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@WarrenBingham I love it! I'm happy these folks are being identified and rounded up. #ArrestThemAllNow #roundthemup

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Jenny Cudd ,
On Wednesday she said "I would do it again , But next time I will bring a gas mask "
Yesterday as the FBI dragged her from her Mothers basement she screamed " I was only watching , I never went in "
That excuse didn't work at Nuremberg and I doubt it will in DC !

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China has sealed off two cities, severing transportation links and barring millions from leaving, as it tries to curb the largest COVID-19 outbreak since summer.

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