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If pedophilia is now considered a mental disorder they better invoke the 25th on Biden now... #invokethe25th #NotMyPresident

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Time to get down to business #ImpeachmentDay #invokethe25th now

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#ImpeachBiden #NotMyPresident is it too early?! The Democrats didn't wait that long back in 2016. So they can suck it. #invokethe25th #DementiaJoe

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@clairecmc God forbid something happens in the next few hours, is Pence in charge? Can we #invokethe25th just to be sure? (And to put it in the history books)

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“As bad as the pandemic was...” this loser is under the impression that the pandemic is over. Good riddance, rotisserie trash. #ImpeachedTwice #invokethe25th #LoserOfTheCentury

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@VP Shame you didn’t #invokethe25th when you had the chance

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@JGaffneyUSN Hell no. Wouldn’t be surprised if the #invokethe25th happens in Slo Joes first week

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Hey @VP @Mike_Pence,

Just wanted to check in and see if you've decided to do the right thing for your country by chosing to #InvokeThe25th and remove an active threat from office.

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@VP you have one more day to do what you should have done months ago. #invokethe25th

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Before he can do this @VP needs to grow a pair and declare the 25th! It's obvious tRump isn't fit! #invokethe25th

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This is scary, you can observe his dementia in real time, he doesn’t know where he is and how to remove himself from the situation.
#InvokeThe25th #WheresNancy #HowDoYouExplainThisAway

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The time @VP is NOW! Do YOUR duty to the Constitution and America as you swore on a Bible to do, or forever be known as a COWARD! #InvokeThe25th

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It's a shame @VP @mike_pence didn't have the strength or resilience to stand up for our nation before Jan 6, 2021... and didn't have the strength or resilience to #invokethe25th after Donald J. Trump incited insurrection & violence against the legislative branch of government

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It's worth pointing out that a POTUS pardoning lots of people is not noteworthy. Obama pardoned 212, and W. Bush pardoned 200. What will be noteworthy is WHO he pardons, and WHY. Trump has allegedly been selling pardons, and that's a serious abuse of the office. #invokethe25th

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@kaitlancollins @betsy_klein The @VP should #invokethe25th late tonight to prevent any pardons being done tomorrow. Trump is very likely to pardon people who wanted to kill Pence & his family. @SecondLady @marcshort45

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@Morning_Joe @kasie @mikebarnicle @NewYorker Mike Pence is derelict in his duty to protect our democracy.

The tension in the air is thick, because even the FBI is concerned about an insider assassination attempt.

Mike must invoke the 25th Amendment as a national security precaution.

Trump is unstable.


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@Mike_Pence @VP No, because u were 2 busy trying 2 destroy America from within, I guess u don’t consider civil war real war since u don’t really care about ur fellow Americans. U should have #invokethe25th when u had the chance. U will end up regretting it and history will view u poorly.

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Really hope they do the right thing and #InvokeThe25th. This is all on you, now, @VP @Mike_Pence.

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@VP you can stop the insanity if you’d only #invokethe25th

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CNN: Trump to issue around 100 pardons and commutations Tuesday, sources say

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He is expected to hand out over 100 pardons on Tuesday.


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My fellow Americans, we’ve been through a lot this past year, but through it all, I have seen the strength and resilience of the American people shine forth.

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This is criminal! This is incitement! This is insurrection! This is sedition! This is treason! This is terrorism!

#expel #arrest #impeach #remove #invokethe25th

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@Mike_Pence is reportedly livid at @POTUS for inciting the #Insurrectionists who literally came within INCHES of killing him! They leave office in three days without speaking since before it happened. Why then did he refuse to #invokethe25th? #GOPSeditiousTraitors #FBRParty #FBR

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@SecPompeo dude wipe that hate off your face. It so obvious you don’t need to hide it. Lose some 100 pound fat, it will help you . #invokethe25th prosecute ALL Trump’s appointees 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙏

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Let’s get 5,000 retweets on this ad before midnight: Thanks to you this ad is going up on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC tomorrow. Please watch and retweet it as far as you can.

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@jazmineulloa @NHPRExchange I warned that the #CapitolAttack might occur on January 6th.

Afterwards, I called upon leaders to #ArrestTrumpNow (urging VP Pence to #Invokethe25th & urging Pelosi to simultaneously #ImpeachTrumpNow -- especially important if the VP was somehow complicit with the #TrumpCoup )

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@BP isn’t doing his job ( #invokethe25th ), and #BadActors are putting other bad actors into critical, pivotal roles ahead of the #PeacefulTransitionOfPower, even before being questioned about how they were unprepared for the last #Insurrectionists invasion, and why they delayed

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Happy birthday, @Lin_Manuel Thanks @jonmchu
I made this parody, hope you like it.

#waitforit #resist #invokethe25th

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Yikes. If he was a Republican the 25th amendment talk would be trending and rightfully so.

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So when there’s violence at state capitols today, will #Trump go to his press room and go on TV to stop it? If not, #invokethe25th or #MoveUpSenateTrial

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@Mike_Pence So now we have an acting President? #invokethe25th

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Arrested Trump foot soldiers say they were ‘listening’ to the president when they stormed the Capitol in a violent and deadly raid January 6th.


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So y’all still letting the orange baby make decisions. This one will come back and bite us! #invokethe25th

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Under pressure from Trump White House, Acting Secretary of Defense has ordered NSA to “immediately” install Republican party ex-operative (and Devin Nunes ex-aide) as NSA general counsel, reports Washington Post.
With less than four days to go of Trump’s Presidency? Why?

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It is almost as if 45, in his sadistic mind, attempted to see exactly how shitty a leader he could be before the GOP said "OK, enough." They never cried uncle, so he continued to get shittier unchecked. #invokethe25th #ImpeachTrumpNow

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@Mike_Pence @VP That’s all fine and dandy, but Trump’s terrorists are plotting to assassinate Biden. One guy was caught with fake inauguration ID, a gun, and 500 rounds.

Members of congress are having their lives threatened, along with 50 state capitols. Trump is still lying.


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Pence's doing the lunatic's job, with no title. Even the fly left Pence's head because he didn't want to be Pence's sidekick! Why not #invokethe25th & be President for 3 days? There's still time! @latelateshow @Trevornoah @StephenAtHome @ChrisCuomo @jaketapper

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A big thank you to @VP is carrying on the tradition of a peaceful transition of power, despite #Trump putting a target on his back last week by inciting #Violence. The ultimate example of being thrown under the bus by your boss. #Trump has abandoned his job. #invokethe25th

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Happy birthday to the/my boss @Lin_Manuel Miranda!! The world is lucky to have you. Here’s to the year your directorial debut comes out #TickTickBoomMovie and your first baby becomes a movie 🍿 🙏🏼 #InTheHeightsMovie

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In his final days in office, President Trump has effectively stopped doing his job.

@EliStokols explains

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