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Nike SB Dunk Low atmos Elephant 👟💯

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@NFL_DovKleiman Instead of finding lame excuse against people should cherrish his career and enjoy till it last. This ia not norm what is able to accomplish at age 43.

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Jezu 7 lat temu piliśmy na dożynkach z Cristiano Ronaldo. Piękne czasy.

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thank you for the greatest 4 years we will ever see #GOAT! Lincoln was a bum compared to you

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@FTTV2O Then you are the #GOAT 🙌

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I love it cause Irv my nigga but load up for the finals #goat james

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Kyrie Irving is scheduled to return to the Nets tonight.

It’s Brooklyn’s first game with Durant, Harden and Irving.

Scary hours 👁‍🗨

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Ok I will admit I was disappointed when I had heard that @LilTunechi had backed stupid ass trump. But now that I see he got him a pardon, I see what he was up too. Good shit! That’s why he is and will always be the G.O.A.T. 🐐 #goat

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@TheInstigators @TheInstigator76 Although it wasn’t a call-up situation, a then unorthodox, unknown goalie named Dominik Hasek stepped up for an injured Grant Fuhr. . .and the rest is history. #Sabres #GOAT

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Grand Theft Auto 5 💵

#GTA5 #GrandTheftAutoV #trevor #ps5 #PS5Share #classique #GOAT

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@souljaboy dropped the album of the year and niggas just sleep 😴 🤦🏽‍♂️ #GOAT #FURYAH

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I think part of Brady’s greatest and the heart of his legacy is that his rise to glory was the most unlikely in the history of not just football but sports in general. Unlike, a Michael Jordan he was this amazing physical specimen. But enough Brady compliments from me 😅 #GOAT

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O resto é história.... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #BreakingBad #GOAT

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Biz beatboxed in reverse in MIB and im just now noticing!!!? #GOAT

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@ESPNNFL Don’t you dare #PhillipRivers is the #GOAT

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I don’t wanna hear shit about trump #Goat

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#PhillipRivers is now officially retiring the #Goat himself. My childhood is now officially over.. and dagumit I’m not still not ready to grow up. Thank you #17 for all the family friendly #football.

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There is nothing “healing” about a President that represents a stolen election.

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#GOAT - greatest president of all time!

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Absolutely #GOAT

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@Tommy6Rings And ppl still question his greatness GTFO #GOAT

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Goodbye legend #GOAT Fantasy football selection of mine.

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@CardsChat The greates player ever #phil_hellmuth #GOAT

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@MalibuPrivate Take the cookie when they are passed around....as the Boomer says! aka #GOAT

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Let's start this trending. President Trump will go down as the Greatest Of All Time. #GOAT

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Tua’s still a Dolphin!! #GOAT #TuaTime #FinsUp

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Malinga Thanks for everything @mipaltan #legend #goat

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@TeeMichelle57 I'm keeping my fingers crossed. #GOAT

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FINAL WORDS: Trump Bids Farewell, Says ‘Have a Good Life, We Will See You Soon’

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13 years ago, still the greatest show.

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JUST IN: Trump left Joe Biden a note 📝

Trump never went to the Oval Office — but the letter was left for the incoming president by an aide, @JenniferJJacobs reports #InaugurationDay

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Philip Rivers’ statement to ESPN is dadgum tremendous:

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"I would like to see Roger again."

🇮🇹 @fabiofogna wants to see @rogerfederer back very soon on the #ATPTour.

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On this day in 2008, a tv show named Breaking Bad premiered it’s pilot episode, and the rest is history.

Happy Anniversary to the GOAT


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Kodak Black is comin’ home

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