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. @ReverendWarnock @SenatorWarnock is my senator. Representative @NikemaWilliams serves the district one over from me. #GA05 #GA06 #GApol #GAsen #Georgia

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Freshmen members of Congress are hiring more diverse staffs: Reps. Cori Bush and Nikema Williams filled all top staffing slots with people of color. Sen. Padilla's top staffers are all people of color. Two-thirds of Sen. Warnock's top staffers are Black.

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@JoyAnnReid Larry Hogan supported Trump loyalists Perdue and Loeffler for #GASEN races even after they backed the big lie about the election and lied about the coronavirus. He may do some good things &say some good stuff, but his support of those two really says a lot about who he really is!

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.@AP @WSJ @nytimes @USATODAY @latimes [email protected] [email protected] @MiamiHerald @orlandosentinel @chicagotribune @Suntimes @FoxNews @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews #gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46 @wsbtv @SavannahNow

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The Qrazies at #QPAC won't be satisfied until America is a smoldering pile of rubble. We can't let it happen.

We're continuing the fight to expel Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Greene. You can help with a RT and a donation.

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Please get rid of her

#gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46 @wsbtv @SavannahNow

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#gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46 @wsbtv @SavannahNow [email protected] @WSJ @nytimes @USATODAY @latimes [email protected] [email protected] @MiamiHerald @orlandosentinel @chicagotribune @Suntimes @FoxNews @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews

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“Don’t throw stones if you live in a Glass House”

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Arizona court grants access to inspect Maricopa ballots


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The @AtlantaDream just got rid off its nightmare, @KLoeffler!

Congrats to @ReneeMontgomery and the entire ownership team!

#GoDream #WNBA #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryMonth2021 #BHM #Atlanta #AtlantaDream #Georgia #gapol #gasen #gagov

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Hard to disagree

.@AP @WSJ @nytimes @USATODAY @latimes [email protected] [email protected] @MiamiHerald @orlandosentinel @cbs46 @chicagotribune @Suntimes @FoxNews @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @TB_Times @WFLA @MyNews13 @CBSMiami @wsvn @nbc6 @WPLGLocal10 #gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews

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.@AP @WSJ @USATODAY [email protected] [email protected] @MiamiHerald @orlandosentinel @chicagotribune @Suntimes @FoxNews @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews @abc15 @azcentral @FOX10Phoenix #gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46 @wsbtv @SavannahNow [email protected] [email protected] @dallasnews @HoustonChron

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@Suntimes @FoxNews @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews #gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46 @wsbtv @SavannahNow [email protected] @KCStar @ksdknews @fox4kc @KMOV @KCTV5 @kmbc @41actionnews @kytv @FSKansasCity @Local12 @wsyx6 @WDTN @nbc4i @fox28columbus @10TV #10TV @WTOL11Toledo

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@Suntimes @FoxNews @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews #gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46 @wsbtv @SavannahNow [email protected] @KCStar @ksdknews @fox4kc @KMOV @KCTV5 @kmbc @41actionnews @kytv @FSKansasCity @Local12 @wsyx6 @WDTN @nbc4i @fox28columbus @10TV #10TV @WTOL11Toledo

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.@GOP @LeaderMcConnell @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @GOPoversight @CRNC @gopleader [email protected] @WSJ @nytimes @USATODAY @latimes [email protected] [email protected] @MiamiHerald @orlandosentinel @chicagotribune @Suntimes @FoxNews @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews
#gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46 @wsbtv

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Updates: Kelly Loeffler’s tenure as the co-owner of Atlanta’s WNBA franchise is over. The Dream was sold to an ownership group led by two real estate investors and former star player Renee Montgomery. #gapol #gasen

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JUST IN: WNBA announces sale of Atlanta Dream; ownership group includes former player. Latest here: .

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JUST IN: The @WNBA has approved the sale of the @AtlantaDream to Larry Gottesdiener, former Dream star Renee Montgomery, and Suzanne Abair.

Former Senator Kelly Loeffler is no longer part of the team's ownership.

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“We can’t just turn out the Trump coalition and win. No one’s going to out-Trump President Trump, and he didn’t win here. And I don’t know who threads this needle.” #GASEN

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Here's some background on what became a high profile split between Loeffler, the WNBA and some of her team's players over Black Lives Matter...which the players and league supported while Loeffler denounced. #gapol #gasen

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It's official: former Sen. Kelly Loeffler is no longer a co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, whose players campaigned against her last year

"We are proud of what we accomplished and wish the team well in their next chapter" she says #gapol #gasen

via @wnba

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$15 an hour isn't even enough for folks to survive on today, let alone four years from now.

Why do Republicans hate the poor?

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How can a married woman who sleeps with other men scream about her beliefs in the Bible?

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news with @JoeSchoffstall in @FreeBeacon

A top former Lincoln Project staffer was paid by both Lincoln Project and Jon @ossoff’s campaign during #GASEN runoff

@factdc’s Kendra Arnold told us the payments “raise serious concerns of illegal coordination.”

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The GQP has come up with sugar coated words to describe going hungry, “food insecurity”.

Have you ever gone to bed hungry? It hurts.

Have you ever had to tell your child there’s nothing to eat?
It really hurts.

The GQP & their families don’t go hungry.

#wtpBLUE #DemVoice1

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It’s not hyperbole to say Republicans are hellbent on a white, straight America.🤔

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The #GASen primary battle lines for the Georgia GOP are already plagued by the same nasty internal feuding that cost them both Senate seats in January. #gapol

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Now updated with two more names: Former Rep. Jack Kingston & state Sen. Burt Jones. #gapol #gasen

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@Suntimes @FoxNews @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews #gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46 @wsbtv @SavannahNow [email protected] @KCStar @ksdknews @fox4kc @KMOV @KCTV5 @kmbc @41actionnews @kytv @FSKansasCity @Local12 @wsyx6 @WDTN @nbc4i @fox28columbus @10TV #10TV @WTOL11Toledo

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This is of great importance

@FOX10Phoenix @chicagotribune @Suntimes @FoxNews @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews #gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46 @wsbtv @SavannahNow [email protected] @KCStar @ksdknews @fox4kc @KMOV @KCTV5 @kmbc @41actionnews @kytv @FSKansasCity @Local12 @wsyx6

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Kelly Loeffler’s new nonprofit, Greater Georgia, aims to register new voters, expand existing voter outreach and “instill transparency and uniformity in our election process.” #GASEN

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Georgia Senate passes SB 105, allowing people to get off probation early #GAPol #GASen @GASenatePress

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Ali Alexander claimed Stop the Steal was sponsoring Trump’s December 5 rally in Valdosta, GA for the #GASen races

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The funding behind the “Stop the Steal” movement, one of the galvanizing forces behind pro-Trump efforts to challenge election results, remains shrouded in mystery due to lack of disclosure.

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Please consider donating to the legal professionals fighting #Georgia voter suppression.


#gasen #gapol #ONEV1

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DYK: 91% of general election voters in Georgia turned out for the #GASen runoff elections? Our experts looked at the factors behind this high turnout. Click here to see what they found:

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Georgia Republicans still reeling from the Senate runoffs are looking to draw lessons from those losses ahead of another competitive Senate race in 2022. But Trump remains an X-factor: #GASEN

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@Suntimes @FoxNews @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews #gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46 @wsbtv @SavannahNow [email protected] @KCStar @ksdknews @fox4kc @KMOV @KCTV5 @kmbc @41actionnews @kytv @FSKansasCity @Local12 @wsyx6 @WDTN @nbc4i @fox28columbus @10TV #10TV @WTOL11Toledo

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@Suntimes @FoxNews @ABC @CBSNews @NBCNews #gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46 @wsbtv @SavannahNow [email protected] @KCStar @ksdknews @fox4kc @KMOV @KCTV5 @kmbc @41actionnews @kytv @FSKansasCity @Local12 @wsyx6 @WDTN @nbc4i @fox28columbus @10TV #10TV @WTOL11Toledo

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@FOX10Phoenix @chicagotribune @Suntimes #gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46 @wsbtv @SavannahNow [email protected] @KCStar @ksdknews @fox4kc @KMOV @KCTV5 @kmbc @41actionnews @kytv @FSKansasCity @Local12 @wsyx6 @WDTN @nbc4i @fox28columbus @10TV #10TV @WTOL11Toledo

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#gapol #gasen @ajc @FOX5Atlanta @11AliveNews @cbs46 @wsbtv @SavannahNow [email protected] @KCStar @ksdknews @fox4kc @KMOV @KCTV5 @kmbc @41actionnews @kytv @FSKansasCity @Local12 @wsyx6 @WDTN @nbc4i @fox28columbus @10TV #10TV @WTOL11Toledo @fox8news @FOX19 @WLWT @13abc @wkyc @WEWS @WCPO

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@ForNorton @HerschelWalker Then they’d have to rename it Walker U for real.

@GeorgiaFootball #GASen

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.@ReverendWarnock: “I am prepared to defeat whatever Republican they come up with.” #GASen #gapol

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THREAD: Georgia now has TWO of the worst voter suppression bills in the nation moving quickly through our legislature: #SB421 and #HB531. #SB241 would end no-excuse mail voting, implement new ID requirements, and add witness requirements for mail voters. #gapol

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This is what Stacy Abrams is doing in Georgia. The DNC needs to do this in every state.

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