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This is BS is what it is. Some days the headlines are just too infuriating. #healthcare #GAPol #DNC @SenSanders @ossoff @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris #HealthcareJustice

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Since Thursday, community members, voters, elected officials, and activists have been elevating their voices against Jim Crow like voting bills from the Georgia General Assembly and on Monday we will reconvene. Let’s stop #VoterSuppression. #standwithga #gapol.

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🖋 Sign “Covid Relief, Minimum Wage, Voting Rights” and I’ll deliver a copy to your officials:

📨 No. 3 is from @westgapeachpit to @SenOssoff and @SenatorWarnock #GA03 #GApol

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I know we are seeing disgusting attempts to suppress the vote by GA GOP, but I have seen how powerful the Ga Dems truly are. We can rise above anything they throw at us if we stand together! Georgia is blue! #gapol

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Reminder that while GA went Blue for @POTUS and @ReverendWarnock and @ossoff we still have work to do. The @GeorgiaDOL is a mess and needs to be investigated. #gapol

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33 states expected to lose funding under the proposal.

I wonder if there will be 66 senators voting no on this.


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📬 I delivered this ✉️ from Allison, a 🗳 verified voter in Augusta, Ga., to @govkemp #GApol

📝 Write your own:

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GA Voters:
Ask your House Reps to VOTE YES on HB 501!!
It guarantees that election RECOUNTS will be done manually using human-readable text, and NOT by re-scanning questionable QR barcodes!

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Hey! @GaRepublicans : stop making voting difficult! Make it easier! #VoterSuppression #gapol #VotingRights

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📬 I delivered “Support the Equality Act” from John, a 🗳 verified voter in Cedartown, Ga., to @SenOssoff and @SenatorWarnock #GA14 #GApol

📝 Write your own:

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#gapol #gasenate #gahouse


Most expensive power plant

Most defective parts

Most profit for no production

Most Money taken from elderly

Most money taken from schools

The #Vogtle Vortex

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#vogtle #gapsc #gapol #gahouse #gasenate #nuclear #solarenergy #aarp
5 Years Later,
Georgians Still Getting Shafted & Shocked,
...PicPocketed & Electrocuted,
By Georgia Power and Its Captive PSC.

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@Claire_FOX5 @FOX5Atlanta @GaRepublicans are as racist and anti-American as the Nazis my Grandpa helped beat in WWII as the Captain who flew a B-29

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@GASenateGOP @GaRepublicans @Cannonfor58 You are anti-American voter suppressing racists! #gapol

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@GeorgiaDemocrat Racist voter suppression is what we ALL must fight against #gapol

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Ha, I like #gapop better than #gapol

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Doses of the just approved Johnson & Johnson vaccine coming to Georgia next week, says @GovKemp #gapop #coronavirusGA

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If Ga GOP takes away my right to vote absentee, I want to know at least recounts will be the text portion I can read - not just a rescan of the QR code. Let Chairman Fleming and Election Integrity Comm members know you want HB501 to get a hearing. #gapol

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In the House Ed Committee this week, voucher bill HB60. Speaker Pro Temp Jan Jones of Milton, GA, claimed that systems saved money with "lunch lady" costs during pandemic. Watch her testimony at timestamp 21:50. Says systems are not underfunded. #gapol

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🖋 Sign “Vote YES on The For The People Act” and I’ll deliver a copy to your officials:

📨 No. 84 is from Craig to @RepBourdeaux, @SenOssoff and @SenatorWarnock #GA07 #GApol #HR1

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Thank you @KingJames and @ReneeMontgomery for speaking out for and on behalf of the people. Too many lives are at stake to “just dribble.”

We hope that others - businesses, artists, athletes, personalities - feel the urgency of this moment to speak out, too. #GaPol

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NEW COVID-19 VACCINE IN GEORGIA: Governor Brian Kemp says the state is ready to distribute the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, which received FDA emergency use authorization today. #gapol #epitwitter

More on the vaccine here:

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Big #gapol 💉 news ⬇️

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House Education Committee member Ed Setzler told school systems that HB 60's new private school voucher program "lines the pockets" of public school systems. 🧐 Check out time stamp 27:30 below and decide for yourself if the math is correct. #gapol

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Georgia = ready
The state is set to receive 83k doses of the J&J vaccine in the first week, and the goal is to administer ‘em as “quickly as possible.” #gapol

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Imean... if we’re talking about great federal formulas that would be great for Georgia, Gov. Kemp might I introduce you to the latest efforts for Medicaid expansion. They are easy. And we need it. How about we not disappoint Georgians any longer. #gapol

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.@GaDPH expects Georgia will receive approximately 83,000 doses of the new Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine in the first week.

Our goal is to get these doses administered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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How cool are our guests on Episode 2?! #comedy #politics #georgia #legislation #georgiaonmymind #politicalpodcast #comedypodcast #confusedcaucus #gapol #gapolitics

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Tell legislators to vote NO on SB241, a bill that would you obtaining a government permission slip to vote absentee. This is WRONG.

Tweet legislators now and demand they VOTE NO on #SB241 to protect voter rights. #gapol

Click here to tweet!

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Great show today, @TheRevAl! @PoliticsNation @MSNBC Thank you for being such an amazing role model! #EveryDayIsBlackHistory #RiseUp #TCKP #gapol

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Take action now to fight voter suppression in GA. Email legislators now and demand they VOTE NO on #HB531 to protect voter rights. #gapol

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Wake up w/ the All-Star Political Panel! LIVE every Friday @ 8:45 a.m. on
#GaPol #BKPPolitics #Politics #Party #Trump #Government #News #LocalNews #BlueRidge #Ellijay #GaRep #GaDem #Georgia

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I'm enjoying the memes about @mtgreenee and I'm feeling spicy tonight so here's what I've come up with in the last few minutes.

#gapol #GA14 #MarjorieTaylorGreene #georgia

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Georgia Senate passes anti-hazing bill #gapol #hazing

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. @ReverendWarnock @SenatorWarnock is my senator. Representative @NikemaWilliams serves the district one over from me. #GA05 #GA06 #GApol #GAsen #Georgia

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I just chipped in to help @GeorgiaDemocrat defeat voter suppression and keep Georgia blue! Join me. #gapol

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Freshmen members of Congress are hiring more diverse staffs: Reps. Cori Bush and Nikema Williams filled all top staffing slots with people of color. Sen. Padilla's top staffers are all people of color. Two-thirds of Sen. Warnock's top staffers are Black.

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DACA recipients have called Georgia home nearly their entire lives, yet they are still forced to pay out-of-state tuition at colleges and universities. Lawmakers should approve House Bill 120, which would extend in-state tuition to these students. #gapol

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If you are unemployed in a red state, struggling to pay bills in a red state, trying to feed hungry kids and get them back in school in a red state,trying to get vaccinated in a red state, have a small bisiness in a red state: Every one of your GOP reps voted against helping you.

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Disappointing to see Democrats vote to provide $1.3 billion less to our state than Georgia would have received under previous aid formulas.

This bill hits Georgia the hardest and rewards California and New York the most. #gapol

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LeBron responded after Zlatan Ibrahimovic criticized him for his activism.

“I’m kind of the wrong guy to actually go at because I do my homework.”

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This is not a feel-good story.

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