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WE Will Take Our Country Back!!! No doubt about. We Patriots have a MISSION. #FreedomIsNotFree #PatriotsFightBack

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everyone should be concerned about it as it infringing of freedom of speech and freedom of information.


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Tulsi Gabbard is right.

When foreign leaders seem more concerned than our leaders about Big Tech attacks on freedom of speech here, we have a big problem.

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Excellent speeches at CPAC! Wow! Thank you! @SenTedCruz @RepMattGaetz @charliekirk11 @HawleyMO @MarshaBlackburn @GOPLeader @DonaldJTrumpJr and Everyone that has spoken ! We Will Take Our Country back! 🇺🇸🙏♥️👏👏👏👏

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In Rememberance: 🇺🇲
⭐ SSG Tony R. Applegate ⭐
Originally from Portsmouth, OH.
KIA this date, 30 years ago.
27 Feb 91

A friend from my youth.
#FreedomIsNotFree 🇺🇲

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Our youngest got promoted today, he’s no longer a private. Congratulations Specialist Brown #GoArmy #FreedomIsNotFree

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@ImaP91 @___FacelessMan @compelleebee @CynthiaJCody3 @DavidHa87022250 @Gr8Coffe @Grace_Anne_Rae @gwmdelta2 @JTernoski @MARINEMIKE10x @mattio3537 @mobilebayKK @RN_Destiny @Ry7984 @schandler78 @TwinsBus @UNDRDO @us2kly @Winston49640075 Thank you @ImaP91! It's RED Friday! Thanks for all that you do! #FreedomIsNotFree

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Great to see women colleagues standing w/ you @DebbieLesko in @freedomcaucus @laurenboebert @mtgreenee @Miller_Congress @Yvette4congress #WomenLead #FreedomIsNotFree #EqualityActExposed

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@DonaldJTrumpJr please share with President Trump #FreedomIsNotFree heartfelt gratitude to ALL soldiers who gave their life so that we can live @TheMarineRapper 🙏🇺🇸❤

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New total recall signatures: 1,825,000 (and 1,465,300 are pre-verified). Join the final push for 2 million total signatures. Help collect new signatures this important week:

#freedomisnotfree #recallgavin2020 #savecaliforniarestaurants #savecalifornia

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@mjcouchet @FSupervielleB @KitsAndCoffee Despierte! Eso solo ocurre en 🇺🇸🇫🇷🇬🇧... aquí en 🇪🇸 sólo olvido, desprecio, y desconocimiento total... pero del tal Hasel, todo y más...


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To Our Great Leaders of the United States Military:
“Keep your Oath to defend the Constitution or Allow the Democrats Destroy it.”

#USCG #usarmy #usmc #usairforce #USNavy #uscoastguard #USA🇺🇸 #WeThePeople #fightback #1A #DefendTheRepublic
#FreedomIsNotFree #2A

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@manhasvikas41 @megirish2001 those tears are an eternal reminder that "Freedom is not free!!" At the least, let us "be a citizen worth fighting for"!!!
Pranaams to both mothers and many more like them... 🙏

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Look in the eyes of these mothers..
Can we measure the depth of pain in them?
Can we in any form fill the lacuna left behind after losing their sons?

When answer is NO

How can we misuse the freedom, the cost of which they paid by their blood?


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Sharing a short clip of conversation between Dalbir Kaur aunty mother of
& @megirish2001 aunty mother of

Both Captain Jass & Major Akshay have immortalized in J&K & today it’s balidan diwas of Captain Jass.

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#TodayinHistory 76 years ago today, Marines raised a flag on the top of Mount Suribachi. #HonoringVets #thankyouforyourservice #freedomisnotfree 🇺🇸

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@prairiepublic @NPR What is wrong with people? You are not an island. When you live in a society, sometimes you are called to make sacrifices to protect that society. #USA #loveyourneighbor #freedomisnotfree

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It is estimated we suffered more than 25,000 casualties, including 7,000 deaths. This ICONIC photo was snapped by photographer Brimelow. Just one historic moment caught on film to remind us ... #FreedomIsNotFree

This moment should NEVER be rewritten or erased! It's price? BLOOD

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After four days of intense fighting on Iwo Jima, Marines raised a flag on the top of Mount Suribachi Feb. 23, 1945. The famous Joe Rosenthal photo is immortalized by the @USMC War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. We honor those brave Marines and their service.

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MUST WATCH documentary Netflix Amend: The Fight for America. It teaches everyone about the 14th Amendment history and how its been applied. #FREEDOMISNOTFREE🇺🇸 #BlackHistoryMonth

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this is a nice surprise - they wanted to attack freedom of speech. it didn't work as EO. let's hope it will not work through moving it to congress.


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This is what they wanted Biden to sign as an EO in week one but he refused to, so they moved it to Congress

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#freedomisnotfree See you soon, buddy ❤️

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@HP4USA @GoVols1914 @TrishForTrump @GitmoSoon33 Born on a Navy base myself. Moved several times while Dad served. We settled down eventually. I wouldn't change a thing! #FreedomIsNotFree

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RT if you agree...

To Be Born Free is an Accident.
To Live Free is a Privilege.
To Die Free is a Responsibility.

#QOTW #Freedom #Liberty #American #USA #FreedomIsNotFree

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Today, we are featuring our “Freedom Isn’t Free” men’s/unisex tank top (though it is also available as a men’s/unisex tee!).
You can find these (and more) at
#battlethreads #freedomisntfree #freedomisnotfree

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@Nazarsanji2 @Faheshe1 عاقبت مردمی که طلا میدن ان الاغ میگیرن وحاضرهم نیستن یکبار برای همیشه ریشه همه مشکلاتشون روبخشکونن اینه
دردآوره ولی وقتی عین مرده های متحرک 5 میلیون نفر75میلیون روبه #بردگی گرفتن وبازهم بی عملی واقعا نمیشه دایه بهتر از مادربود
به قول آمریکایی ها #FreedomIsNotFree
آزادی مجانی نیست

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it all sounds like they want to control information and attack freedom of speech. the only difference is that governments want to have a share, but social media doesn't want it. at the end of the day, regular people are losing out.


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FBN: Canada to follow Australia and take on Facebook, seeking payment for content

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@GoVols1914 @TrishForTrump @GitmoSoon33 My children moved 10 times before they graduated high school. Saw their friends Dads because of war. They viewed it as an adventure when they were younger but not when they older. I chose this lifestyle but they didn't. They are the true heroes in my opinion. #FreedomisnotFree

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@LoveSWAN7 @UN @OHCHRAsia @UN are you going to take action?
Can you hear #Myanmar is crying and dying
What is happening to the #freeworld
You should not stay quiet

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Nog een lange weg te gaan..... #freedomisnotfree

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Good graphic from @IISS_org. Despite progress on reaching the 2% target, only nine European allies hit that mark in 2020.

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How is this possible?

Total COVID deaths:

Australia: 909
Finland: 725
Norway: 607
Estonia: 518
Sri Lanka: 430
Jamaica: 384
Cuba: 282
Qatar: 256
Hong Kong: 197
Suriname: 168
Thailand: 83
Vietnam: 35
Singapore: 29
Iceland: 29
New Zealand: 26

#Europe: 783,675
#USA: 505,309

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Biden town hall Breaking News! Taiwan ——— Biden says he will ‘NOT’ SPEAK OUT AGAINST China ‘FORCEFULLY ENFORCING’ THE END OF THE “ONE CHINA POLICY”! #CNNTownHall #freedomisnotfree

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This Thursday our episode, "Excellence Is A Standard" airs. We had the privileged to interview, @josebelen_mz, where he talks with us about how quick he learned that if a man doesn't have a standard of excellence his work becomes meaningless.

#newepisode #podcast #podcasters

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ALL my firearms are self defense weapons or sporting rifles. I don't own a single "Assault Weapon" #2A #ShallNotBeInfringed #FreedomIsNotFree #WillNotComply

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New Zealand imposes 3-day lockdown on Auckland after 3 new local COVID-19 cases

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ова е лидерство:
Daniel Andrews announces snap coronavirus lockdown for Victoria in response to 'hyper-infectious' UK strain
#freedomIsNotFree #zeroCovid

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#ImpeachmentManagers #BRAVO #BRAVO

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@mcuban is solid proof that you can use and abuse every advantage that America has to offer and still have the Freedom to spit in the face of everyone who provided you those advantages. #NationalAnthem #FreedomisnotFree

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We Love Arakan Army

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