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#fakenewsmedia keeps losing credibility with their globalist bias with #TRUDEAUMUSTGO

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🚨🚨 #ChinaBitchBiden in office. #ObamaBidenGate #FakeNewsMedia #BreakUpBigTechNow has totally Manipulation of news for the last 4 + years plus #VoterFraud & #LiesLiesLies. Not to forgetting #AntifaBLMDomesticTerrorists working for #DemocratsHateAmerica Fooled True American's 🇺🇲

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Either we listen to the public health experts or we don’t.

The science is clear that kids can return to school safely and keeping them out of school only harms kids and families. We’ve known this for months.

Get kids back in the classroom.

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Under their reign of terror, 19000 people have died! 19000!!! Jobs lost homes lost families separated! Justin Trudeau is NO Hero!! He’s a ZERO

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@BreitbartNews I love how the press politely asks what they are supposed to call it.

#FakeNewsMedia: "Tell us what to write."

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@MaxDahl2 Tur han inte fick skärskador på halsen. Svensk #polishycklare och #FakeNewsMedia gör sig själva till åtlöje. Alla vet idag att stickskador kan vara att det sitter en kniv vid kroppspulsådern. #knivlagen tar #Sveriges_Dumstolar allvarligt på. Om en polis blir hotad.

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@SkyNews Nothing else happing in the world. #fakenewsmedia #fakenews

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#stugglesession with #stephanophilis
#fakenewsmedia doesn’t even hide it anymore. Quoting and Accusing right of #BigLie which is a #hitler quote from #meinkamp (just say words)

#Leftists are employing tactics of #goebbels
#AmericaFirst #trump

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Oh jeez they just did a baby panda story on the news. With my mistrust of our #fakenewsmedia, I auto assume it's a distraction technique.

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If #DominionVotingSystems can sue for 1.3b for 2 months of "Defamation", @realdonaldtrump can sue for 31.2b from #FakeNewsMedia for defamation during his presidency.

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@expressen @Aftonbladet @svtnyheter @Nyheterna @sr_ekot @sverigesradio @socialdemokrat @Centerpartiet Förslag till morgondagens förtal av er hela högen. Det enda ni behöver göra är att byta ut Trump mot Löfven. #SocialismKills #vänsterbliven #FakeNewsMedia

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Rudy just responded to #DominionVotingSystems lawsuit... #CrookedJoeBiden #CrookedHillary #FakeNewsMedia #voterfraud #stopthesteal it's on like donkey kong!!

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@alexandre19935 @tweetesk @GerhardLuckhoff @AngryNavyO @jessiprincey You are so uninformed. If you are basing your opinion on the biased #FakeNewsMedia in America, you should keep your opinion to yourself.

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#TrudeauMustGo has a great gig! No matter how much he f_cks up he is backed by globalists and their #fakenewsmedia

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@ABC, Nobody gives a flying rats ass. Stop slobbering over foolishness.

#MSM #FakeNewsMedia

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#TrudeauMustGo the fool and puppet of globalists will be in as long as globalists want him since they control the brainwashing #fakenewsmedia

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#TrudeauVaccineFail #TrudeauDictatorship #TrudeauCorruption and sad thing is #fakenewsmedia covers all his dirty tracks

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@ForGragston @politico @POTUS So therefore Biden deserves an easy ride. We get it! #FakeNewsMedia

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Not a word in the media about the super spreader event that was the Biden-Harris inauguration.
Remember when 2 got infected at a Trump press conference? Non-stop coverage.
Now? Read the UK media to get US news...

#CNN #MSNBC #ABC #CBS #FakeNewsMedia

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@nationalpost No Canadian I know expressed any concern about online hate or racism. This is a false narrative created by the Liberals and echoed by the #LyingMedia

#MediaLies #NarrativeControl #FakeNewsMedia

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@globalnews Yes, keep it up with your shitty false narrative

#MediaLies #FakeNewsMedia #NarrativeControl

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Thousands of American's are losing their jobs by the day because of Biden and THIS is what you report on? You are all disgusting. @CompoundBoss #EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNewsMedia #WhoCares

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Rumour has it Italy’s PM will resign tomorrow! Omg I wish Skippy would

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President Joe Biden officially has his furry friends with him at the White House, including the first rescue dog to ever live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.​

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Pris en photo sur le bureau d'un médecin, le rapport Vidal bénéfice/risque du #vaccin #Pfizer. N'oubliez pas qu'on nous dit de nous faire vacciner pour éviter les formes graves du #Covid_19 Agrandissez, lisez... #fakenewsmedia #VeranDemission
#confinement #DictatureSanitaire

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Because the national media is complicit in it w/their utter incompetence & support for radical Left-wing violence.

They never reported anything negative about the extremely violent domestic terrorism committed by ANTIFA & #BurnLootMurder.


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Ingen på @bladetledare behöver spela dumma, det kommer helt naturligt för dem. #svpol #FakeNews #FakeNewsMedia #FakeNewsMediaClowns

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@NBCNews Hard hitting reporting here. Ya'll are freaking joke. #FakeNewsMedia

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Jimmie Åkesson vill bara spela dum

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Gisteren meerdere videos gezien over dit voorval. Hoe schokkend erg.
#FakeNewsMedia draait er weer verhaal van alsof het per ongeluk ging. Ze spoten eerst vooruit, daarna gerichte aanval op haar.
Walgelijk @politie EHVN

#Eindhoven #demonstratie #rellen #romeos #politiegeweld

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@ZEMBLA Kom we gaan verder de boeren afzeiken met gekleurde verhalen van mensen met een gekleurde mening. #FakeNewsMedia

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Kelly McParland: Why do Canadians keep re-electing this error-prone government? @KellyMcParland

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Murder rate up in every major city in America. No national media outrage. Why is that?

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I once again humbly submit that this would be a bridge too far even for North Korean State Television, which is usually a bit more subtle and discerning than this:

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On August 24, ⁦@macleans⁩ exposed it. Canada was the only Western nation which had not nailed down any vaccine orders. The Trudeau government dithered and Canadians are now getting sick and dying needlessly because of their incompetence. Read this.

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📸: The First Dogs arrived at the White House Sunday, including Major, the first rescue dog ever to live in the White House.

The Biden family wanted to get settled in the White House before moving Champ and Major from Delaware to Washington, per First Lady Jill Biden’s office.

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