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I've paid attention to maybe 5 country's #Covid19 numbers (its exhausting). So this 'league table' of Best and Worst is fascinating. What are the determinants for managing a 🌍 #pandemic? Is it #education #GDP #media #obesity #population #healthcare #climate #culture ?Any ideas🙏

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@FionaKatauskas @JaneCaro and the terminally conflicted #greens cannot win, ever

Labor will have plenty of differentiating policy

even the full #climate #energy policy is not yet revealed.

#greens retain the Lib lite label #auspol

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Sorry David Attenborough | For less than $5 million per year we can preempt and improve #Humanity's response to #Climate change and other forms of... #Biodiversity #Capitalism #DavidAttenborough #Evolution #RichardFeynman #WorldWildlifeFund

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#climate change a global #Emergency, feels millions

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#Water is becoming scarce and the #environment and society are going to suffer.

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We are not allowed to present opposition day motions until we have 12 MPs. I am not criticizing Singh for one press conference. He has held dozens since getting balance of power. It is now undeniable, climate is not even on a long list of priorities. #climate #GPC

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It‘s about time to shift!
#climate #covid #digitalization... - without solidarity and sustainable, holistic collaboration, we -as humanity- are doomed with the old „better one wins/selfish #capitalism

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Thanks @FutureEarth @WCRP_climate for the snapshot of the 10 most important insights in climate #science! Distilled from the last year of #research focused on the predictions, impacts & actions surrounding #climate change! Great work!

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Happy #climate day!!!

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The planet wrecking dairy industry is running scared their hideous product will be overrun by alt milk. They'll do anything to keep people swallowing the crap they peddle. But people are waking up to the truth. Animal products are on the way out. Yeah baby!

#plantbased #climate

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The UK will host the UN Climate Change Conference @COP26 in November 2021, bringing world leaders together to address the global #climate emergency. Find out how you can get involved in the #TogetherForOurPlanet campaign here:

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@magicpoet01 @WillowA2 @HelenSm76464997 Yes exactly. No #climate credibility without clear statement re no new #coal or #gas If following the #science as @AlboMP says he is. #Science tells us that #carbon & #methane budgets are spent. Only #10Years to of effective action left. #ClimateEmergency

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DYK? The ARC weather station network assists to track and assess Tropical Cyclone Eloise and its probable impact on South African agriculture. Read more - . #arc #agriculture #research #climate #agrometeorology

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The Time America Almost Stopped Climate Change | Climate Town via @ClimateTown #America #Climate

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The same goes with stopping the next pandemic. Bill Gates writes: Tens of billions of dollars per year needed, but keep in mind that the COVID-19 is estimated to cost the world $28 trillion. Spending billions to save trillions just makes sense. #Climate #pandemic

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@WillowA2 Not denying he'll be good shadow Health_he's quality. It's msg sent about #ClimateAction that's the problem. He was saying what was needed like "gas has no future" that has been struck down. #labor has no credibiity on #climate while supporting new #gas _ #methane budget spent!

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@atrupar @JohnKerry thank you from Australia 🐨🙏. I pray my own country and government will quickly find a climate conscience. Australia is a disgrace. Please also heed the damaging role of animal agriculture on #climate. We need to change drastically or perish. 🙏🌏🌍🌎

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I don't bloody care about who is leader. What r the policies the party decides on. They are created by pressures within the party. #climate policy has got progressively worse since last election. To say they are supporting the #science & then support #newgas #newcoal is #crazy

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- Managed wordpress green hosting - They plant trees, recycle paper and old hard drives #VPSCloud #servermania #webdevelopment #budgetvm #ssdcloudvps #climatechange #renewables #environment #climate #gogreen

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🇺🇸 🌎 #Biden’s Early #Climate Blitz Goes Faster, Further Than Expected - Bloomberg
*His climate advisor, Gina McCarthy, commit Wednesday to “the most aggressive” carbon cut the U.S. can make.

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The #fossilfuel industry's days are numbered.

They're fighting back, but the reality is, our world can't afford more coal, oil, and gas.

These desperate companies will fight to hang on, but for #climate, #health, there is no future for fossil fuels.

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You don't think this is... nah? #climate #extremeweather

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“I think the playbook on this has existed for a long time, #Democrats have just been afraid to use it,” Billy Fleming @JooBilly said, referring to the #jobs+ #climate+ #justice nexus. “And the result of that is that Republicans fill that vacuum with misinformation and nonsense.”

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Wild peat fires continue to burn in temperatures of -50°C in northeastern Yakutia, Russia - the same place that suffered devastating wildfire last summer.

The fire still burns despite the current long spell of extremely cold weather.

🎥 @siberian_times

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. @EngineNo_1 already having an impact on @exxonmobil: "Exxon Planning Board, Other Changes Amid Activist Pressure" @WSJ #climate #climaterisk #greenfinance

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A rise in #climate litigation cases has made courtrooms increasingly important as a venue for addressing climate change around the world.

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#climate : «Nous avons déjà attendu trop longtemps pour faire face à cette crise climatique. Nous ne pouvons pas attendre plus longtemps. Et il est temps d'agir», a alerté #JoeBiden

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“Scientists have long been baffled by the mismatch of climate simulations of the past 12,000 years with temperature reconstructions from geological records. It now emerges that seasonal biases in the records explain the disparity”


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Looking for some good news?
#energy #renewables #climate UK electricity from renewables outpaces gas and coal power

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John #Kerry: #UK #climate #summit is world's 'last best chance' @Vastuuullisuus

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It doesn't take a great deal of effort to see evidence that new, alternative energy sources are cheaper and greener than fossil fuels. We can build what is needed, or buy it. 4,800 keystone jobs are nothing compared to the millions of new jobs to be created. #climate

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Impt new focus on #climaterisk, #extremeweather impacts & cost from @JohnKerry & the #BidenHarris #climate team.

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This is how Denmark protects its cities against climate change #Climate #Change #Cities

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@BorisJohnson @JoeBiden If you think there’s climate change you’re conning the public. I believe Sydney, Australia had its warmest day in 60+ years; yes that was over 60 years ago 👀 #climate @GretaThunberg

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Enough 'Blah Blah Blah' From Global Elites, @GretaThunberg Declares at Digital #Davos

#Tiredearth @Davos #DavosAgenda #ClimateEmergency #climate

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(AP News) Biden: ‘We can’t wait any longer’ to address climate crisis #AlternativeEnergyIndustry #AtmosphericScience #Business #Cabinets #Climate #ClimateChange #Climatology

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美前国务卿:美国将在气候问题上与中国合作 #国是论坛 #climate

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@jimjameswhelan @ElizabethMay @CanadianGreens The same way she is implying Jagmeet doesn’t care about climate action because he didn’t mention it at a press briefing on covid.

I’m still waiting for the Greens to present a single motion on climate change...

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Hot Lincoln makes a lot of sense here

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Why is the Biden Administration more loyal to international climate deals than protecting American jobs?

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What we heard today from the Biden administration is light years beyond the technocratic Obama era and an utter refutation of Republicans’ lies about jobs vs. the economy (which is good!)

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John Kerry: "There are countless economic analyses now that show it's now cheaper to deal with the crisis of climate than it is to ignore it. We spent $265 billion 2 years ago on 3 storms, Irma, Harvey, and Maria ... We're spending the money, folks. We're just not doing it smart"

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ABC is now asking Labor voters if they're satisfied with Albo as OL? Maybe we need to keep any dissenting opinions to ourselves, no matter how we feel personally & back him 100% if Labor is to have a chance. After all, that's the most important issue.

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I set ambitious goals of achieving a carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035 and net-zero emissions by 2050. Today, I took bold action to advance those goals.

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Proposed EU ban on plant-based product packaging that ‘evokes’ dairy (i.e., using cartons) is peak desperation from a dying industry.

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Wars over water are coming

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