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@IvyPriola Stunning! Must have for any @BuffaloBills fan

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Last time I checked New York had a win % of .813 as their ONLY team went 13-3 #BillsMafia

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New York has one NFL team. New Jersey has two.

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@NFLonFOX The Giants and Jets are in New Jersey


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@NFLonFOX New York because they only have ONE team @BuffaloBills #billsmafia

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The #Bills have held a Zoom meeting with UNC WR Dazz Newsome and plan to be at his pro day, per @RyanTalbotBills. #BillsMafia

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@hen_ease Man people really stretching to clout chase #Billsmafia

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There are seven states that have multiple NFL teams. Which states did the best last season??

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@MongoFeliciano @BuffaloBills @EdBlock Thanks for being a BOSS on and off the field!


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#BillsMafia whenever any player becomes a free agent

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@PatMcAfeeShow Basically, nobody is any good at spending money on the right people. Except for big baller Beane. #Billsmafia

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I love this idea and #BillsMafia should too.
It's gonna benefit offenses like the #Bills have with Josh Allen all day.

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That’s our team. #BillsMafia

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Everything about this exchange is gold #BillsMafia

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The more you watch Elijah Moore the more you see why L.Kiffin was obsessed with getting him the ball. Kid is electrical tough as nails. He could step into and upgrade the McKenzie role immediately while getting tutored by Beasley in the slot #BillsMafia #NFLDraft

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Bills should consider trading for Odell Beckham JR.

Call me crazy

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#Bills have held a Zoom meeting with UNC WR Dazz Newsome and plan to be at his pro day, per source.

Newsome is a playmaker and could help immediately in the return game. #BillsMafia

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Gabe Jackson OG | Released by the Raiders

Would the former star Guard be a great addition to this O Line, given the many question marks we have on our Offensive Line?

#BillsMafia #BuffaloBills #bills #gobills

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😳🤣 #BillsMafia training day.

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@ramsnfl @49ers #49ers @patriots #gopats @steelers #steelersnation @eagles #flyeaglesfly  @buffalobills #billsmafia 
#gobills @giants #togetherblue @nyjets #takeflight @ravens #ravensflock @titans #titanup @colts #fortheshoe

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@NFL #nfl FA

• Leader • High I.Q. • Skilled • Grit

Former DB/S @BuffaloBills
Current @sugarskullsfb


Self-Rep worked @Walmart
NCAA dropout to GRAD @MTSU
@FSUFootball full ride

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@stefondiggs how about trying to get @KyleRudolph82 to join the #billsmafia ?

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#BillsMafia I’d rather have Ghost Dog; excuse me, Delanie Walker then Jonnu Smith.

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We exist TO HELP! Order our exclusive "Buffalo's A-Gun" design now through March 14th and help us help Ralph Esten. You can learn more, and pick up a shirt to help, at . Presented by @ValuHomeCenters #BillsMafia #Buffalo

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Delanie walker? What say you #billsmafia? 🤔🤔

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All of #billsmafia twitter: "A TE that's available that's not Dawson Knox?!?!?!?!?"

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Former Titans' TE Delanie Walker, who took off last season due to COVID and to get 100 percent healthy, intends to play again in 2021, per source.

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"For me, the Day of Empathy is about us taking one of the least empathetic parts of our society and figuring out a way to use it as a turning point for something better."

@DDawkins66 | @EatonOffice

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On this day in 2018, we watched Josh Allen go through drills at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Photo courtesy: Todd Rosenberg

#NFL #BuffaloBills #JoshAllen #17Franchise #Billsmafia

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If the rules were in effect they would have lost Daboll IMO. They were ok with getting their guy (McDermott before the super bowl tho) Doesn’t matter anyway we got our guy and Bills will never win division again while Saleh is here. @nyjets @BuffaloFAMbase #billsmafia

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Is #BillsMafia interested in former #Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph? 🤔
🎨 via @e__dsgn

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Hmm. It's #humpday ? Sounds more like...

Minshew for #buffalobills backup QB day. #BillsMafia

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Let’s be real - it was bullshit our OC AND DC were distracted with interviews in the middle of the playoffs.

Make it happen #BillsMafia

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Things you never thought you'd hear in the past 20 years. "The AFC East is wide open besides the Buffalo Bills" #BillsMafia only on the @PatMcAfeeShow @VivalaZito @bubbagumpino @adamamin @BostonConnr

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Between him and Klein, this is why I’ve been advocating not worrying about the LB position with Milano leaving. Money/resources would be better spent on fixing the defensive line. Go ahead and draft a LB in the late rounds to develop. #BillsMafia

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Bills propose a rule change that would push head coach interviews until after conference title games and hirings until after the Super Bowl, per @AlbertBreer

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#BREAKING Per @AlbertBreer: The #Bills submitted a rules change proposal to the #NFL that would bar interview for front-office and coaching positions until after the conference title games and hirings after the #SuperBowl

#NFLTwitter #BillsMafia #football #wednesdaythought

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The Eagles are proposing the fourth-and-15 alternative to the onside kick, source says. That's a proposal that has had some support in recent years but not enough to be ratified by the owners. A team could opt to try for a first down on fourth and 15 instead of an onside kick.

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I totally agree with the @BuffaloBills wanting a rule change for head coach interviews/hirings. There was no reason why Brian Daboll should’ve been taking interviews when he had an offense to run deep into the playoffs. #BillsMafia

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Sources: The Bills have submitted a rules change proposal to the NFL that would bar interviews for front-office and coaching positions until after the conference title games, and hirings until after the Super Bowl.

Owners could vote on it this offseason. Would be a BIG change.

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Trying to watch Epenesa's film and Dodson just keeps making plays

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