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@elonmusk @elonmusk donate the same to #barstoolfund make a difference.

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@GerberKawasaki @Mark13599620 @brianjcedeno @gooberphx420 @rbhayes4 Ross how are you a “stock picker” 50% of your portfolio is in ETFs... #penn #BarstoolSportsbook #barstoolfund #Bitcoin #Tesla #elon $tsla $penn

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@BetroTwomin ??? was talking about a 2nd business. #barstoolfund

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@BarstoolBigCat @stoolpresidente how long will you be matching Michigan bets for #BarstoolFund? I may collect money from buddies in STL and drive up there next weekend. Win money, help charity, cross another state off my list.

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So any chance you’d donate to the #barstoolfund?

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Explains why the last sale is $110.60 (+3.40) @PNGamingInc @stoolpresidente @twistedhistory #DDTG #BARSTOOLFUND

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Kids, save your sanctimonious “he’s saving small businesses!” talk for your next clown show act. He’s a multimillionaire. I’m glad he’s finally using his platform to do something good, but he also uses it to spread misogyny, racism & toxicity. So IDGAF either, JJ the jet plane.

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First time deposits will be matched by @PNGamingInc all weekend (must bet what you deposit) for the #BarstoolFund @LoganPaul

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Laurie Lavery of Victor Child Care says she was shocked after receiving a call from @stoolpresidente last night confirming that they were chosen as a #BarstoolFund recipient. Says she doesn't even know exactly when her sons submitted their app. 1/

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@BSSportsbook @betthehoops I would of rather seen that money go to #barstoolfund

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The Sour Cream Cake is secured. 🔒 @stoolpresidente #barstoolfund

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@JoelEmbiid @EASPORTSFIFA You play @ochocinco yet? Livestream it for the #barstoolfund

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-Another pay day, another donation- I just supported the Barstool Fund. Join the cause and make a difference. #VivaLaStool #BarstoolFund #barstoolfund

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Just placed my first bet with @barstoolsports doing my part to help the support small businesses. Thanks for the how to video @stoolpresidente #letswinsomemoney #barstoolfund

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It’s so upsetting seeing @BSSportsbook celebrate the launch of sports gambling state after state and Wisconsin refusing to legalize it. @stoolpresidente @BarstoolBigCat #SendHelp #BarstoolFund

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#PENN is currently at $107.34 a share. I see this at $112 + early next week. #fintwit #StocksToWatch #BarstoolSportsbook #barstoolfund

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6 Active bets already @BSSportsbook @stoolpresidente @BarstoolBigCat @Return_Of_RB take my money..responsibly. #ryder #BarstoolSportsbook #kneecaps #barstoolfund

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Anonymous Michigan bettor has placed a very large wager on the Pistons tonight @betthehoops

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An absolute fire sweatshirt, plus deposits help the #BarstoolFund Oh and it's by far the best sportsbook out there. No brainer if you're in Michigan

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If you’re in Michigan, download the Barstool Sports Book app and once your deposit is wagered, @PNGamingInc will match that amount to the #barstoolfund to help small business in Michigan. What’s not to love?

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Hey all! I’ll be on the @MoEgger1530 show to talk about the #barstoolfund and the fundraiser that we will have at Stones bowling alley! Give it a listen

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Pandemic Pizza is contributing to the #barstoolfund. $1 from every pizza sold will benefit the Barstool Fund all month long. @stoolpresidente has raised almost 30-million dollars to help small businesses around the country survive through the pandemic @KUSINews

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This gem was created by @elchapoofflags

We launched #TeesforaCause w/ this limited edition design to help #SmallBusiness & donating to the #BarstoolFund.

Support the Cause & get your tshirt

#WeTheFans #Jets #TakeFlight

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🏀 UIC -1.5 (1u)

🏀 IPFW +1.5 (1u)

#PENN #fridaymorning #bettingtips #NCAABasketball #barstoolfund #gamblingtwitter

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All first time deposits this weekend will be matched (as long as you bet it this weekend) by @PNGamingInc and donated to the #BarstoolFund

Download now⬇️⬇️

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Still the best cheesesteak in Charlotte @CLOVERJOES, thanks @stoolpresidente for all that the #barstoolfund is doing #GoPresGo

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The call to Daly's Pub #BarstoolFund

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The next business we are helping is Daly's Pub (Queens, NY) #BarstoolFund

Click To Donate -

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@stoolpresidente is helping out Michigan small businesss when you deposit today in the app!

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First Pennsylvania, now Michigan...the #BarstoolSportsbook is LIVE!

Each first deposit is being matched by @PNGamingInc towards the #BarstoolFund once you wager your entire deposit. Big weekend of games this weekend so if you’re in PA or MI use the #BarstoolSportsbook

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$100 minimum on Michigan Spread tonight and no matter what you win this 🔥hoodie

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@BarstoolBigCat I’ll Venmo you $50 right now, I’m in Vegas. $25 to make a bet and the shirt, $25 for the #barstoolfund

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#BarstoolSportsbook is now live in Michigan and every first-time deposit is being matched by Penn with a donation to the #BarstoolFund.


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WE ARE LIVE IN MICHIGAN @BSSportsbook. Go to to download the app and once your deposit is wagered @PNGamingInc is making a 100% match donation to #barstoolfund to help support Michigan small businesses

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Attention Michigan: Already $620K in first-time deposits in the @bssportsbook app. Once these deposits are wagered, we're making a 100% match donation to #barstoolfund to help support Michigan small businesses.

We launch in 1 hour, Get ready Michigan.

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