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More infectious than COVID-19, confirmation bias is spiking in the US. #alternativefacts #confirmationbias #fakenews #bothsides #Election2020

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I can't wait for #Trump to talk - because he can't #Tweet - about how his #InaugurationDay had a larger audience than @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris. Of course, that's only because he #incited #riots and a #storming of the #Capitol. #alternativefacts #prediction

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Riley June Williams has NOT been arrested. The authorities are still trying to track her.

@MikeSington should be ashamed for himself and should retract his #alternativefacts.

@nbcnews, covering espionage and disinformation with more disinfo is NOT the move to make.

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Four years of #AlternativeFacts have been four years too long. #BeGone #mondaythoughts

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How can you be a #BigLiar an have a Conscience?!🤨A Guilty Conscience certainly cannot exist in a person who Always Tells Lies as #AlternativeFacts 😏😉🙂😌

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Some facts , not #alternativefacts: Miley Cyrus can dance amazingly after doing some lines of bitcoin. #LearningTime

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Have you @IngrahamAngle ever stopped to look at the damage that's caused by the #AlternativeFacts you talk about daily? This is why 5 people died at the capitol.... stop the lies, be a good reporter, be unbiased in a world filled with bias... be better

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“There is all sorts of evidence China was inflaming American political opinion last year, and now it is repeating the benefit.” -- @GordonGChang on The Laura Ingraham Show. Listen, only on @QuakeMedia. Subscribe today:

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I wish I saw evidence that any of the people who pushed the Big Lie about the election had a conscience.

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@mfa_russia @australian @RusEmbAU @RTUKnews @RussianEmbassy @RusEmbUSA @RT_com @SputnikInt Money laundering gas station says what?

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#RightToWork = Law Wages #Texas 1930s
#Prohibition of #Cannabis 1915 #ElPaso
#Science removed from print 1940s. Replaced w/ #AlternativeFacts
@POTUS is symptom
#RuleOfLaw is #Fascism
#COVID19 we need #FDR not Reagan

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@lieBenhamou1 @franceinfo Est-ce que vous avez lu l’article sous lequel on parle en ce moment...?
Mais Ce n’est pas grave, le monde entier a tort, on est tous vendu à la big pharma ou très stupide...

c’est comme ça que ça marche le monde parallèle #AlternativeFacts

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The Latest Fact Checks curated by Media Bias Fact Check 1/18/2021 #FactCheck #FakeNews #AlternativeFacts

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gee I wonder if these two things could be related at all

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@CultonScovia That's is evidence, its not a joke! Have wondered why @CanaryMugume never went off the internet! And kept feeding the internet with fakes, similar to what he did to Ziggy wine' death reporting #AlternativeFacts

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@egbertlachaert @Dsoenens @openvld @alexanderdecroo De echte situatie? Als in #AlternativeFacts?

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I think the @VP needs to rethink his statement or is this part of the #AlternativeFacts that developed under this administration? You & your President were too focused on sowing hate & division in your own country to worry about starting a war in another one!!

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@donwinslow Whole lot we can and will do,

BUT inasmuch as @GOP
( Cult45 same thing) decided to kick-up their #AlternativeFacts to an Alternate Reality,

#Truth Rising #WaterGate was CHILD'S PLAY
Compared to #DomesticTerrorism #insurrectionDay

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As long as @FoxNews & @seanhannity tell them these are lefty soshulist antifa blms, THEY'RE LEFTY SOSHULIST ANTIFA BLMS
#alternativefacts & cosplay works just fine. Their total contempt for their base's intelligence is usually warranted.

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@Crawford_MILB Why would 'Pennsyltucky' be a thing if they did not border each other? I stand by it. #alternativefacts

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@OHarrysChar @insidernews Solution: Restore the #FairnessDoctrine and take away Broadcast license for noncompliance. Eliminate 'BS' testing in schools and restore the Humanities and Civics.
Hold #Journalists accountable for both siding stories when one side is a #Lie. #Truth Not #AlternativeFacts .

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Australian media no longer *report* the news - they fabricate it, manipulate it, and manipulate others into making it. And the public seems to be quite happy to be whipped into a frenzy of faux-outrage...

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@Mike_Pence Yeah. #AlternativeFacts presented to showcase the #AlternativeReality the @GOP resides in. “War” does not necessarily mean armed conflict. Conversion therapy anyone?

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I’m proud to report with just a few days left in our Administration, our Administration is the first in decades that did not get America into a new war. That’s Peace through Strength.

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Never saw this coming #AlternativeFacts

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@TomiLahren It’s plenty of people who are patriotic Americans on the left and right who disagree and agree with you...get off the soap box...the only people living in an alternative universe is those still listening to #alternativefacts and buying this #StopTheSteaI crap

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2016 when he first deployed the #FakeNews, #AlternativeFacts phrases to lie to Americans about his inauguration crowd.

It is pathetic that people died because this man used them like pawns, and there life meant nothing to him, as they attacked the capital under his rhetorical

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@lizlibra1009 He tried I'm sure but, as much as they talk about God they fail to realize: He doesn't put stock in #AlternativeFacts

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@HazelFinley18 TY! Living with FACTS, 😘 #Truth,
MUCH easier if you ask me😎

Meanwhile, NO DISPUTE, #GOP
got themselves ALL TWISTED UP
in #AlternativeFacts *
[4 Example: #Kraken]

& it All Led TO❓

pat (!😉) declares #DonaldTrump "lives in an ALTERNATE REALITY" !!!

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In the age of #fakenews and #alternativefacts, everyone's choice of wine must be 'Fiction' 👇🍷 specially @foxnews

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@KellyannePolls defended Trump on Friday night, telling HBO Real Time host Bill Mahar: “You can’t deny that many people are better off.”

“Well they’re not better off now,” Maher replied. “A lot of them are dead.”

Kellyanne - neither you nor your #AlternativeFacts are welcome.

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@MollyJongFast Well they can always claim browns victory.

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Michigan State Capitol earlier today.

I see what they’re trying to do, do you?

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@LindseyGrahamSC This all sounds to me like a pile of #AlternativeFacts. Now you care about unity?Trump should be held responsible for what he did! You all impeached a man for getting a bjob, but you wanna let this slide! Shame Shame Shame

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@TwitterSupport Why have you not tackled manipulation of a clear statement by Keir Starmer on @MarrShow that Labour wishes to replace universal credit with a better system? This video represents #AlternativeFacts by the Conservatives. Why do you not allow users to report lies?

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Mitä on ’ #SalattuTieto’ jonka vain perussuomalainen vanhempi voi tietää?
@Halla_aho kulkee nyt vaarallisilla vesillä.

Suomi ei tarvitse omaa #FakeNews #AlternativeFacts uskovaista kansanosaa, vaan #FactsNews #OpenData ja #OpenScience — näistä nousee luottamus yhteiskuntaan.

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Keir Starmer wants to scrap universal credit, withdrawing vital support from millions of people.

Experts say Labour's plan would would be disruptive and cause chaos.

Conservatives are investing £7.4bn to help those who need it most.

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Perussuomalaisten kouluihin kohdistuva disinformaatiokampanja jatkuu. Nyt vuorossa puolueen puheenjohtaja, joka ei aikaisemmin tällä viikolla halunnut asiaa kommentoida.

Ketju aiheesta: Mitä Jussi Halla-Aho haluaa sanoa tällä viestillä?

#persut #koulut #äärioikeisto

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Kellyanne Conway tells Bill Maher Americans 'better off' thanks to Trump

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