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Que no se pierda la costumbre #JusticeForTheWeeknd #WeloveyouAbel

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@theweeknd I can’t wait to see you live next year on my birthday king! ❤️👑 You mean so much to me! You’ve been my number 1 artist and my artist of the decade on Spotify since 2015 and I love you for that! #WeLoveYouAbel ❤️

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@theweeknd I wouldn’t dare to roast you Abel! #WeLoveYouAbel ❤️ Thank you for putting out that amazing remix with Rosalìa! Haters gonna hate, but that remix is in my opinion better than Doja Cat! Thank you for creating such a wonderful album! Take care! ❤️❤️

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Achievement on achievement🤩 sooo proud of @theweeknd #XOTWOD #theweeknd #WeLoveYouAbel

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.@theweeknd is ranked at #1 on the Hot 100 Artists & Hot 100 Male Artists at the Year-End Billboard's charts.

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Top 0,05% in the world 😗✌️ @theweeknd

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@theweeknd liderando o top com a música do ano no Spotify e a mais reproduzida do ano ❤️

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So many memorable hits 👏

These are the Top 10 Songs of the year on Spotify ⤵️ #2020Wrapped

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@busetatomica fala sobre o racismo do grammy #WeLoveYouAbel

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@theweeknd We love u, so much! 💖 🇧🇷 #WeLoveYouAbel

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@theweeknd #weloveyouabel #abeldeservestheworld YOU JUST CANT IMAGINE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU IM GONNA CRY BYE

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i don’t know what’s going on with my fans in Brazil 🇧🇷 but i love you guys! ya’ll are showing so much love today !

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Hi, @theweeknd. This is trends in Brazil right now. We did it for you because it’s never too late to show you our love.

We hope that you can see. It’s means a lot. 🇧🇷❤️


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@theweeknd I can’t believe Blinding Lights came out a year ago. Time flies by quickly when you drop the biggest album of the year & when you listen to good music. Thank you for not giving up on your goals Abel. You have been a blessing to all of us ❤️ #WeLoveYouAbel

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@theweeknd And what an amazing 1 year it’s been for you and us! After Hours was a cultural reset and a global phenomenon! No other artist can break records like you! #WeLoveYouAbel ❤️ I can’t wait to see you perform live on tour next year!

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Blinding Lights turns 1 years old today ❤️ it feels like yesterday...

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@theweeknd #WeLoveYouAbel I hope you’re doing good! I can’t wait to see you perform at the Super Bowl. You mean so much to me and every single fan. I hope you had a great thanksgiving and I hope you have a good Christmas too! ❤️❤️

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Is This A Dream? #BlindingLights Turns 1 What Today? Yes Indeed The Worlds Greatest Song Turns 1 Years Old. OMG Seems Like Yesterday It Was Just Released Happy Birthday #BlindingLights We Love You #XOTWOD 🖤 #WeLoveYouAbel #AfterHours @TheWeeknd

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Este álbum salvou me e não consigo superar o quão desrespeitado o Abel foi @TheWeekndNewsXO @theweeknd #weloveyouabel

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Since the Grammys don’t wanna give @theweeknd a Grammy, can we have Michael Scott give Abel a Dundie Award for just being the best at everything and for having such a warm heart❤️❤️ #WeLoveYouAbel

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If I was good at video editing I would make a 1 hour+ video of how vloggers react when they found out Abel is not nominated at the Grammys. #WeLoveYouAbel

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Stream the After Hours album please! ❤️❤️🩸🩸 #FuckTheGrammys #WeLoveYouAbel

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@theweeknd Thank you for this incredible masterpiece XOTWOD te amo 💖


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@theweeknd A seriously brain & heart melting ❤️ #WeLoveYouAbel

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#TheWeeknd #AfterHours

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You always give what we want 🥺. Best for a reason. You are a king 👑 . This was start of legendary era and still continues. They don't deserve you , we don't deserve you. Thank you so much Abel.

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@theweeknd #WeLoveYouAbel ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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I posted this photo a year ago. The beginning of an era... I’m incredibly thankful, all things considered.

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@NewsWeeknd @theweeknd Please BUY AND STREAM THIS RECORD.

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