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@RobAnderson2018 @davidmweissman President Trump is launching #TrumpWorld in five days?
That would be kick ass. Are we signing up at or ?

What a great time to be alive and supporting the best President in at least the last one hundred years in America!


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Still can’t imagine storming the Capitol, being part of an insurrection, and somehow thinking there wouldn’t be consequences.

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My Pillow guy is at WH today

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So Trump's phone is about as useful as a brick, he's roaming around the White House in a stupor, and Mike Pence is essentially president? Good to know. #Trumpworld

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Someday I hope we’ll know who “a senior White House source said” ..... who’s the main “off the record” person in #trumpworld ? cc: @Olivianuzzi @jonathanvswan @maggieNYT

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"Martial" Law, not "Marshal" or "Marshall" Law.

Also, "Secession" means a state removes itself from the Union, while "Succession" means one person takes over the job from another person, e.g. - Biden.

This has been your MAGAt Remedial English Lesson of the Day™.

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Well, looks like @VP @Mike_Pence saved his political legacy on Jan. 6.

He showed courage far above the average of #Trumpworld, and performed his Constitutional duty.

He's still a sycophant w/Medieval views of humanity, but a step less corrupt than 45.

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@parlertakes Marshall law is when everyone is forced by the military to shop at Marshall’s. It’s truly scary.

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Trump's departure ceremony at Joint Base Andrews on the morning of the 20th is expected to be like a state visit departure event, per admin official familiar with planning. Color guard, military band, 21 gun salute and red carpet all under consideration for event, at the moment.

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This is a lie told by a terrorist sympathizer.

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the same Kim Jong-un that Trump met, called "friend", exchanged letters and music albums with and said he would denuclearize.

The opposite is playing out.

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So Pence is staying loyal to the President whose insurrection almost had Pence killed?

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Trump: incites people to attack the government

Republicans in Congress: no one knows why they attacked

People who attacked the government: we did it because Trump told us to

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#TubervilleSoDumb he thinks Game of Thrones is a documentary, the Four Seasons is available in Philadelphia, and Hugo Chavez is controlling Twitter. #TrumpWorld

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Lawyer for 'QAnon Shaman' urges Trump to pardon his client & others who took part in last week's insurrection at the US Capitol, because his client only went there at Trump's "invitation."

"Mr. Chansley took seriously the countless messages from Trump."

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"Les tentatives de la gauche politique de faire taire les idées dont elle ne peut pas ou ne veulent pas débattre sont un aveu de faillite intellectuelle."

via @creatorsnation

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@NYinLA2121 That is a real “piece of work.”
Interesting that “Christian” and “conservative” must both have alternate meanings in #TrumpWorld.

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A newly elected U.S. senator proposed delaying Biden’s inauguration until “after we got this virus behind us a little bit.”

First problem is the Constitution. Second problem is we’re ... not really close to that?

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As the worst Secretary of State in US history, @SecPompeo leaves a scorched earth for the Biden administration to clean up, pompously reveling in his horrific record of “accomplishments” like an overgrown child with a god complex. #Trumpworld

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Arrested Capitol rioters had guns and bombs, everyday careers and Olympic medals

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Grifters gonna grift #Trumpworld

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Abraham Lincoln bust ... White House ... 2:09pm

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For charismatic Christians, the Capitol riot and Trump’s impeachment can’t stop prophesies that say he will win

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@Public_Citizen Why let the folks protecting you pee in your home? #trumpworld #shameful #pathetic

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Newsflash! If you put that you have a 187 IQ in your profile then all I know for certain is you're a moron.

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@JonathanTaplin The United States Presidency is a fully operational openly anti-American disinformation network running all day every day with the full intention of creating chaos and confusion and overturning a legitimate election and the rule of law and the American government for one sick man

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@howdidwehether1 @sbg1 rhetoric from #trumpworld has framed it as that...

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On Fox, Peter Navarro still freely spews same disinformation that led to deadly Capitol attack

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In #TrumpWorld you gaslight about all the other things that could kill you while never mentioning the insurrection last week. #AmericaOrTrump

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In #TrumpWorld, never meet your heroes.

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Peter Navarro: “The Democratic Party did violence to this country by attacking a president who I believe was legally elected on November 3,” “74 million Americans out there” are “pissed off” like him.

Maria Bartiromo: “We know that there were irregularities in this election.”

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File under "As expected" #trumpworld

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@RudyGiuliani More importantly, #CENSORED by #DonaldJTrump 😂. Not taking your calls? Not settling your invoices? Welcome to #TrumpWorld #RudyGiuliani

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Trump refusing to pay legal fees to his long time friend & defense lawyer #RudyGiuliani . That's ok Rudy...you're not the first to get stiffed......

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Jonathan Turley argues against the House vote to impeach President Trump: “This could have serious repercussions in the future as people recognize this process against other presidents.”

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Trump is now turning on Kayleigh for not defending him! Like I have said a hundred times...WHY did any of them think that he wouldn’t turn on them? He uses people until they no longer benefit him & then he tosses them aside!

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@Amy_Siskind So many people have been fired or resigned.

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Last week in Washington... #trumpsamerica #takeapiss #trumpsmob #trumpworld #attemptedcoup #howdidwegethere @ Capitol Building Washington Dc

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Look at the date.

Look at the time.

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