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@LindseyGrahamSC, @SenTedCruz, @HawleyMO, and the rest of the #SeditionCaucus are TERRIFIED of the #TrumpImpeachment trials because they KNOW it will implicate them too. They can (and should) be called as witnesses. It's gonna get ugly, and they know it.

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Republicans keep saying we should pardon Trump to heal the nation. I can't think of many victims of ANY crime that would agree with that sentiment. #TrumpImpeachment #TrumpImpeachedAgain #TrumpWonTheHousePopularVote

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Whatever they have on @LindseyGrahamSC has to be spectacular. He will become this era’s Benedict Arnold in the history books. #TrumpImpeachment

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#ImpeachTrumpNow no #intelligencebriefings #TrumpTreason #TrumpImpeachment #TrumpRiot #CapitolHill #CapitolRiots #TrumpBribery #PardonsForSale #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace

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For all those @HouseGOP who said they were against the #TrumpImpeachment but said they supported censuring POTUS over the #CapitolRiots, @SpeakerPelosi should offer them a chance to put their money where their mouth is by holding a censure vote as well. #Trump #TrumpSeriesFinale

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Your daily reminder that @LindseyGrahamSC is a spineless sycophant... Really, South Carolina? This is the best you got? This is today’s GOP. #trump #gop #maga #CapitolRiots #TrumpImpeachment

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It turns out that Will Smith also made music. They called it RAP? Does this have anything to do with the Bacon Lettuce Mayo movement (BLM, FAKE!).
#TrumpImpeachment #trump2024

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Browns vs Chiefs Game blackout for 10+ minutes on @CBS station ?? @optimum @NFLonCBS @NFL @CBS #Chiefs #Browns #NFL #DonaldTrump #TrumpImpeachment #AariArjunan #sundayvibes #NFLGameBlackout #CBSBlackout #BrownsVsChiefs

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‼️Trump ze względów bezpieczeństwa wraz z rodzina i personelem opuścił dziś Waszyngton #TrumpTreason #TrumpImpeachment

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@SarahKSilverman If Bombardier Bernie tries to provide Healthcare for people AND tries to protect the Earth's climate (FAKE!) I'll have no other choice but to INCITE my cult members to OVERTHROW the Government, AGAIN. #TrumpImpeachment #trump2024

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@tomiahonen #TrumpImpeachment
Everybody SING!
@LaniGlobal This is Water Gate Hotel on meth
Like the movie "Twins". All the crap on one side and all the virtues on the other.

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@LindseyGrahamSC You really are a very stupid man. You would not recognize accountability if it slapped your sorry face. #Accountability #GOPBetrayedAmerica #TrumpImpeachment #TrumpIsACompleteFailure

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Het grote idool van den Theo se, en de rest van @de_NVA calimero's.

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#TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison2021 #TrumpTreason #TrumpIsACompleteFailure #TrumpIsANationalSecurityThreat #TrumpImpeachment #TrumpIsATerrorist #TrumpIsATraitor #ExpelTheGOPTreasonCaucus #ExpelTheSeditionists #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace #DonaldTrump #MAGATerrorism #MagaCoup

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La muerte de la bestia Cortesía @Nerilicon #ALVMorena2021 #trumpImpeachment @boltini @Dknight10k @realdonaldtrump @saintknives @GOP @CaricaturaMuseo: Cerrado desde SISMO 19 Sept 2017 #ALVmorena2021

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@SpeakerPelosi You are pathetic, look what you are going to do. Removing Donald Trump is a serious mistake, but also counterproductive! You have hatred in your blood and human bullshit! #TrumpImpeachment

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Would be great if Rudy Giuliani heads up the defense in the second Impeachment Trial of #TrumpImpeachment

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Sometimes, one has only the choice between crying and screaming. Therefore, I choose humour.

#Capitole #TrumpImpeachment @WhiteHouse #USA @GOP #USCapitol #BidenActNow

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An incredible distillation of Trumpism and how it led to the Capitol siege. Facts and truth. Well worth 9 min of your time.

#InsurrectionHasConsequences #TrumpIsACompleteFailure #TrumpImpeachment #TrumpTreason

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@jakejsullivan One administration is executing as many of it's own people as they can while one administration is worried about the rights of a man from another Country. Actions speak louder than words...thank you Biden Administration.

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It’s a crime to visit your family for Christmas but it’s scientific to let thousands of undocumented immigrants with no medical papers into the country — who spent weeks gathered in large groups.

The military is protecting Congress because Congress knows it’s evil, cruel & fake.

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The reason you don’t want it all declassified is the same reason you didn’t want audits of the votes.

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This is an accidental discharge and innocent death just waiting to happen because this idiot thinks she looks tough. Look where the fire selector is on that weapon. Good damn these people are pathetic.

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A cop is seen in this video offering medical assistance to rioters in the Senate chamber, asking them politely to “please” leave.

“I think you’re pushing the line,” he says at one point as the horned Q anon guy writes a note to Pence

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Wait. So white supremacists stormed the Capitol to overthrow the white supremacist government but were stopped by the white supremacist police force and are now being tracked down by the white supremacist FBI?

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Absolutely cut off Trump's post-presidency intelligence briefings.

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Freshman GOP representative says he may have ended his career by voting to impeach Trump

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My letter to Democratic Leader Schumer.

The Senate should vote to dismiss the article of impeachment once it is received in the Senate. We will be delaying indefinitely, if not forever, the healing of this great Nation if we do otherwise.

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Don’t know who this dude is but he broke that shit DOWN!! Listen especially the ones that need to hear it!!

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Trump has been delegating daily responsibilities to Mike Pence while hunkering down with a small group of aides and contemplating additional presidential pardons.

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