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Why was the National Guard slow to respond to Capitol riot? Because #TraitorTrump purposely made sure that they would be slowed down. #Kentucky #kentuckians #thursdaymorning #thursdayvibes #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #Thursday

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[Opinion] Capitol Police Says Militia Planning March 4 Attack; General Says Pentagon Took 3 Hours to Approve National Guard to Subdue Insurrection. Now #TraitorTrump cannot manipulate DOD and law enforcement. Run MAGAt Run! #thursdaymorning #thursdayvibes

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@garci32 👆✔️
What they are doing to AL Franken, they are doing it again to Gov Cuomo.

#Dotard #TraitorTrump raped 2 girls, sexually assaulted 26+ women & Ted Cruz & Josh Hawley incited insurrection but they want to target Gov Cuomo?

I suspect this is about #Drumpf 's cases in NY. 🤔

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@RawStory They can blame #TraitorTrump for that, since he refused to concede, and cooperate with the presidential transition process, and orchestrated an #CapitolInsurrection attack on the U.S. #BYE!  🖐🏾

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@dagenmcdowell Then what would you call @POTUS45 allowing for close to HALF A MILLION American deaths while downplaying the dangers of #COVID19 ? GQP leadership?

#TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump #TraitorTrump

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5 #RepublicansAgainstTrump #VetsAgainstTrump #VeteransAgainstTrump #SeniorsAgainstTrump #DemocratsAgainstTrump #MarinesAgainstTrump
#TrumpTraitor #TraitorTrump #Treason #TrumpTreason #PenceTreason #RepublicansTreason

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The former guy is gonna be going "through some things." 🤸

"Attorneys for Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) and the NAACP have served former President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago club with a lawsuit filed against him in February."


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So today’s the day #March4th. This is the day #QAnonCult gets their #Inauguration. Even off my meds, I’m not so fucking insane to think that #TraitorTrump is getting installed as president...oh wait as the 19th president. WHAT THE FUCK? No really that was not rhetorical!!

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If your stupid enough to follow & support #TraitorTrump then you deserve all that comes your way ! #NoMercy #NoSoftTouch #LockThemAllUp

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“We BEGGED your pardon”
So he left town & let y’all down. Lil Wayne (a Black rapper) & the $25 million fraud man, Steve Bannon who ripped you off but not ONE of his uber-loyal disciples got a pardon. Whoa. That’s a tough pill to swallow.
#CapitolRiots 07

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@TomJChicago @Bullsranch99 100%, #TraitorTrump micro manages, he cleared the field to maximize time for #TrumpCoupAttempt
#SeditiousGOP are complicit

#SeditionHasConsequences they should ALL be charged as #DomesticTerrorists

@glennkirschner2 @FrankFigliuzzi
@SenWhitehouse @AOC

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best thing I have seen all night.......... #Trump #conmandon #TraitorTrump #TheView THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF DONALD TRUMP ! #Justice

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What will #QAnon's next wack-a-doodle conspiracy be when tomorrow comes & goes without #TraitorTrump being installed as president? Will they move the goalpost to July 4th or just claim he is "secretly" POTUS? How sad your life must be to believe a #batshit, lying wannabe, nobody.

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@AliVelshi @MaryLTrump Perhaps one of the clearest & most persuasive explanations of what motivates the odious #TraitorTrump and his obsequious cult of #GOPCowards. DO NOT miss this. Thanks Mary & Ali for consistently good work here & elsewhere.

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@YetiEye @RobAnderson2018 Build legal case, step by step, prove #TraitorTrump's guilt. Hearings educate American people on what happened.
Also, create record and evidence under oath to assist in going after the ring leader(s) of Insurrection and attempted Coup.

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@RobAnderson2018 @VoLinxx Drumpf's Secretary of the Army, Secretary of Defense, and Charles Flynn, brother of Michael Flynn thought optics would look bad.
That's the Big Lie and they're sticking to it.
Drumpf didn't want help sent, #TraitorTrump wanted a Coup, he almost succeeded.

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Tomorrow, the Senate will take up the Covid Relief Bill brought by #PresidentBiden. #RonAnon AKA Ron Johnson (Q), will do everything he can to slow the passage of the bill, as directed by #TraitorTrump.

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Big day tomorrow. #TraitorTrump will be inaugurated as the 1st #ClownPrince of the United States. It's true. #Q told me

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There is no "Best" of Rush. He's 100% the Worst. Stop airing that propaganda trash & poisoning soldier's brains.

The man was a pathological liar, racist, misogynist, and homophobe, and was damaging to unit cohesion & esprit de corps, just like #TraitorTrump was.


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#TraitorTrump continues to make money off #TheBigLie, which was his plan all along. It was always about the money... #MAGA was the hook.

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@realGOP_ That would be like missing the turd you pooped out 2 months ago still hanging around in the toilet bowl.

#poopypants #DiaperDon #TraitorTrump

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@SenatorRomney  👀  @lisamurkowski @SenSasse @BillCassidy @SenatorCollins @johnthune @jameslankford @robportman @PatToomey 🇺🇸 ! 🙏

#DonTheCon aka #TraitorTrump corrupts everything he touches! Will you continue to let him tarnish you? Will he get away with this?

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Part of #TraitorTrump sellout to #Putin. How & WHY do some otherwise reasonable Anericans still support him & #treason?
#PutinsPuppet #PutinsGOP

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Always remember that #TraitorTrump and the #GQP killed hundreds of thousands of people because of greed and incompetence.

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Call me cynical but I didn’t fall off the watermelon truck yesterday.The Republican Governors across the whole country were in lockstep to order masks were no longer required and all businesses were open with no restrictions. This will end up being tracked back to #TraitorTrump.

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#TraitorTrump= worst, most corrupt, most racist, most treasonous President in U.S. history. His cabinet= most corrupt, most self-serving, most unqualified in U.S. history. #trumpisacriminal #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #TrumpCult #Newsmax #FoxNews

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WOW! After 4 yrs of #TraitorTrump #TAKINGAmericaDOWN by HATEFUL DIVIDE, 30K LIES/SPINS, & ATTACKS on our own people/institutions/values/democracy, TOO MANY of 74M voters are Trump suck-up FOOLS! Prev. #Gaslighted , NOW, simply SICK #Americans , victims of Trump's Cult w ...

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In response to audience criticism, AFN said it is airing the “Best of Rush” program based on ratings.

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👀👇🏻👇🏻 #TraitorTrump

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#traitortrump and his treasonous bunch

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the @GOP congress people are still using graphics as if
@POTUS45 were still in the @WhiteHouse .
Our current president @JoeBiden doesn't need graphics because he actually knows how to read

#TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump #TraitorTrump

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This deserves a life sentence.

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Ok, now do the Trump Tax Cut Bill.

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"Room rates at the former president’s namesake hotel nearly triple from March 3 to 4—aligning with the latest QAnon lore that March 4 will mark the second inauguration of Donald Trump."

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For anyone wondering how Australia is going - I spent last night at a bar with a friend, playing trivia, talking about how lucky we were

No local COVID cases for 46 days as of today #ZeroCovid

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NEW VIDEO📽️: Marco Rubio doesn't think there should be any accountability for Sedition. He joined Cruz & Hawley in voting to end the impeachment trial before it began; a position too extreme for most Republicans even.

Retweet if you're ready to retire #TraitorMarco in 2022.

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DC National Guard Commander tells Klobuchar that back up during the insurrection requested at 2:22 was held up for hours awaiting approval of Secs of the Army and Defense - both Trump appointees. He says needing this layer of approval was also atypical. This is extraordinary!

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Head of DC Nat'l Guard testifies that Guard troops were held back on Jan. 6 due to "optics," a concern that was not raised when they were in use during BLM protests over the summer.

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Yike. Paul Manafort intended for the Trump campaign's polling data to go to Serhiy Lyovochkin. Per the NYT in 2005, Lyovochkin was involved in the conspiracy to HACK ELECTRONIC ELECTION RESULTS in Ukraine's 2004 presidential election. 1/

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@ABC 2 hrs free of Natl Guard were provided by #TrumpCoupAttempt #TrumpIsADomesticTerrorist
to max damage by #WhiteDomesticTerrorists

Clearly organized pre-planning w/ potentially extreme end goal in mind

All last min changes in DoD, DoJ, etc are suspect

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