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1/23(土) 21時は@LlSTENlNG_PARTY

1/23(土) 21時は@LlSTENlNG_PARTY

1/23(土) 21時は@LlSTENlNG_PARTY


Saturday January 23rd
12pm (U.K. time)

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and all because the people love #TimsTwitterListeningParty

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Replay available @petepaphides : Robert Forster : Danger in the Past at #TimsTwitterListeningParty #ttlp639

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@MungoJerryLTD So do I. Brit indie is the best!!!! Please check this link. #TimsTwitterListeningParty I've discovered a lot of great music!

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@MungoJerryLTD @GrumpyOldRick Please take care, stay safe and I'd love both of you being at #TimsTwitterListeningParty #TimBurgess 🙏🏻What about you?

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@Neil_Murray57 @whelanslive @forsternet @petepaphides Guitar tuning @gutterbookshop #Dublin #TimsTwitterListeningParty @forsternet

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This was brilliant... following the feed in Brisbane while Robert Forster, also in Brisbane, talked ‘listeners’ through his great debut solo album. Terrific prep before seeing RF play a home town gig here on Saturday! Thanks to all @LlSTENlNG_PARTY!! #TimsTwitterListeningParty

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Just finished the Go Betweens - 16 Lovers Lane album. Tis a beaut, recommend you go check it out if you've not already heard it. thanks to @SpacemanG for the heads up @LlSTENlNG_PARTY #TimsTwitterListeningParty

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Fantastiskt! Lyssna om och om. Plockade av en händelse fram Robert Forsters enorma debut, förra veckan. Så nu kommer detta #TimsTwitterListeningParty . Blir lite tårögd -så bra så många trevliga med och talar! Tack! (Thank you!)@Tim_Burgess and @petepaphides Ping @farbrortheguru

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Some great stories on here tonight.
Robert and the great @guyrnelson looking cool here at Band on the Wall in 2019. Come back to Manchester soon!

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I think I’ve missed something. Anyhow here’s Robert Forster in Lancaster Library and St Lukes, Glasgow.

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今日はRobert ForsterのDanger in the Pastを聞きます。1990年のアルバムです。

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Also when Robert and Grant has problems using The Go Betweens name, the rumour (at least) was they were going to tour as ‘The Australian Go Betweens’ in the vein of the Abba and Pink Floyd tribute acts of the time.


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@Robwarren348 Sad but fave Go-Betweens secret reference was on Saturday after Grant had passed, @PatNevin on Final Score noted a surprise defeat by a fancied team with the words ‘Bye Bye Pride’. Had previously seen Pat at a Go-Be’s gig at the Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow. #TimsTwitterListeningParty

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@soozworld This is amazing! #TimsTwitterListeningParty really brings people together

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Thanks, once again, @Tim_Burgess
,@petepaphides and of course, @forsternet!! Wonderful to connect with old and new friends, in the shared love of a brilliant album #timstwitterlisteningparty

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#TimsTwitterListeningParty This record whispered in my ear that it wants a listening party, too... ;) @Tim_Burgess @forsternet

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This is Robert Forster, speaking through @petepaphides twitter feed, talking to @Lloyd_Cole about Mick Harvey thanks to the wonder of @Tim_Burgess and his @LlSTENlNG_PARTY
This could be the peak Twitter, it really could.

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To keep up to date with our releases, sign up at . Also visit the official store here where for 1 more week you can buy both CDs for just £15 plus postage. Thanks again everyone for listening.

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That was excellent - thanks also @petepaphides for this and all the @needlemythology re-issues(and now new albums too) - you can tell they are a labour of love! Look and sound wonderful! #timstwitterlisteningparty

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@petepaphides “That’s Robin Forester there with Danger in the Past, and there certainly is isn’t there Smashy, my old mate?” #timstwitterlisteningparty

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@catch237 @oneillpaudie @DoconDee @calexico65 @LlSTENlNG_PARTY

Music is the best.

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@petepaphides That was excellent thanks Robert and Pete

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@petepaphides I should have moved to Melbourne years ago. #TimsTwitterListeningParty

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There’s another 6 solo albums to timweet...then there’s the GoBetweens... #timstwitterlisteningparty

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Thank you Robert, thank you Pete #timstwitterlisteningparty

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Another cool #TimsTwitterListeningParty Many thanks to Robert and @petepaphides for the commentary and insight and as always to @Tim_Burgess

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Danger in the past. Well that was a revelation, not sure how I've gone 30 year without hearing that but better late than never. #TimsTwitterListeningParty

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@Lloyd_Cole @evergreendazed Hi Mr Cole always good to see rock n roll guests at #TimsTwitterListeningParty

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And now I am putting on my one Go-Betweens album, Liberty Belle & The Black Diamond Express. #TimsTwitterListeningParty

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@petepaphides Robert was my template for what a proper pop star should be when we were coming up. My favourite moment was when he dyed his hair white after instructing the hairdresser with 2 words - Blake Carrington. #TimsTwitterListeningParty

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sticking around for the free 7". Thanks @petepaphides for Roberts messages. As a newbie, I feel like I'm learning something that everyone has known for years. And it's great! #TimsTwitterListeningParty

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Ah, a couple more...tomorrow's only Monday.


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@Tim_Burgess @LlSTENlNG_PARTY @petepaphides @Mr_Dave_Haslam I discovered a wonderful debut album here. Always my motto : never too late.
Thx all, cheers DJ and a huge merci to Dave and Pete, our fave music encyclopedias 💙👌 #TimsTwitterListeningParty

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It’s time

Handing over to Robert Forster via @petepaphides


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Good evening to new and old friends. Robert Forster isn’t on Twitter, but commentary for his 1990 album Danger In The Past will be posted from here. He will also be with me live from Brisbane, happy to answer questions throughout the @Listening_Party. #timstwitterlisteningparty

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