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@ShawnMendes I hope that in future music videos you will have #Tarzan make a cameo in the videos. I loved seeing him in the music video for #TheChristmasSong with @Camila_Cabello so I hope we see more of him.

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動画は私的にjazz soundの魅力がめちゃ際立ってると思う曲🎵

#TheChristmasSong #NatKingCole #クリスマスソング
サンタの #コスプレ?笑

#ピアノ #piano #Jazz #ジャズ #cosplay

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คู่รักแห่งปี Shawn Mendes และ Camila Cabello จูงมือปล่อยเอ็มวีเพลง The Christmas Song ส่งต่อความอบอุ่นถึงแฟนเพลงทั่วโลก #siamzone #ShawnMendes #CamilaCabello #TheChristmasSong

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[ ep2 ] #asmr #겨울 #눈소리 #함박눈 #낭만적이야 #자장가 #thechristmassong - @YouTube

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@ShawnMendes so besides #TheChristmasSong , I really hope that the next music video you or @Camila_Cabello do you or she will have #Tarzan in the video.

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Ahora ya por fin se puede decir feliz navidad, con medio metro de nieve por toda la ciudad. #MariyaTakeuchi #TheChristmasSong ❤️❄️☃️❄️🎶

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Christmas time is over but I'm still streaming #thechristmassong by @ShawnMendes and @Camila_Cabello coz I love their voices perfectly blended together❤❤

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Today's #First4Songs: #GivingUp by #IngridMichaelson, #HowLongWillILoveYou by #EllieGoulding, #Hide by #JuiceWrld featuring #Seezyn, #TheChristmasSong performed by #MaggieRose.

#music #DJSangsta #musicislife #Spotify #musicismyescape #oooShiny

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Wanna keep the Christmas spirit alive a little bit longer? @tannerHOG’s version of #TheChristmasSong is our favorite by far! #bestof2020

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the views on the music video and the views on the video of the audio for #TheChristmasSong equal more than 10 million but I KNOW that the music video actually has more views than it is currently displaying! c'mon @YouTube! This song is for CHARITY!! @ShawnAccess

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the views on #TheChristmasSong on @YouTube are stalled and it's really pissing me off... I KNOW that that video has 9million views at this point-- if not more

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Please if you can continue to stream #TheChristmasSong and if you can donate click the Fundraiser button on the mv to donate to this amazing charity that is feeding families in need @FeedingAmerica. We have until midnight to support this charity event.

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@vmas #Wonder by Shawn Mendes

#Monster by Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber

#TheChristmasSong cover By Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

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1.529M views more til 10M 💕 Stream #TheChristmasSong mv. #ShawnMendes #CamilaCabello

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@HenleyNiece I just watched #TheChristmasSong on youtube

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1,532,626 views to go. Last day to make our views extra meaningful. Stream #TheChristmasSong on youtube 💕 @ShawnMendes @Camila_Cabello

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1,533,813 views to go. Streaming #TheChristmasSong on youtube right now. 💗 lets goooo

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I'm streaming #TheChristmasSong in loop while I'm sleeping tonight and I'm asking to all my almost 900 moots to do the same🙏. If only the big accounts who are supposed to love @ShawnMendes would do the same it would be a big help for him and @FeedingAmerica but I'm hopeless

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I am streaming #TheChristmasSong from #Wonder hehehehe

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What an amazing fanbase

The hair
The gf
The beard
Oh he Got a dog too

COMMON @ShawnMendes and the @shawnfoundation is GIVIVING AWAY MONEY TO PEOPLE IN NEED ...STREAM


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@AminDuim_ 🙏🏻 vamos conseguir falta tão pouco agora!! #TheChristmasSong

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Now I’m calling the big accs, like you always tell faves that they have a huge platform to spread awareness on things happening in the world, is time for you with thousands of followers to use YOUR platform to help on this cause! Please let’s stream #TheChristmasSong

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Why isn't the big Ohhh accounts saying ANYTHING about #TheChristmasSong...... that is bad ....BAD IM TELLING YOU BADDDD

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Okay @YouTube help us out here! The views are frozen! Don’t fail us now!

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Here’s a song for you…

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Stream the MV on YouTube too! We are at 8,4 there! 💪🏻 Let’s go!!
#TheChristmasSong 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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Stream #TheChristmasSong 😜💙❤

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We need everyone helping in these last hours to stream The Christmas Song on youtube and Spotify. The streams is for charity it was be sad to know we could have help someone in need and we didn't because we were to lazy to stream a song. Let's do this!!

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Every time you do a good deed you shine the light a little farther into the dark. Make the world a little brighter today and stream #TheChristmasSong by @ShawnMendes & @Camila_Cabello on YouTube. This amazing charity project of @FeedingAmerica & the @shawnfoundation needs you.❤️

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stolen but hi :)

reply anything on this tweet. i will mute this and i will read and reply to them on jan 1, 2021 !! any message, tell me everything u wanna say to me. pls i need to start my 2021 happy. u can also go back here everyday.

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Stream #TheChristmasSong with Camila and Shawn

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#TheChristmasSong.......stream it😜❤📢

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What's your favorite song that came out this year?

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For every 10 million streams of #TheChristmasSong by
@ShawnMendes & @Camila_Cabello between 5th Dec. and 31 Dec. $10,000 USD will be donated to @FeedingAmerica
through the @shawnfoundation. So let's show some love & stream this amazing song as if our lives depend on it!

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📍The Christmas Song x Wonder Youtube Playlist (2.30hr)

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