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Breaking News: More to await for the #TerroristInChief

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@HawleyMO: #Resign !Be a man for once in your life.
#whiteTerrorists #terroristsnotprotestors #TerroristTrump #TerroristInChief #WhiteSupremacists
#ImpeachTrumpNow #ImpeachTrumpAgain

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@SenHawleyPress @HawleyMO: #HawleyResign
#whiteTerrorists #terroristsnotprotestors #TerroristTrump #TerroristInChief #WhiteSupremacists
#ImpeachTrumpNow #ImpeachTrumpAgain

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#whiteTerrorists #terroristsnotprotestors #TerroristTrump #TerroristInChief #WhiteSupremacists
#ImpeachTrumpNow #ImpeachTrumpAgain

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The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has expanded its criminal investigation into the Trump Organization’s finances to include the family’s compound Seven Springs in Westchester County, according to lawyers and people familiar with the investigation.

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WTF‼️WTF‼️WTF‼️WTF‼️Honoring the #TerroristInChief ⁉️

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So, umm...many lawyers don’t want to represent a #TwiceImpeached #TerroristInChief after the Jan6th terrorist attack on our Nations DC Capitol. Even his own.

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@FLOTUS Go tell #TerroristInChief a 29% approval rating? #LOSER! The #TRUMP name will live in INFAMY. Maybe #Putin will take him in, he was taking orders from #putin after all to destroy the US from within #KILLERPRESIDENT #TRUMPISTHEWORSTPRESIDENTEVER #TrumpIsWorseThanNixon

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.@HawleyMO you didn't make EITHER of these line-ups. It's time to pack up your bitter tears and hair gel and head on back to the heartland.

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Is anyone really surprised the #TerroristInChief's supporters are so f*cking stupid as to brag about committing multiple Federal crimes on social media🤷‍♂️ If this moron robbed a bank, they wouldn't even need the security cameras.🙄

Go get this dumbf*ck @FBI @FBIWFO👍

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@realTuckFrumper Yeah right. So #Dumbestofdumb-Donnie can make sure the virus stays until Biden passes. If if the #LiarInChief #TerroristInChief he is, has to personally infect as many people as possible 🙄

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..& a 29% approval rating for the worst President ever, #Loser #MobBossPresident #TerroristInChief

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Trump is getting a 21 gun Salute at Andrew’s Air Force Base when he jets away before Biden is sworn in, after leaving a wake of violence and insurrection? Can not compute.

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The #TerroristInChief went from:

- not wanting to be in DC during the #Inauguration

- to wanting to be in DC but leaving a day before the #Inauguration

- to leaving DC an hour before the #Inauguration

-to wanting a *YUGE* send-off on the #Inauguration.

He's eff'ing #insane.

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@MrJohnNicolson Is Donnie on the No Fly list from 00:01 on the 20th #TerroristInChief

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And Once Azar ...=> Should face Justice Complicit to endanger People’s Healthcare

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@IvankaTrump Daddy started this with all his LIES that @GOP, YOU and his other despicable spawn helped spread. The #Trump name will go down in INFAMY. #TrumpCoupAttempt #TrumpTreason #TerroristInChief #TreasonHasConsequences #TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison2021

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Pew poll: Trump is leaving the White House with the lowest job approval of his presidency, 29%.

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BREAKING—We are out of vaccine reserves! Trump HHS Sec Azar announced this week that the govt would begin releasing #COVID19 vaccine doses held in reserve for 2nd shots—but no such reserve existed!! Trump HHS had already shipped out reserves end of Dec!

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The legacy of #BeBest is that your husband is banned from social media

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@Paul_VanDerMeer I’ve never referred to him as president and I’ll never refer to him as mister. He’s always been just trump or a$$hole to me. Oh, and #PredatorInChief #IdiotInChief #RacistInChief #TerroristInChief #ClearAndPresentDanger #LiarInChief (I know I’ll be running out of characters) 🤷‍♀️

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@GOP @VP after YEARS of unrestrained LIES & conspiracies by #TerroristInChief, a half-hearted request for non-violence doesn't fix it. #TraitorTrump has to ADMIT he LIED. #Gop created a MONSTER by turning their head the other way. VOTERS WILL REMEMBER.

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I’m sure you agree with this #MAGATerrorists analysis @RepScottPerry. I’m sure you didn’t like colin’s kneeling. But yet, you support the terrorist by failing to impeach the #TerroristInChief

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@CheerioColdest @NBCNews @FBI Yes I understand but those terrorists don't care about any1 or anything. They are emboldened by almost all the #republican party including the #TerroristInChief himself. Do you think they cared about their identity when they stormed #CapitolHill. The FBI have ways to sneak on ppl

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I read somewhere Tuberville met w the #TerroristInChief & was involved in the planning/organizing/carrying out the
#GOPCoupAttemptToOverthrowDemocracy. That makes him a #GOPSeditiousTraitor too. #ExpelTommyTuberville #LockHimUp

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@IvankaTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @EricTrump #TerroristInChief wants BIG SEND-OFF using resources needed to protect DC from #TrumpInsurrectionists? #TraitorInChief got us to this point with LIES & EGO & needs to leave quietly. More INFAMOUS if he pulls resources & something happens.

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@VP @GOP @TheDemocrats Police & military needed to protect DC not pander to #TraitorTrump's EGO. #GOPComplicitTraitors get one last shot at a #TrumpCoupAttempt by bringing in #Insurrectionists? #TerroristInChief wants accolades. make #Trump leave quietly.

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Trump is the domestic terrorist of the 21st century - CNN Video

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Will Tommy Tuberville actually serve out a six year term? He doesn't seem to fully understand what a Senator does or how the government functions.

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I wonder if anybody knows this guy? If you do please contact the @fbi

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Trump is STILL furious that he’s been banned from Twitter.

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In 2016, @Kaepernick7's kneeling during the National Anthem was characterized as disrespecting the flag and he was blacklisted from the @NFL

In 2021, MAGA Terrorist Peter Francis Stager beat an officer unconscious with an American Flag and hailed as a Patriot

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