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@SpeakerPelosi cc: @SenateDems @SenSchumer #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer Dear Speaker Pelosi, please excuse my language. Just want the message to be clear: Fuck #MoscowMitch.

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@SenSchumer Congratulations #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer! Boy, that has a nice ring to it! 🥰❤️❤️❤️ Ohhhhhh happy day on #CapitolHill! 🇺🇸

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@SenSchumer Yes! Use your power wisely and courageously for the benefit of ALL. No being walked on!! #SenateMajorityLEADERSchumer

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@chuckschumer @SenSchumer #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer--Here's Ur next step. 45 already sent out a message thanking the Senators and saying more to come. 14thAmendment for that traitor, Neal lays it out for you! 👇👇👇

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WATCH: @neal_katyal discusses how a clause in the 14th Amendment could be used to bar fmr. President Trump from holding public office in the future.

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@SenSchumer please please change your handle to Leader Schumer! It’s time!! We all worked really on Georgia! You deserve your new title! #senatemajorityleaderschumer has a ring to it don’t you think! 💙💙💙

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@SenatorRomney @lisamurkowski @SenSchumer @LeaderMcConnell #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer stop the nonsense, double standards and lying to the people #GOPQ Find 45 Guilty do not allow him to run for office again!

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If Retrumplicans don't want to work for the people which is what they're good at, then Democrats should go ahead with the agenda. #BidenHarris #CovidRelief #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer

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#SenateDemocrats #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer #VicePresidentHarris #POTUS46 #NancyPelosi #BernieSanders don’t share power with repuglicans. We can’t afford it, they are only dedicated to power and not the will of the people. Please don’t do it. Please. We have to stand strong now

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Remember if #PuertoRico #DCStatehood and #USVirginIslands #Guam and #UnifiedSamoa become states that’s 10 new #Democrat senators which will comfortably put @SenSchumer in the majority leader seat. #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer #Senate

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It's @LeaderMcConnell who scorched the earth - for the last eight years! The Senate HASN'T functioned for eight years. Finally something can happen. #McConnell already destroyed the rules! Now he can't actually guarantee anything. #senatemajorityleaderschumer #GrimReaper

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Bernie Sanders: ’We're going to use reconciliation—that is 50 votes in the Senate plus the vice president—to pass legislation desperately needed by working families in this country right now. [Republicans] did it. We're going to do it’

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Today, I made clear that if Democrats ever attack the key Senate rules, it would drain the consent and comity out of the institution. A scorched-earth Senate would hardly be able to function. It wouldn’t be a progressive’s dream. It would be a nightmare.

I guarantee it.

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@SenSchumer #senatemajorityleaderschumer , McConnell continues to perpetuate injustice and seeks to serve his own wants, needs and pocketbook! Please lead out of this!

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The Filibuster Was Grounded in Slavery and Now Threatens All Life on Earth by @Thom_Hartmann @Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema @SenSchumer #senatemajorityleaderschumer #USSenate

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@LeaderMcConnell HAHAHAHHA - “ Slim majorities can’t RAM THROUGH IDEAS??” Or confirm SUPREME COURT JUSTICES?? (ABC anyone??) Hypocrite. #senatemajorityleaderschumer

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55-45 vote against Rand Paul's motion that the impeachment is unconstitutional because Trump is no longer in office. Senate Minority Leader McConnell voted with Paul.

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Great to see THIS GUY! @SenSchumer convene the @USSenate rather than #MitchMcConnell Now I hope @SenateDems can assume the cmittee chairmanships they have rightfully earned. #FactsMatter #McconnellAintInCharge #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer #SenateImpeachmentTrial #FBRParty #Resist

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@Goss30Goss @chrislhayes Schumer is excellent, a brilliant man. Just because he's older & not a tough, loud mean bully doesn't mean he can't handle the job. He knows the ropes. Love Amy & Warren but Schumer's got this.

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This means we can impeach Hillary

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@maddow BRAVO MADDOW, EXCELLENT INTERVIEW!! #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer

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Can we get #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer trending? We need him to change his Twitter name to his Majority style title given to him by the people of 🇺🇸! @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer #RETWEET! @funder @maddow @Lawrence @JoyAnnReid @NicolleDWallace @ProjectLincoln @SteveSchmidtSES

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We will work to pass the THRIVE Agenda to fight climate change, create millions of jobs in renewable energy, and invest in Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous communities. #TimeToTHRIVE

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@SenSchumer Great job Senate Majority Leader! Dems are now in charge! Thank you!!

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@SenSchumer Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! EXCELLENT INTERVIEW WITH @maddow


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@goodwlb @MuellerSheWrote Investigations into hawley & cruz. Dems could change Senate rules with 51 votes like mcturtle did. Schumer has leverage..if not he'll find it. Smart man.

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#MoscowMitch has a "come to Jesus" moment. He folded. #Senate #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer

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@kylegriffin1 Senate Majority Leader Schumer did it! Don't have to be a cruel nasty bully to get things done when you're a brainiac like Schumer. He's super-smart.

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@UROCKlive1 McConnell blinked. #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer won this round. Give Dems all the gavels. Now we can act on #COVID relief, #ClimateEmergency #racialjustice & #ImmigrationReform.

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@johncusack @maddow just reporting #McConnell caved - dropping his demands for the filibuster. Organizing principles can begin. Dems get all the gavels! Kudos to @SenSchumer aka #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer on not blinking!

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Live on @MSNBC:

Senate Majority Leader Schumer speaks with @Maddow

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@CNN @seattlesmithie #MittRomney should explain to the traitors who disagree.
And #SenateMajorityLeaderSchumer needs to take action and put the new and definitely not improved #SenMINORITYOLDfartMitch in his place first thing Monday morning.

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