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New ep: Bone Dry Orgasms, No Fly List, Snickers

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Say your questions comments thoughts ideas heeeere:


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Real Truth, Love & Justice
Reposted from @sarahkatesilverman #SarahSilvermanPodcast link in biooooo

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I like Space Force.
New ep out today #SarahSilvermanPodcast

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@SarahKSilverman Somebody is pretending to be you with this account ; check it out, you may want to denounce it. Cheers #SarahSilvermanPodcast

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I was a pro musician for 30 years. Im 52 now and became a trucker 3 years ago. Should i quit life? #SarahSilvermanPodcast

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@SarahKSilverman #SarahSilvermanPodcast I saw diced chicken breast as a potential add-in for my omelet and thought about how much hate towards chickens that would represent so I just went with the ham instead.

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hey @SarahKSilverman my mom used to sing the Dunderbeck song to us too, a slightly disturbing perusal of youtube reveals that there are lots of different versions but this is one closest to my mom’s version:


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#NotAllMen just talkin science and theory & a lil @MargaretAtwood on #sarahsilvermanpodcast

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Negotiations & poop songs

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You don’t always know what your last words are going to be. So if you say something dumb, try not to die #SarahSilvermanPodcast

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Top story: @SarahKSilverman: 'Episode 11: Interview With A Bank Robber
#SarahSilvermanPodcast ' , see more

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Episode 11: Interview With A Bank Robber

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Wealth addicts in a gold encrusted nutshell

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Thankful Thanksgiving: found out gonna be an uncle; wife & I drove nearly 300 miles to see (outdoors/masked/distanced) my parents, then her mom; & almost home, heard my voice on car stereo as last call on @SarahKSilverman’s #SarahSilvermanPodcast asking about Law & Order lyrics!

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Hissssss...it's not safe!!!
Conan welcomes lovely Sarah #largo #sarahsilvermanpodcast
#andyrichtercontrolstheuniverse #sonamov full interview on youtubes @

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@SarahKSilverman Call it the AnuStender...and one for tiny girls with huge dicked partners called "PusStender."
"Girls and Guys, no more 'Bottoming Out' no matter how you take a dick."
Oh, and you could make one for oral sex called "The ThroStender".

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@SarahKSilverman ONE WORD...AnuStender! Annnnd you could make one for the front for tiny girls with well endowed partners... call it "PuStender". Omg, have you ever thought of having a gay dude do your podcast with you??? Me!Me!Me!Me!

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hey @SarahKSilverman just finished listening to this past Thursday’s awesome #SarahSilvermanPodcast, and on the off chance you see this, here is a really simple game-changing way to thread a needle:

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Invention idea (explicit language)

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#SarahSilvermanPodcast must listen to her funny amazing podcast. brilliant comedian and talented actress writer.
loved your appearance on @sternshow

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@SarahKSilverman As a #RespiratoryTherapist I have faced #COVID19 and seen the denial in people's eyes as they die. Why is there still a debate on the dangers and HOW was Trump not held accountable after the Woodward interview?

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@SarahKSilverman How do we get more conservatives to realize that Democrats are nothing to fear? #sarahsilvermanpodcast

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Check it:

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