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Please extend a warm bunker welcome to @vinniedotcom Humor saves lives. 🙏🤣 #NeverForget Jimmy Valvano's (RIP) ESPYS award speech.

Laugh, Cry, Think...
🤣😢 🤔 #SavedByComedyDaily

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@Camila_Cabello happy birthday. Found this on your old tumblr. Keep up the great work #Sarcasm #HappyBirthdayCamila #cancelcamila #NeverForget

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@LatestAnonNews @StandForBetter @POTUS @Sethrogen @TheDailyShow @colbertlateshow @FallonTonight @jimmykimmel #America #AntiFascist #BernieSanders #brainwashed #idiots #CORRUPTION #BlueMAGA #GOPBetrayedAmerica #NeverForget #VotingRights #wakeup #SpeakingOut #truth

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@JoeManchinWV has NO business being a @SenateDems if his main purpose is to vote against Everything that supports People in his own state and around the country. His double standard in confirmation votes and legislation is destructive!
#NeverForget #NeverReElect

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Between the impeachment vote, Texas, COVID-19, or the CPAC convention, these Republicans have shown us EXACTLY who they are. They need to be removed. If not, we’ll vote them all out in 2022.

#capitolriot #texasblizzard2021 #covid_19 #cpac2021 #republicancowards #neverforget

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#neverforget Billie Holiday: How the Government Targeted the "Strange Fruit" Singer with Drug Arrests | Biography

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Did you think that because I took some personal time I forgot about this?

Because I didn’t. And neither should you.

#capitolriot #neverforget

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@PokemonGoApp Wow. That’s 2 big events where this happened. Exactly why I didn’t pay! Similar issue at Go Fest and then you offer the three birds for free minus the shadow every time you can since. The bonus event should be for everyone eventually as well. #neverforget

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@quervain_de Mit dem Hashtag #NRWahlen2023 oder ähnlichen können wir uns heute schon Reminder setzen, dass wir keine @FDP_Liberalen @SVPch @Mitte_Centre Mitglieder in den Nationalrat wählen werden #NeverForget #NeverAgain

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Hello! Just a reminder that there was a terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol 8 weeks ago, incited by the man who was still President and 147 members of Congress. 6 people died. No one in power has been convicted or held accountable.

Yup! Still mad! Have a nice day!

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@mtgreenee Save America #StopFascism #StopRacism #StopCagingKids

#NeverForgetJanuary6th 1/6/2021 #NeverForget #ManiacalMarjorie #TraitorTaylor #SeditionistSays #LiesCostLives #Gangrene

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16 years ago today 4 #RCMP officers were murdered while doing their job.

Their deaths saved lives.

Please take a moment to #remember them.

#Heros all of them

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Today, the City of Delray Beach will fly our flags at half-staff in remembrance of the lives lost to COVID-19, and to honor their memories.
#Remembrance #Honor #Memories #StrongerTogether
#COVID #NeverForget #LOVE #LIVESLOST #Tribute #Memorial

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Don't worry about what's gonna happen... You cannot change the future. You can change the present. Just play! #NeverForget #NeverGrowUpYuck

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A look back in #MuhammadSpeaks, February 28, 1969
#UniversityofIslam #GetKnowledgetoBenefitSelf #Education
Do you remember? #NeverForget

Learn more about the teachings, take out a membership, donate, and share

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#neverforget@penguins⁩ ⁦@ATTSportsNetPIT⁩ your need to replace your color commentator is so long overdue it's insane

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a true honor to walk the same halls.

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@VVD Dankzij VVD/CDA/D66/GL/PvdA zijn er mensen die door isolement zelfmoord plegen terwijl de avondklok vrijwel niet werkt. Doe er niet aan mee. Stem ze weg! #neverforget

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This is the same team of galaxy brains who authorized Tatler's "Catherine the Great" cover story, #NeverForget

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They will #NeverForget in Castle Rock, CO.

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@News12NJ Why would the good people of #Texas not continue to wear #masks until they are vaccinated? This is the same state that allowed their people to freeze to death during a snow storm. No confidence in Texas officials. Time for them to vote in a competent government. #NeverForget

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@SANBI_ZA @KirstenboschNBG @TableMountainNP is not recommended as a final descend of your gorgeous 15km @TableMountainNP trail run, as it will likely blow up your knee and ankle joints 😊. #NeverForget #trailrunning @cvoxel

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Today we remember P/O William Henderson who was shot and killed while investigating a suspicious vehicle. He succumbed to his wounds five days later on March 3, 1932. #NeverForget @FOPLodge5 @john_mcnesby

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We will #neverforget @NYPDBklynSouth Task Force Anti-Crime Police Officer Robert E. Machate who was shot and killed in the line of duty in 1989. May he rest in eternal peace.

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Comment oublier 😌

"L’impact ... 💥 ... et le stade Olympique qui a carrément explosé. Le STADE a explosé".

Mallace 🌈
Cameron 🎯
@FLord_TVA 🎙
Les fans 🤪
Tout est parfait.

Un moment dans le temps 🥰💙⚽️

Happy 6th anniversary brother @ForzaJuve09 🥳 #NeverForget #IMFC

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it appears she would have lost by 1 vote.

and this is how you erase sexism/racism, you insist the Tanden nomination is simply a process story

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Il y a 6 ans, on marquait l'histoire.


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Happy birthday, Janisha Fonville. Rest in power.

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Today we honor the brave men & women from New Jersey who died on this day during the Vietnam War:


Read their full bios here:

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Today we honor the brave men & women from New Jersey who died on this day during the Vietnam War:


Read their full bios here:

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Today in #Vilnius, the President of #Estonia 🇪🇪 @KerstiKaljulaid, accompanied by the Foreign Minister @GLandsbergis, paid tribute to those who died for the freedom of #Lithuania 🇱🇹.

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Small reminder that last time someone read The Family Proclamation on @BYU campus during a rainbow day protest, the person who was peacefully reading it was punched, stormed, and silenced by a mob.

And BYU did nothing.


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Republicans are pushing over 200 bills that are pending in over 40 states to take away voting rights. This should be the biggest story in America. RT if you agree.

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What @realprinceblue has done to close out 2019 has been an illuminating exercise that may not ever be truly appreciated for it's lesson:

We dumb y'all. Like DUMB dumb. Ain't no pretending we ain't.

Bruh, I salute you.

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