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H-E-B stopped selling #MyPillow products from Mike Lindell

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@TheDemCoalition Dear #Democrats:
I love my #MyPillow and believe #mikelindell is telling the Truth.
I also believe there were improprieties in ballots; voting machines & counting in last November's presidential election.
P.S: I'm an environmentalist & support climate action.

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@Stop_Trump20 things Trump supporters have in their houses are 🤔
mold 🍄
adult diapers 🍼
#MyPillow 💩
#NaziFlag ☠️
#KidRockAlbums 🤠
a snake 🐍
a banjo 🪕
#WhiteBread 🍞
#Rats 🐀
#Pizza 🍕
#ItemsFromCapitolHill 🏛
#TrumpPoster 🤡
#Fly 🪰

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@RandyQuaid would make a great #MikeLindell in the #MyPillow mini series

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Look what I found in a retail store today for sale!!!!


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I literally had #FoxNews on for 5 minutes and now I have the #MyPillow song stuck in my head. 🤮🤮🤮

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Seriously ?

What kind of idiot gives #MyPillow lunatic #MikeLindell his/her Social Security Number to buy a pillow ?

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#MyPillow admits on it website says it has ‘sold’ its customers private info including:

> names
> postal addresses
> email addresses
> Social Security numbers
> driver's license numbers
> passport numbers

WTF ?!? What are they doing with their customers’ SSNs & Passport info?

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@DonaldJTrumpJr Cry into your #mypillow and get what you asked for.

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#ospreypenssavecursive #mypillow #mikelindell Mike Lindell the entrepreneur, patriot, and ceo of My Pillow was bullied and purged from Twitter falsely just like 45coc for bringing up info related to election fraud. Twitter chose to purge, we chose to save. USA 🇺🇸xallowedban write

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@slpng_giants @DineshDSouza I buy My Pillows as obligatory gifts for all of the turds in my life that voted for Traitor Joe and Kum-Holla. If you’re a piece of garbage and I’m expected to buy you a birthday/Xmas/whatever gift, expect #MyPillow every time.

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It’s funny what choosing sides does when you’re corporation. I used to almost buy all my clothes at @Kohl’s and I haven’t been back since they started carrying #BlackLivesMatter stuff and stopped carrying #MyPillow

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@marypatriciala @Louisiana_sos With Hayride & Moon Griffon paid by #Dominion, @lagop & JohnKennedy not commenting it looks like only the patriotic team of Sharon Hewitt , Jay Dardene, John Bel Edwards, and @marypatriciala ? can stop Dominion. Too unsettling to even rest on a #MyPillow #lagov

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Guys I'm not just blowing smoke. You all know I speak the truth. I ordered a #MyPillow Roll & Go pillow - it came before my flight yesterday. I don't know how I traveled w/o the pillow before. His pillow cases are good quality, super durable. I just ordered a body pillow & case.

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Love it!

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#MikeLindell of #MyPillow is offering 66% off everything on his website HALF of the Proceeds going to #RSBN The True Patriot Independent News Crew that has Supported President Trump from Day 1 🇺🇲

Go to #MyPillow.Com use Discount Code RSBN at Checkout

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@RSBNetwork carrying all of @CPAC LIVE STREAMING. Buying a #MyPillow to support both. @invrfail @ASavageNation @FoxNews @newsmax @OANN

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@BedBathBeyond just got your 20% off coupon in the mail and threw it in the trash #MyPillow #mikelindell #CancelCulture #BoycottBedBathBeyond

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@RepPfluger @HouseGOP Well you were at a Nazi CPAC rally - so there is that - no?

Funny how the Democrats can put American's over politics and beauty sleep on #MyPillow but
#GOPPriorities are what exactly?

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In related news, this Funko "we are all going to hell" CPAC edition pop will be on sale @HobbyLobby, @ChickfilA & on the #MyPillow website for the low price of your soul.

'Worshipping the golden jackass': CPAC mocked for displaying giant gold Trump statue

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I got so much joy from seeing on clearance this #MyPillow. Still creepy and POS.

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Thank God, now I can sleep at night. #MyPillow didn't even work. #LadyGagaDogs

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#MyPillow Consider where you rest your precious head! 😎

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Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs returned, 2 days after walker was ambushed

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couldn’t find a #mypillow though #usedtolovemyheb

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@NotMyPillowGuy I brought your pillow to my husband for Valentine’s Day. He loves it, so I am planning to get another one for myself 🥰 #Ilovemypillow #MyPillowGuy #MyPillow #私の枕 #俺の枕

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@teagiver7 @Christo29932651 @BILLDTERRY @Bree1914 @tigertuffmark @cinarte1956 @BuckBond4 @WhalenMona @mypresident45 @satansradio666 @KimbetheStylist @MichaelJFell @JOELMANGQ @DuffyUsa @babyscatz @PAYthe_PIPER @PaulMer53 @RandiSilva01 @RealMightyJoe @StarrRinko 🤩Followed & Retweeted🤩
🥰😴I LOVE #MyPillow 😴🥰
🤬  #46RapidlyRuiningUSA 🤬
👍 #MissUPresidentTRUMP👍
😶 #TermLimits & #VoterID 😶
                 🇺🇸 IFBAP 🇺🇸

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@pandoramusic @daddy_yankee But some of us have a problem listening to you since we have to hear #MyPillow ads. #boycottpandoramusic

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