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@LindseyGrahamSC @SenateGOP @LeaderMcConnell @HouseGOP @GOPLeader @SenTedCruz @RonJohnsonWI @RepBoebert @HawleyMO @SenJohnBarrasso All those who wanted Hunter investigated. Who are afraid of Chana links..Read this. #MoscowMitch's links.

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And Yet - you & #Cornyn voted to repeal sanctions for Oleg Deripaska and Rusal to help #MoscowMitch

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@CNNPolitics This is such blatant, irresponsible obstructionism that I’m surprised #moscowMitch hasn’t started employing it.

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@JohnCornyn Liar
Ignoring BS distraction.
Thank you @POTUS for looking after Texans.
Unlike #ComradeCornyn who'd rather serve #moscowMitch .

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#MoscowMitch is such a fucking jerkoff! 🤬🖕🏻

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I predict that this will end up in the SCOTUS, ultimately, due to #MoscowMitch stuffing the Federal bench with judges from The Federalist Society's wish list:

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Be clear : #MoscowMitch lives with in a bubble of pure socialism called the senate which is endlessly boosted by Corporations... yet he’s worried that if you need pandemic $$ relief it’s because “you are lazy and won’t work” 🤬🤬🤬

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Republicans have no idea how to govern - case in point, they had no idea what to do when they took over the Senate under #MoscowMitch. Not a clue but obstruct.

All they know how to do is obstruct. They should be known as the Grand Obstruction Party.

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to delay or block a vote on a bill by extending debate on the measure. When Dems use it, Republicans claimed they are obstructionist. Yet #MoscowMitch uses it as a regular tool in his arsenal, just to stall legislation. He abuses it, to exert his power, & for nothing else. #Abuse

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@BobDarrin @jeanieresists I want to know the same about #MoscowMitch in a state where he's hated.

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@RBReich Yes, after all the blood, sweat and tears to win back the Senate, Manchin & Sinema now playing silly buggers and self aggrandizement, Sinema even smooching up to #MoscowMitch. And now all the ungrateful comments about the size of the stimulus checks - sigh

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@FoxNews @LeaderMcConnell I just saw a clip of #MoscowMitch “supposing” the extra unemployment $ benefit would encourage people to not work. Are you kidding me? Meanwhile MM collects a very nice paycheck while doing literally nothing to earn it #ShameOnYou

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@SenatorRomney Talk to your old leader. It wasn’t before he got involved. His mission was to undo everything president Obama did. And what did you do about it? Cave to old #MoscowMitch and pack the courts. People are starving get with the program.

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I think #MoscowMitch is retiring

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The US Arrests Mileta Miljanić, the Alleged Leader of ‘Group America’
🧐 #MoscowMitch your wife know this guy?

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Former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao may have misused her office via @usatoday

We can't forget she had help from her husband, then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell🐍 aka #MoscowMitch🇷🇺 & self-described #grimreaper

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@BradMossEsq @UROCKlive1 I rem #moscowMitch @LeaderMcConnell suggesting states file for #bankruptcy so #Florida should eschew socialism!

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#MoscowMitch is a sad turtle because the Dems don’t play fair and let him block everything like he used to. Poor turtle.

GOP senators melt down after Democrats roll over them and pass the COVID aid bill

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1st rule of early-21st century D.C.:
Minority @LeaderMcConnell #MoscowMitch has no shame.

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Yes, Elaine Chao is most definitely a criminal

Enabled - and even installed in top government positions - by her equally criminal husband #MoscowMitch

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ethos. Reporters’ Alert #OWS @SkepticalVet #MoscowMitch @realtrondump #ReOccupy @billjonesphoto @strgyn @KARAinFLA @evandawson @perlmutations @USRealityCheck @maddenifico @SenSanders @UnionHugs @LawyerRogelio

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Folks, Mitch McConnell's wife is a damn crook.
Must run in their family. 👠

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McManus: McConnell wants to use the filibuster to block Biden's agenda. Here's how Biden can outfox him via @YahooNews #MoscowMitch is going to do to Joe Biden what he did to Barack Obama, BLOCK EVERY BILL! The filibuster has to go!

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@ewarren So do it. Stop Tweeting about it and DO IT! Dems have less than two years to get a lot done. Don’t let #MoscowMitch and the GQP waste ONE more minute!!

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so..we gotta run this throught the courts again.....but now w/ a bunch of #moscowmitch judges....lawdamercy.....if we get the Federal Voting Right Act passed does that save us? cuz i'm thinking that's our best shot now #InternationalWomensDay @staceyabrams @fairfightaction

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Georgia Senate Republicans have approved a bill that would limit who is eligible to vote by mail. Despite its passage, some of the state's top Republicans have indicated they oppose curbing mail-in voting.

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@TheBeatWithAri @cornellbelcher Maybe somebody at @FoxNews, at some point, will tell #MoscowMitch that Republicans AND Democrats would prefer to spend their time at work & shopping for foods of their choice, rather than spending hours on food lines for whatever food was packed.

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Hey #Kentucky #MoscowMitch #LivingWage #MinimumWage Now we know why Kentucky is the 6th poorest state in our country. But you will elect him again huh... #OprahMeghanHarryAfrica #HarryandMeghanonOprah #MeghanMarkle #meghanharryoprah

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#MoscowMitch has been paid $174,000 a year, for 6 years and he did nothing. But he kept his Government Check.

@LeaderMcConnell pay back the Fed. Gov.

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#moscowmitch thinks people won't work if they get a relief check. He gets a huge monthly check from us and doesn't DO a fuckin thing. Soooo what's the deference..

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Dear #Kentucky - #MoscowMitch .@LeaderMcConnell feels entitled to give himself fat pay-hikes, but your son/daughter just out of university should suck it up for $10+ an hour.

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#traitormitch #moscowmitch #MitchMcConnell is all about him. He never cared for the American people including his home state!

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@robertjdenault @ToriRob11 Unfortunately that list of states portends more nut job republicans. After all #MoscowMitch, #LyingTed’ and Lindsey “I’m terrified of Trump” Graham all survived re-election.

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Moscow Mitch seems to move with whatever wind seems favorable at the time. He also seems to choose foul wins. #MoscowMitch #GOP

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Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao abused the power and resources of her office, according to a report released by the Transportation Department’s inspector general.

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House Republicans led by Marjorie Taylor Greene are once again using process maneuvers to try to prevent the House of Representatives from functioning.

Last week they tried to adjourn the House for the day at 10:30 in the morning; today they are doing something even worse.

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Democrats cannot and will not permit Mitch McConnell to veto everything that the American people sent us to Washington to do.

If we have to get rid of the filibuster to get things done, then we have to get rid of the filibuster.

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For those playing at home, @GOP retirements will now create open seats in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Missouri in 2022.

And maybe Wisconsin.

These Republicans see the writing on the wall that they are not taking back the majority.

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If you were furious at Hunter Biden why don’t you care what Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao did?

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Mitch McConnell vote six times for a pay raise for himself. He voted against minimum wage pay increases 15 times.

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Did McConnell actually accuse the Democrats of "ramming through" legislation? quickly Mitch has forgotten the GQP ram through Amy Coney Barrett fiasco.

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