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Precisely. All these reps snd senators bellyaching about the $15 minimum wage are just encouraging bad business practices. If you can’t afford to pay a living wage, your company has grown too fast or you are spending too much. Simple economics. #RaiseTheWage #MinimumWage

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@MittRomney y’all seriously don’t want people to make a pathetic $23,000/year. THATS STILL POVERTY. Minimum wage NEEDS to match inflation. #MinimumWage #GOPBetrayedAmerica @SenSanders @RepKatiePorter @RepPressley @RepSwalwell @RepBowman @RepCori @RepJayapal @RepDougCollins @Rep

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Staying away is certainly the politically expedient approach. But also cowardly. #stimulus #Budget2021 #BidenTakeAction #Democrats #Amazon #MinimumWage

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"Zales, Kay Jewelers' parent to raise #minimumwage to $15 per hour," reports @JuliaLaRoche at @Yahoo #retail #jobs #SignetJewelers

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Today, Chairman Sanders is holding a hearing in the budget committee titled "Why Should Taxpayers Subsidize Poverty Wages at Large Profitable Corporations?". The panel includes workers from Walmart and McDonald's. Bernie always centering the voices of working people. #MinimumWage

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@LindseyGrahamSC maybe we sure also enact programs to ensure that senior citizens can retire with dignity and not have to spend in a job to make it.

#MinimumWage hearing

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@Lee_in_Iowa Sad but true... I’ve defended him when his choices align with his constituency b/c of this truth.
Joe’s stance on #NeeraTanden and the #MinimumWage wage have been frustrating so I call him out on it. but to be clear, getting him primaried is a losing proposition

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There are plenty of great arguments for why we should not raise the minimum wage, but "moms might spend more time home with their kids," ain't one of them. #MinimumWage #Economics #families

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Biden said he’d be the “best friend labor has ever had” in the White House. But the W.H. is keeping its distance from the big Amazon labor fight.

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@tedlieu @coachgramps6 Same. I was working for my gram's in-house delicatessen by age 8...she raised me...for $0.
By age 15, part time jobs at movie theater and @kfc -
*How businesses compete against each other shouldn't be by who can pay the lowest poverty wage*
$15 #MinimumWage is a must.

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@tedlieu @madelinehawaii Took me years to relearn that lesson that I achieved at 12 because I got zero !!
We need practical folk in the world - $15 #MinimumWage

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@ewarren $25 with raises tied to inflation #MinimumWage

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Senators, people are hurting. Voters want big, bold action in the #CovidReliefBill.
New poll in 4 states finds overwhelming support for investments in child care, $15 #MinimumWage, robust UI benefits, emergency paid leave, stimulus checks.

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38 states have higher weekly unemployment rates than $10/h. Many of those are higher than $15/h. Same people squashing livable wages say “get a job” to the unemployed. GTFOH pick one or the other. #MinimumWage

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Why ⁦@amazon⁩ Supports a $15 #MinimumWage

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It's always fun when selfish monsters like John Thune tell us about how life worked when they were a kid and think that life works exactly the same now. Congratulations on making $6 an hour when you were a kid, and fuck you for lying as if that's the same today. #MinimumWage

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what doesn't make sense is you defending white supremacist rhetoric - what doesn't make sense is you arguing against a living wage that will mostly benefit black/brown folks - what doesn't make sense is SC residents electing you to represent them. #timscott #MinimumWage

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@SenJohnThune I see @SenJohnThune wants everyone to be paid what they earned when he was 12: Senators were paid $42,500 in 1971.

Let’s see him get by on that.

#MinimumWage #thursdayvibes #COVID19

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This dumbass opposes the $15 #MinimumWage because he "only" earned $6 an hour when he was in high school, which equals $24 an hour now. He forgot about inflation.

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@tedlieu Notice that none of those opposed to a #MinimumWage increase offer healthcare, rent subsidies, education discounts that may change family status. Nothing! @SenJohnThune

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@SenatorTimScott Yawn...Americans are tired of that same old song. It is time for the workers of America to get paid. The multi-billionaires have been given enough off our backs! #MinimumWage #FightFor15

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.@BernieSanders is right. The gulf needs to be bridged, if modestly. #MinimumWage #RaiseTheWage #Minimum #McDonaldsCanDoBetter

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I love all these bad arguments and false equivalencies regarding raising #MinimumWage

Too many out-of-touch people in charge. And too many under-informed loudmouths chiming in.

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@SenJohnThune, you're just a little younger than I am, and the SUB- #minimumwage for my first job was $1.90 an hour.

That aside, let's stop assuming that everyone is like us.

And any business that can't pay its employees a living wage should not BE in business.

Sit down.

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Worker advocates say eliminating the tipped wage would mean servers and others would have more consistent income and wouldn’t potentially need to ask for more pay when tips fall short #restaurants #MinimumWage via @WSJ

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Minimum wage in france and in the us linked to important natural catastrophies in the world (and more)
#dataviz #bot #money #MinimumWage #volcano #earthquake #Australia #death #NationalParks #Yosemite #MesaVerde

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@SenJohnThune how’s you afford a car, rent, insurance, healthcare, clothing, food, date money for your wife and family on that dollar or two an hour? You’re an arsicle. #MinimumWage

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When 2% own 50% of EVERYTHING keeping 27 million #Americans in poverty shouldn't be the price of free market.
#MinimumWage stuck 12 years. Your pay went up and your wealthy.

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You earned it. You deserved it. People in Denver can take pride in their hard work and take action to protect their own rights and wages. The citywide minimum wage is $14.77 - learn more at

#MinimumWage #wages

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Even when realising that they have been conned they still have to insult Trump.
He's gone, focus on the dribbling mess you voted in.
#BidenHarris #MinimumWage #StimulusCheck

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Why do Republicans always vote against raising the minimum wage but vote for tax breaks for the wealthy? Why do they hate the working class so much? #RaiseTheWage #GQPHatesWorkingAmericans #MinimumWage

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but even then- why should teens work for less? A job is a job. Some one needs to do it- and that someone should get paid fairly regardless of their age. #MinimumWage

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The only thing #MinimumWage sets is

The poverty level

$7 /hr = $14,560 /year
$15 /hr = $31,200 /year

Raising min wage means many more people may never rise above the pottery level

What is achieved by doing that?

Better to focus on visibility of employee advancement paths

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I’m soooo tired of some Boomers and Gen Xs lecturing Millennials and Gen Zs about how they paid off their college debt by working a minimum wage job ($7.25 or less)


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Should we feel sorry for #KY05 @RepHalRogers and #NJ04 #RepChrisSmith who will soon have their taxpayer-funded #pension benefit capped at $139,200/year ?

Wonder if they eliminated the cap, they would vote for #HR603 #RaiseTheWage setting the #MinimumWage at $9.50 for 2021 ?

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The family that owns Walmart is worth more than $200 billion. The CEO of McDonalds received $18 million in compensation in 2019. Are we really supposed to believe they can’t afford to pay their workers $15 an hour? Absurd.

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If you can’t pay your workers a wage that they can survive on, maybe you shouldn’t own a business.

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@McPhersonHall @TerriP70647874 @SenJohnThune @johnthune Only 15% of workers currently have a defined benefit pension.

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I started working by bussing tables at the Star Family Restaurant for $1/hour & slowly moved up to cook – the big leagues for a kid like me– to earn $6/hour. Businesses in small towns survive on narrow margins. Mandating a $15 minimum wage would put many of them out of business.

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As a child who grew up working jobs under the min. wage, & as a business owner that paid over the min. wage, I know this mandate will kill jobs & destroy our small businesses.

In fact, the CBO reports a loss of 1.4 million jobs.

The Dems $15 min wage hike doesn't make sense.

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Roger Marshall's argument for not raising the minimum wage is that he had a minimum wage job and it paid for his entire college tuition.

When he graduated from Kansas State University, tuition was $898/year. It is now $10,000/year. The minimum wage then was $3.35. It's now $7.25

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