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@Santiago_Romero #MeToo, creo que es más practico abogar por ciudadanos que sepan como consumir contenido, a esperar periodistas que sean profesionales (como debería ser).

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So good I had to share! Check out all the items I'm loving on @Poshmarkapp #poshmark #fashion #style #shopmycloset #metoo #nicolelee #champion:

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Trois ans après #MeToo, un #MeTooInceste est en train de naître sur les réseaux sociaux

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@StephenAtHome Nixon BEAT Cheating #metoo Rapist JFK in 1960. usa has gone downhill since. CHINA #1 winner 2020.

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It’s been a LONG four years... So much has happened: #wildfires, #journalism, #TheresaMay, #Grenfell, #MeToo, #RGB, #COVID19, #BrettKavanaugh, #AmyConeyBarrett, #GretaThunberg, #JohnLewis, #BLM, #AOC, #JohnMcCain, #LondonBridge, #TikTok, #MarriageEquality, #BorisJohnson, #Brexit

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Ελπίζω κανείς βουλευτής/Δικηγόρος να μην αναλάβει την υπεράσπιση του φερόμενου βιαστή της αδερφής μου! Αν το κάνει θα λέει πολλά για αυτόν και το κόμμα που ανήκει #Μπεκατώρου #MeToo

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Sexual violence against women and girls is being used as a weapon by #Ethiopia| and #Eritrea|n in #Tigray , Ethiopia. @AbiyAhmedAli must be stopped from continuing his genocidal war on #Tigray
#StopWarOnTigray #TigrayGenocide #MeToo @UN_Women @LindaT_G @jakejsullivan @ABlinken

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به نظرم یه برآیند درست و جامع از جنبش #MeToo رو توی این فیلم شاهد بودم. فیلم نه شعار میده، نه بیانیه صادر می‌کنه. فقط و فقط راوی تاثیرات یک تجاوزه. اگه لحن کنایی فیلم رو، کمدی قلمداد کنیم، حقیقتا سیاه‌ترین کمدی سال‌های اخیره.

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Sexual harassment claims considered more credible if made by ‘prototypical’ women #metoo

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Merci @SamuelEtienne car ce sont les médias qui libèreront vraiment la parole #metooinceste #MetooIncest #metoo

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Swellen Sauer (ex-namorada) e Duda Reis (ex-noiva) foram traídas e agredidas por @NegodoBorel.
Segundo ex-noiva que foi manipulada, ameaçada, amedrontada e estuprada dopada dentro do relacionamento abusivo.

#metoo #SoDoI

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Un nuevo #Metoo surge en las redes en Francia contra el incesto tras el escándalo del politólogo Duhamel

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Surge en redes un nuevo #Metoo en Francia contra el incesto

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#MeToo était violent.
#metooinceste va être terrible.... 😰

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Avez-vous été abusé pendant l’enfance ? #metooinceste #metoo #MetooIncest #metooenfant

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@MingGao26 Ming, are “Hollywood elites”, actually Scientology members? #metoo seems to be a war of secrets. I seen Scientology lawyer talking to trump supporters calling for the end of turncoats as in democrats. Clusterfuck of contradictions. I gotta a pain between my ears.

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@JoeBiden @BidenInaugural White women was silent when they talked about Trump sexual assaults. But boy were they on some #MeToo shit when they said Biden likes to hug a lot.

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My led strip disconnected itself from the app and now idk what to do 😂 gaddamn why y’all gotta act all difficult when ion even touch you. It’s like my damn led strips joined the #metoo movement 🤦🏻‍♂️

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@CraigBeam1 @dcexaminer @TwitterSafety #believesurvivors #believevictims #metoo @TwitterSafety, this account is engaged in threatening behavior and is actively attempting to engage in patriarchal suppression tactics. Twitter should not condone this bigoted and irresponsible behavior. #MeToo

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Ρε ΞΕΦΤΙΛΕΣ της ΕΙΟ "εφόσον πήρε την πρωτοβουλία έστω και μετά τόσα χρόνια να μιλήσει σχετικά με αυτό το δυσάρεστο περιστατικό"; ΟΥΤΕ ΓΙΑ ΦΤΥΣΙΜΟ ΡΕ ΔΕΝ ΕΙΣΤΕ... #Μπεκατωρου #MeToo

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pre #metoo louis ck cameos are super awkward

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@smoothsteve23 @JRAF21 #metoo No kids, so can work hard and now play hard! LFGOOOOOOO

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Today: too much work. Little down so ... good Syrah with: Crossing Delancy then the Goodbye Girl which has some #metoo issues. Yikes. Now Accidental Tourist.

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Agreed! This video should be deleted! To b fair, looked as if she wasn’t 4 it n he was sounding aggressive n insulting to her. Telling her to shut up while he continues 2 make her feel debased? Where R all the #MeToo ppl? #standup this looks wrong! Why blame her?

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@CraigBeam1 @dcexaminer @CraigBeam1, the guy who was credibly accused. I’m not sure why @TwitterSafety allows these alleged predators on this platform. #MeToo

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evo ga jedan uvredjen sa #NotAllMen -> ako progovoriš o zlostavljanju kroz koje su sve žene prošle ti zapravo hoćeš lajkove

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Je découvre ce soir la multitudes de témoignages sous le #metooinceste

Soudain, l’estimation de 5 à 10% de Français victimes d’inceste pendant leur enfance prend forme.
Bravo pour votre courage.
Nous sommes avec vous.
Brisons ce tabou.

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Ex-assessora de Nego do Borel acusa funkeiro de agressão

Swellen Sauer, que também é ex-namorada do cantor, contou que já foi enforcada por ele. Na sexta, a modelo Duda Reis registrou boletim de ocorrência denunciando Nego do Borel.

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@Rodnowave1 She was a minor at the time. This is child porn. Delete this.

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#metooinceste #NousToutes @memoiretrauma
Je n'avais pas d'âge. Mon père a violé ma mère et moi dans son ventre prête à voir la lumière. Je suis née la tête meurtrie, souillée, avec une mère sidérée, dissociée dans mes bras.
Quelques mois après il m'a violée, j'étais un bébé.

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This is the last weekend of the Trump presidency.

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The cases of women and young girls in Mekelle speaking out about rape and attempted rape from #Ethiopian and #Eritrean soldiers is extremely alarming. Imagine how horrifying cases in most of Tigray in blackout is? #MeToo #OrangeTheWorld #BidenActNow #TigrayGenocide

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My favorite radical leftist idea is that we shouldn't kill the planet for short term profit.

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Lo admito yo en la peda soy la comepapas3000

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