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Still outdrawing #IllegitimateBiden

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Fauci can’t keep his BS straight. Straight out con man. He found a soulmate with #IllegitimateBiden #FauxJoe They stuffed a turkey with ballots on November 3rd.

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This should be the end of Fauci’s ludicrous career in government. He doesn’t want you to congregate with other people in public ever again.


He actually said it.

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#PresidentTrump gives an amazing almost 2 hour #SOTU speech and #IllegitimateBiden can’t even answer 1 questions from the press. All the idiots and and machines the put biDen in the Whitehouse must be ashamed of themselves.

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RT if Trump just poured gas on your MAGA flame!

Code TRUMP2020 at

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America First and Forever!

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The Trump parade lining the streets of Orlando leading to the Hyatt at @CPAC is huuuuuge.

America loves President Trump!! 🇺🇸

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@JoeBiden Pres. Trump won and is the true elected President. You Biden are an imposter put in place by a fraud election. Thanks for the higher gas prices. #bidenscognitivedecline #DementiaJoe #IllegitimateBiden

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Biden supporters at CPAC in Orlando...

80,000 Million votes my ass 🤦‍♀️


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Gas in NJ went up 40 cents since January 20th. Gas is now $2.89/gal where I live. What about by you? #illegitimateBiden sucks

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@WeROne1981 He/she don't write no sentences very alot. What makes you think we give a shit about unity?


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It's govt policy for a US Marine to be posted outside the Oval Office whenever POTUS is inside.

When a reporter asked, @jrpsaki confirmed the policy hasn't changed. . .

There hasn't been a Marine outside the Oval, despite #illegitimateBiden supposedly being there.

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The last time #Demtards got involved in Syria they brought you

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They are not even trying anymore 🤣🤣🤣 #IllegitimateBiden #deepstateexposed

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So HOW pissed off do we have to be?

Enough already‼

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Six states stopped counting as Trump was winning.

All six states suddenly switched to Biden.

DC has been locked down for a reason. A coup occurred. Everyone knows this yet we are not allowed to talk about it.

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