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#ICYMI The protest started exactly one minute after the start of the curfew hours. Hundreds of people gathered protesting the state governor Gavin Newsom's orders.

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Compilations from August 2020 #icymi

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#ICYMI: God’s time to answer you - Part 1 | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News

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#ICYMI: Astoria Houses tenants call on NYCHA to restore their cooking gas and keep them informed of a restoration timeline

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#ICYMI @MrESSB looks back on how he started in Smash, with Brawl a decade ago.

Check out #CoinToss with @thearcadetokens today:

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#ICYMI #affiliates #affiliatemarketing #affiliateprogram Need to make money? Save money while shopping? Get discounts on travel? Check out my website

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"It Chapter Two" Movie (2019) #ICYMI

The official trailer for #ItChapterTwo by #AndyMuschietti.

Starring #JessicaChastain, #JamesMcAvoy, #BillHader, #IsaiahMustafa, #JayRyan, #BillSkarsgard, #SophiaLillis.

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#ICYMI: The 21st Century Cures Act included an open notes mandate to allow clients easier access to their records. It doesn’t apply to most therapists yet, but keep it on your radar. This @myopennotes primer is a great place to start. #Therapists

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#ICYMI #earnmoney Join me on Webtalk. Webtalk pays you for doing exactly what you do on social media! Just post, like, share. When people also do the above on your posts, you earn!

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#ICYMI How could a dinosaur #bones support such a massive load?!

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#ICYMI: ¡@_PIVX ya está disponible en @SimpleSwap_io!

"SimpleSwap es una plataforma simple y fácil de usar para intercambio de criptomonedas y que funciona sin registro ni límite alguno".

Por favor #DYOR.

#PIVX #altcoins #Privacidad

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#BRWC #ICYMI: Sleeping In Plastic: Review #reviews

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#ICYMI - With the November #market surge, the #risk of a correction is #elevated with #distribution season for #mutual and #pension funds. A look at the #deviations in #markets, a review of the #risks, and 7-#trading rules to follow.

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In #solidarity with ALL workers at our State System universities: #1u by @Bschackner via @PittsburghPG #ICYMI

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#ICYMI #ONIRANU Chike, The Wife Pleaser V (18+)
At this point my paranoia was killing me, so I overpowered her hand

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#ICYMI...This👇🏻 #Myth 👁👁 ... #COVID doesn’t just affect older adults or those w underlying conditions. Please be #mindful. A little #sacrifice today is better than a huge sacrifice tomorrow. #MaskUp #WashHands #PhysicalDistancing #FlattenTheCurve #SafetyFirst 😷 #pandemic

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#ICYMI Updates on the remaining notable unrestricted free agents in the Sunday #NHL rumor roundup.

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#ICYMI: The lifestyle of a king | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News

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News: New Komprise CRO reworks Go-to-Market to strengthen channel via @channelbuzzca #datamanagement #cloud #ICYMI

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#ICYMI: Astoria Houses tenants call on NYCHA to restore their cooking gas and keep them informed of a restoration timeline

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#ICYMI 值得一讀 當中不少正在募捐啊~ 願者上鈎

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#ICYMI: Here's my latest report to the State House Select Committee on COVID-19 Economic and Financial Preparedness on COVID further federal emergency assistance and vaccine status.

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#ICYMI: As the city prepares for the #secondwave, a series of #subway #assaults have occurred in the past week.

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#ICYMI: @realDonaldTrump officially said he will leave office if the #ElectoralCollege votes blue.

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#ICYMI: Cuomo warns of COVID-19 spike in New York after holidays

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#ICYMI Meet artists from this year's #GIVETOGETART Virtual Art Auction by checking out the videos they made. 👀 Here's Justin Wonnacott!
🎟️ Bidding tickets on sale NOW! Get yours TODAY! 🙂👉

#buylocalart #supportlocalartists #XOOAG #MyOttawa

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A Vanderbilt kicker became the first woman to play in the Power 5 college football game.


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#ICYMI: Nine members and start of Elections

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#ICYMI: Tesla recalls almost 10,000 vehicles for quality control issues

#Tesla #recall #autonews #EV

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#ICYMI: Get the latest information on Product Updates, Releases, and End of Life Notices with the McAfee SNS #WeeklyRoundup!

Read the November 23, 2020 roundup here:

Want SNS updates in your inbox? Sign-up here:

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The myth that COVID is only a disease of older people. "The majority of patients in our intensive care unit currently are below 60. There are three patients in their 20s."

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右翼媒体大全 by @moreless

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New Storyline

Solo Happy Birthday to me, Travis, and Dominic
💫FT Travis_Dorsey7 & @DRBostonsFinest 💫

After handling the Mexican Cartel Drug Lord last night, after my clean up crew finishes up making sure we have an MIA Mexican Cartel Drug Lord, I >

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Comienza con Kaiser Permanente y vive bien con nuestra línea de apoyo de enfermería 24/7, sin costo adicional y cuando más lo necesites.

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2/ Why do you think Trump installs uniquely corrupt & awful people to Cabinet positions? Pruitt, Zinke, Betsy, Rex/Pompeo, Wilbur "Melting Nazi Face" Ross. They are not there to serve us. They are not there to drain the swamp. They are there to BURN THE REPUBLIC DOWN.

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1/ His entire family is part of this. Melania is a fucking crook. Ivanka is a fucking crook. Junior and Gums are fucking crooks. They will all die in prison, except for Kushner, who, if he really *did* trade US intel for money, should be executed for espionage.

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Trump is a Russian asset, a mob money launderer installed by his mob whoremasters to sow chaos and weaken the US & our allies.

EVERY SINGLE THING HE’S DONE since taking office is to achieve those purposes—that and to enrich himself personally.


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