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1.5B students’ education were impacted due to #COVID19 in 2020. Learn how #GoogleOrg grantees provided support to keep education going during the pandemic:

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"By enabling Google volunteers to work alongside local governments & community organizations, we can build equitable solutions to help address residents’ pressing needs.” -@jennifer_hope
Learn more about the TOPcities project, supported by #GoogleOrg

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1.5B students’ education were impacted due to #COVID19 in 2020. Learn how #GoogleOrg grantees provided support to keep education going during the pandemic:

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Google pledges $5 million to address disparities in Covid vaccinations #CovidVaccine #RacialDisparities #GoogleOrg #Covid19 #Google #Internet

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With support from the #GrowWithGoogle Small Business fund and #GoogleOrg, @GrameenAmerica supported Harlem mobile boutique owner, Sheila with funding to pivot her business online after #COVID19. Learn more:

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In 2020, #GoogleOrg grantees provided support to small businesses hit hardest by the pandemic. Learn more about the impact this had on #smallbiz owners and their communities:

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Low-income workers were hit especially hard during #COVID19 when it came to job security. Learn more about how #GoogleOrg grantees helped people find new jobs in 2020:

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Seeing how the #COVID19 crisis hit young entrepreneurs, @YouthBizInt quickly went to work by helping these individuals gain the #DigitalSkills needed to scale and sustain their businesses. Check out this thread to learn more about their efforts, supported by #GoogleOrg ⬇️

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In response to #COVID19, #GoogleOrg grantees were able to develop new ways to provide emergency cash assistance to those who lost their income. Read more about the impact they had in 2020:

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JC and Jeff Smith launched @BailiwickCrewDC to represent and elevate the pride of DC. Facing unprecedented challenges due to #COVID19, they turned to @Wacif, with support from the #GrowWithGoogle Small Business Fund and #GoogleOrg. #BHM

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In 2020, #GoogleOrg grantees worked tirelessly to pivot their services amidst the #COVID19 crisis. Learn more about their contributions and impact ↓

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Grantee @BeLonG_To utilized flexible funding from #GoogleOrg to support 80%+ more young #LGBTI+ people in the first 8 months of 2020. For more on their findings of how the LGBTI+ community in Ireland was impacted by #COVID19, read on:

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Economic justice nonprofit @higherpurposeco is using support from a $5M #GoogleOrg grant to @commonfutureco to build community wealth with Black business owners. This #BHM, learn more about their CEO @timlampkin & how they are tackling #RacialInjustice:

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#GoogleOrg grantee @ALALibrary researched and outlined innovative ways that #SMBs & entrepreneurs are pivoting their business models to meet the needs of today’s environment. Some of their key findings are ↓. For more →

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Harriett Williams & Donte Miller co-founded @TheVMF, a social impact fund dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs in Atlanta, GA. With support from a $5M #GoogleOrg grant to @commonfutureco, VMF is filling access gaps for underserved SMBs: #BHM

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Just after the pandemic hit, we teamed up with @Googleorg to launch our emergency Rapid Response programme in 32 countries worldwide 🌍

An amazing global team of Google #volunteers are sharing their time and expertise to get #YoungEntrepreneurs back on their feet.

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Meet @erin_hattersley 👋. She's spearheading the #GoogleorgFellowship in the Americas, focusing on leveraging Googlers' time & expertise during #COVID19. Discover how she's transformed her passion to do good through tech into her work at #GoogleOrg

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This #BlackHistoryMonth, we’re highlighting some of the Black-owned #SMBs and community-centered organizations that have received funding through $30M in loans and #GoogleOrg grants to @OppFinance and a $5M grant to @CommonFutureCo. Learn more ↓

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ETTelecom | Google opening up its spaces in US to serve as mass COVID-19 vaccination sites: Sundar Pichai #SundarPichai #Google #Covid19Vaccine #MassCovid19VaccinationSites #GoogleOrg #GoogleSearch #GoogleNews #Covid19 #Internet

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NGOs' applications for Impact Challenge 2021 are now open.

#googleorg #impactchallenge

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Congrats to #GoogleOrg grantees @funds4disaster & @eji_org! Both were recognized in @CNN's 2020 Heroes List for their work helping communities recover and rebuild from disasters and how they’ve challenged economic and #RacialInjustice

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Since 2015, @ForestryFire has helped 100 formerly incarcerated people become firefighters. With a $500K #GoogleOrg grant in 2019, they provided wildlife prevention services to 400+ homes. Learn more from their Executive Director, @BrandonNSmith2

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After facing obstacles brought on by #COVID19, @ArifuCompany was able to use a $1M #GoogleOrg grant to provide over 8K farmers with the critical resources & information needed to improve their farming practices. Learn more about the technology they offer:

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As our 2020 #YearInReview comes to a close, the stories of how people and organizations are coming together to make a difference don’t. To read more #GoogleOrg @Medium stories:

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Today’s #YearInReview features #GoogleOrg Fellow, Aria Ashton, and her experience working with @verainstitute. Learn more about how she took her personal passion for #CriminalJustice reform and turned it into positive change:

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Happy #NewYear 🎊! What better way to kick off 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ than learning about @novaescola’s support for Brazil’s classrooms amidst #DistanceLearning. With the help of a #GoogleOrg grant, here's how they gave teachers access to free resources: #YearInReview

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We’re inspired by @micahber, Product & Technical Grantmaking Lead at #GoogleOrg. His advocacy for the responsible use of technology for #SocialGood helps nonprofits deliver the impact they seek. Hear his story: . #YearInReview

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In 2020, students & teachers around the world had to navigate a #RemoteLearning environment. #GoogleOrg grantee UNETE's work to improve the quality & equity of education in Mexico was inspiring to us. Learn more about their efforts: . #YearInReview

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Today’s #YearInReview story highlights @MaabIbrahim. Hear how her past experiences helped shaped her work with @google, her advice to women, and how she's pursuing #RacialJustice at #GoogleOrg:

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This year has been full of unexpected turns. We’re spotlighting some of the powerful stories we’ve shared during 2020 in a #YearInReview. First up, read how @khanacademy used their #GoogleOrg grant to keep learning going through #COVID19:

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#GoogleOrg grantee, @TalkingPointsEd has hit some exciting milestones:
✨ Expanding its reach more than 6x since March
✨ Connecting over 3M teachers & families
✨ Enabling 100M conversations in 100 languages
Learn more about their achievements:

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