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It’s a MOTIVATION Monday on The Chris Duel Show with Shannon and Karl.

Talking #NBAAllStar weekend, #NFL and #TEXAS athletics.

8:00 - @mattbonner_15
8:35 - @TaylorEstes247
#GoSpursGo #Hookem

Listen here:

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Tune in at 6:00 AM! The Chris Duel Show is LIVE on a Monday with Shannon and Karl.

Talking #NBAAllStar weekend, #NFL and #TEXAS athletics.

8:00 - @mattbonner_15
8:35 - @TaylorEstes247
#GoSpursGo #HookEm

Listen here:

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ケルドンのライジングスターユニホーム欲しいじゃあψ(`∇´)ψ #NBAAllStar #GoSpursGo

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I also want to say thank you guys for participating, I didn't expect this plan to go through and be possible. I appreciate it and you guys the most. 🖤🤍 #GoSpursGo

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Court vision 🆚️ trap 3 pemain lawan 😁

Gitu ya dit @d12et 🤣 #HS8 #GoSpursGo @MI_Dunk_

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Spurs Twitter, our tournament is full and will making the matchups ASAP. If you didn't make it, you're gonna have to wait till next year sadly. But I'm gonna hopefully make this a yearly thing and could expand to more later on. #GoSpursGo

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@RealSkipBayless First off... Fuck the Lakers. Secondly, fuck the nets. Thirdly, #GoSpursGo

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@mcuban @dallasmavs I never thought I'd like a Mark Cuban tweet but I'm all about the doge. Lol
#GoDogeGo #GoSpursGo

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UTA #TakeNote
HOU #Rockets
LAL #LakeShow
DEN #MileHighBasketball
SAC #SacramentoProud
LAC #ClipperNation
SAS #GoSpursGo
NOP #WontBowDown
MEM #GrindCity
POR #RipCity
OKC #ThunderUp
PHX #WeAreTheValley
GSW #DubNation
MIN #RaisedByWolves

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Fuck that allstar game. For 3 years straight, they've shit on @DeMar_DeRozan for less deserving players. @spurs #GoSpursGo

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If Cleveland can get an All-Star game next year, and Salt Lake City, Utah is getting it the following year. What’s stopping the NBA from having one here in San Antonio like in 96??? #GoSpursGo

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Hey @NBA, when can San Antonio get an All-Star game again? It's been a minute.

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@N_Magaro As odd as it sounds, I'm ok with the @Spurs not having a national televised game. Why? Easy, that way, I can watch (& enjoy) the game while listening to @BillLand, @seanelliott_32, @mattbonner_15 & @DanWeissPBP. #GoSpursGo

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@MascotGames @NBA @CavsSirCC @STUFFMagic @SpursCoyote @dallasmavschamp @SixersFranklin @BurnieTheMascot Only the best of the best..the 2020 NBA Mascot of the year and a Fan's Best Friend of [email protected]!!! #GoSpursGo #SpursFamily

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NBA reveals Cleveland All Star game 2022 logos #nba #GoSpursGo #NBATwitter

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@Benny77783888 @JeffGSpursZone The Jazz got 3 in though. More just bias that the “boring” Spurs aren’t fun for things like this. #WeJustWin #GoSpursGo

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Next year’s All-Star game is in Cleveland

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@omargv1977 @newbalancehoops @kawhileonard @obricio7 @soyleomontero @EJerezESPN Los #GoSpursGo le quedaron chicos 😜

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Yow! "The very best of the good #NBAAllStar days! when @DuncanRelief@BeckyHammon™ and @DavidTheAdmiral™ were selected to be at the #NBAAllStar Shooting Stars and Skills competition back in 2008 and they won." 👏🏽🏆🏀😎🍻🌴 #SpursTwitter#GoSpursGo

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Imagine, people thought Pop and the Front Office weren't good at their jobs. One of the best drafting teams in the past five years.

Also while using mostly late first rounders:
Dejounte - 29th
Derrick - 29th
Lonnie - 18th
Luka - 19th
Keldon - 29th
Devin - 11th


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Instead of watching ANY of the #AllStarWeekend2021 I watched @DeMar_DeRozan clips instead. #GoSpursGo #AllStatDemar #AllStarGameCanSuckIt

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Spurs have only had 3 players to participate in the nba dunk contest, kids.... Cadillac Anderson, Edgar Jones, Johnny Dawkins. .. all in the 80s. 🤷‍♂️ #gospursgo

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This #NBAAllStar game is going to end like in 3 hours... #gospursgo

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Nice spurs graphic work by @marty3099 . He's got talent on display on this app! #gospursgo

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@spurs These joints are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!! #gospursgo

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Jazz fans crying about the all star game is hilarious. Then they end up with 3 guys in one year. The Spurs, who you might recall have a few more rings than the jazz, never had more than 2 in a year. #gospursgo

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Radio @mesquitirock We really feel the @spurs have a legitimate chance to win the championship this year. The rock seems to be growing in size with talk about Blake to Nets and Drummond to Lakers. Pound the rock. #GoSpursGo

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@jamesrhine Many deserving players overlooked #GoSpursGo

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The Spurs are the only team with a winning record without a player at #NBAAllStar.
It's only the fourth time in 44 All-Star Games since the 1976 NBA/ABA merger the Spurs have not been represented. #GoSpursGo

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@DeMar_DeRozan should
be in #NBAAllStar game
today 😒🤬, but
at least
the @Spurs will be looking
in the Playoffs .... . .🔥🙃⤵️

#GoSpursGo + #80smovies

@Yvngdevo @SpursCoyote
@DonHarris4 @JeffGSpursZone @Spurs_Nation @MikeTaylorShow🏄🏻‍♂️

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Bruh we 7th...this season wasn't it man....we never focused but hopefully week can Mek a halftime close out....the west too weak for 7 place come on #GoSpursGo

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I’m a little late, but DeMar DeRozan definitely would’ve beat Steph Curry in the 3 Point Contest 👀 #GoSpursGo

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All of this: To stop this:

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DeMar DeRozan can make layups btw, that's all Imma say tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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