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Click it for a laugh. #SeditionHasConsequences #sedition #GOPComplicitTraitors #GOPSeditiousTraitors #CapitolRiots #BatshitCrazy #CapitolRiotHearing #AmericaOrTrump #CapitolRiotHearing

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@FBI @RepSwalwell @charliekirk11 should be at the top of the list!! He bragged about paying for bus loads of insurrectionists to go to DC. I’m willing to bet he knows a few names😎 #GOPDomesticTerrorists #GOPSeditiousTraitors

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@GOPLeader 32k have liked this dumb video. Tells a lot about how dumb GQP leaders and followers are. #GOPSeditiousTraitors

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@GOP are one big fake & dishonest part with no reason to exist or represent our country !! #GOPBetrayedAmerica #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #GOPSeditiousTraitors

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@thehill Hey @SenJoniErnst you know this is a lie. Stop gaslighting America. Why do you hate helping Americans? #GOPBetrayedAmerica #GOPSeditiousTraitors

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They are still culpable as they did not vote to impeach/convict him.

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@essenviews #JimJordanKnew #JimJordanResign #GymJordan #GOPSeditiousTraitors #GOPDomesticTerrorists #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy #UnfitForOffice #TraitorRepublicans #GOPCorrupt #GOPTraitors #GOPComplicitTraitors #RepublicansAreTheProblem #GOPBetrayedAmerica #GOPCowards #GOPHypocrisy #VoteThemOut

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@MeidasTouch Cuz that's what busted TRAITORS do #GOPSeditiousTraitors

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@SenTedCruz We know you are stirring the pot with lies. Undocumented workers were never in the bill Dick Durbin still up in the Senate and set you straight why do you continue to lie? #goplies #GOPBetrayedAmerica #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #GOPHypocrisy #GOPSeditiousTraitors

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Madison Cawthorn has an inspiring story that led him to Congress. Unfortunately, most of it isn’t true.

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@DanCrenshawTX @SenTedCruz @HawleyMO @JohnCornyn @RepMikeGarcia @mtgreenee @laurenboebert @LouieGohmertTX1 what were you all doing on your phone that day? or the day before on your Capital tours?? The @FBIWFO @FBI is coming #GOPSeditiousTraitors

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@SenRickScott @SenSchumer @USCG So… Money just for your donors, big corporations, and their billionaire owners and stockholders?
Let the little guy WALK miles to work?

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@DanCrenshawTX This should be epic ...... an epic failure that is.

Good luck with your grandstanding, hope your photo-op goes well!


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SPEAKING AS A WHITE MAN AND ARMY VET, it Pisses me off to see voter suppression. According to our founding fathers everyone is =. I worked for decades in thousands of homes, found out we are all have same wants and needs. The GQP are all about POWER for themselves PERIOD, LIARS!!

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@ReportsDaNews Which is perhaps WHY #Republicans're holding up #Garland confirmation!

I mean, do they seriously think they can avoid being held accountable for their #treason for THE NEXT FOUR YEARS???

#merrickgarlandhearing #GOPSeditiousTraitors #GOPDomesticTerrorists #GOPComplicitTraitors

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Why do voters elect people who love our enemies?
@RonJohnsonWI @SenJohnKennedy @SenJohnHoeven

We're looking at you.

#RussianRon #GOPSeditiousTraitors

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@SRCC You know what states get the most help, money, from other states?
Republican run states. Ask Mitch.

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@Jessicam6946 This whole situation looks like a #GOPSeditiousTraitors setup in order to replace him w/ #GOPTraitors. This will affect #murderertrump possible pardon when convicted of tax fraud!

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Is anyone surprised? When will they investigate Greene, Hawley, Cruz, Boebert, Johnson? #GOPSeditiousTraitors

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@JimmyNash113 @leslibless @cathyyoung421 That sounds like another MAGA #GOPDomesticTerrorists threat that needs to be investigated
by the FBI.

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@MarshaBlackburn Progressive? As in MAKING PROGRESS?! So the word “progressive” offends you but not the word “sedition”?

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FBI uncovered contact between the trump White House and members of the Proud Boys before the January 6 attack. They also uncovered contact between Roger Stone and the Proud Boys. We need to get Merrick Garland confirmed as Attorney General immediately.

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🚨BREAKING: the @FBI has location, cellular and call record data revealing a call tying a Proud Boys member **to a person in the Trump White House** in the days just before the Jan. 6 attack of the Capitol.

#TrumpInsurrection #TrumpIsGuilty #GOPSedition

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BREAKING: In a memo, the @USChamber attempts to provide cover to corporations to resume donating to the 147 Republicans who voted to overturn the election

"We do not believe it's appropriate to judge members of Congress solely based on their votes on the electoral certification"

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We're going to fight to hold #DisgracefulDesantis and the sedition caucus in Congress responsible for their betrayals, but we can't do it without your help. Please consider a retweet and small contribution to help us keep fighting.

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If you swore an oath to protect this country, then helped incite an attack against it, you don’t belong in Congress. You belong in jail. Pass it on.

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Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren has quietly posted a nearly 2,000-page report documenting social media posts by her Republican colleagues who voted against certifying results of the presidential election on January 6.

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If you played a role in the insurrection, you shouldn't play a role in our government.

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Thomas Kaine@thomaskaine5:

DAILY REMINDER: REPUBLICAN Senators celebrated our 4th of July 2018 in Russia with Putin's people
Richard C. Shelby (Ala.)
Steve Daines (Mont.),
John Hoeven (N.D.),
Ron Johnson (Wis.),
John Kennedy (La.),
Jerry Moran...

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