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And, because it bears repeating, the Jefferson Makers Quarter and Moderna are garbage projects that should have never been approved. #ForeverBitter

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&& btw, CONGRATS AESPA!!! DAH DPT FIRST WIN. DC AKU NI BILA. HELLO. SENTIASA ADA JE SHOW YANG DENGKI DENGAN DC YE. Somnies semua tau benda ni so tak payah kot aku mention music show mana satu #foreverbitter

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@peruvianpiranha Yeah it expires in March, I think. Canada was supposed to be on it 😥 #foreverbitter

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Arrow.. because of Lauriver. #foreverbitter

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what’s a show that disappointed you?

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@medley0021 @RebeccaKay89 Wow, this person really is #foreverbitter I mean, the scene sucked, but I’m not going to say they lost me as a fan 😂

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@the2ofusnow @RebeccaKay89 Here it is... a review on Outlander S5 dvd on Amazon. More members of the #foreverbitter club. 😆

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@medley0021 Too many damn layers


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@the2ofusnow #foreverbitter 😔

But yes, they did look beautiful, despite their many layers.

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So I guess Fear regular Colman has a recurring guest role on WB show #Euphoria & it’s all all right? Yeah, figured. Just wasn’t “all right” in 2016 for some reason 🤔 #ForeverBitter

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mau ngomong kepala kaya mau meledak tapi dibanding orang lain kerjaan mereka lebih berat hehe kan gitu kan #foreverbitter

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God damn it, they should’ve kissed in Skull Island, #foreverbitter

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@the2ofusnow Much better. 😒 At least we have fanfic.

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Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston 😍

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@TikahNouvo Dosan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jipyeong pengecut harap je kaya 😒 #foreverbitter

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@jaspershards Oh god, if only. Not that there seems to be a requirement. Every one of the CG's had a different reason for joining and Lapis just... declared herself one without having to earn it like Peridot or even Steven, who's Rose's SON. #ForeverBitter

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@SanosukeSagara1 @MrFrankBaraan @ddstrolls Kapag against sa kaputahan n’yo troll agad? Eh ano naman kayo #foreverbitter ? Bukas, si Duterte pa rin ang presidente! Bwahahaha! Sad 😔 for you 🤪

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Alex Smith choking against the Giants. What is this, 2011?

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@redcol It annoyed Moyes so that makes it even better. #foreverbitter

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@CRK274 Talking about weddings with me is always a waste because I’m forever on the “Don’t get married, it’s a waste” bandwagon 😂 #foreverbitter

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Classmates: Mae, ikaw ata highest kasi wala daw pumasa.
Me: Eh kung tama si Sir ng pagcheck edi sana may pumasa #foreverbitter

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@ReneeL324 @medley0021 @stessrene @RosieClaire10 Hey girl heyyyy! I don’t care if those breeks have a trap door. She’s got 12 layers of skirts on. There’s no [email protected] way she can watch while he takes her. NONE!

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@stessrene @ReneeL324 @RosieClaire10 Where @the2ofusnow at? I call this meeting of the #foreverbitter club in session. 😂

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Twice he asked her to tell her mother that he loved her. TWICE. And yet... crickets.

Thanks, Marc. #Foreverbitter

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One #Arrow #Olicity or #OTA gif per day. Season 8, season and series finale gif B: those Smoak -Queen women!

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And this ladies and gentlemen is why you can’t choke away a 10 point lead in the SB with 6 minutes to play. But it’s no big deal because they are in a revenge tour 🤦‍♂️ #foreverbitter

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Kyle Shanahan says K’Waun Williams (knee) will most likely be going on IR.

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The score line still does not make up for the Mendes ‘goal’ that wasn’t given #foreverbitter

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@Thelittleoak1 Who have only played crap opponents? #Foreverbitter

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This!! This is what I've been screaming for years. Comics and movies both.
It is not okay that the only original female Avenger and the only original female Guardian were killed on the same cliff. Not okay Marvel. #ForeverBitter

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I'm tired of Avengers roster with only one or two females like give me an all female Avengers roster. Not a secondary team like A-Force but a main Avengers team.

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#ForeverBitter that Netflix doesn’t have this show in my country. 😭

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The tent is back open for business!

On September 25, an all-new season of The Great British Baking Show will start rolling out on Netflix in The US — new episodes will be available every Friday (three days after they premiere in The UK)

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Still trying to figure out why Jason had to kill off Bellamy because it really makes no sense .......... #foreverbitter #The100

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@seamo1008 @MerielMyers Just because you lost it in the last quiz in the very last round. #ForeverBitter #UpTheCritchleys

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