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#Neanderthal by definition are #Hunter gathers... I know a #HunterBiden who likes to Gather Millions from foreign Governments that don't have our good in mind. @POTUS #FakePresident project much???

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So illegals test positive for the wuflu and are released into the wild (USA). Meanwhile your business destroyed, house foreclosed, savings wiped out, job lost, parents murdered and everyone is alright with that? #AwakeYet or nah? @POTUS = #FakePresident

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Let’s just be honest... Biden’s handlers keep him in the basement as much as possible. That is why he does not answer many questions or has not done a State of the Union address. #fakepresident

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CA's arrest of Meng Wanzhou was motivated by political reasons. #FakePresident Trump publicly said he’s using Meng as a bargaining chip in the trade disputes between the U.S. and China.

CA Gov Lawyer should be ashamed of himself.

I DO NOT stand for this "Trump Rule of Law” crap

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Government lawyer: Meng's case would be a via @cgtnofficial

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Goodnight all you fracking icehole dems . How was that drubbing and buttkicking, yall ? #Democrats #Trumpinauguration #March4th
#QAnonCult #FakeNews #FakeCovid #FakeInsurrection #FakeElection #FakePresident

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I knew he was a criminally insane liar already in 2017, so I knew for 4 years he was a #FakePresident

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@BreakingNews @NBCNews LMAO! Here comes mainstream media with damage control. I think most of us can see thru it. You’ll have to try harder than that. #FakePresident @JoeBiden @POTUS

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@POTUS gas prices up, stock market down. I miss Trump. #fakepresident #electionfraud #stopthesteal

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I work at a large retail chain. I hear co workers. some very young LAUGHING at how incompetent Biden is. Literally laughing. Hes snow embarrassment #JoeBiden #fakepresident #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident #Democrats

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#March4th Is that 'former guy' back yet or what?!? #TimesUp Bye for Good #DonTheCon #TrumpVirus #Traitor #FakePresident Failure Dum Dum Donny #GOP Cheats #GOPBetrayedAmerica #GOPComplicitTraitors #GOPCorruptionOverCountry
BIGLY bye...BYE xoxo

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Trump would take questions all the time no scripts or cards

No questions to Biden
#FakePresident #HandlerJill

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@atrupar They're also from the dark ages, i.e. regressive, archaic and in need of development. That is the context of the comment by #Biden, a real #POTUS, a good man. SUCH a contrast to DERANGED #DonaldTrump, the #FakePresident #Trump.

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@Jim_Jordan Because he is #FakePresident #CheaterPresident and #HeWillNeverBePresident ... #GodSaveAmerica #GodBlessAmerica #Trump4MoreYears 🙏🇺🇲👼🕯️🦅

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Who are you going to trust, the #FakePresident and administration that hasn’t had a press conference in 6 weeks and a press secretary that requires questions to to submitted prior to the briefing, or the most transparent President and administration ever?

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Trump won in a landslide - the election was fixed. Biden was never elected- #fakepresident #chinaJoe #DonaldTrump #electionfraud

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What stupid thing did Biden do today to screw up the stock market. ? #fakepresident #electionfraud

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Good job sleepy creepy weekend at Bernie’s wanna be #fakepresident🙄 why don’t you invite all I’d them to live with you in your basement??🤔 #americalast #superspreader #illegals so much for our rule of law huh??
#cc: @JoeBiden

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BREAKING: Senior ICE official Russell Hott has notified staff that they project unaccompanied minors and families to arrive under Biden at the highest numbers observed in 20 years

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Did I miss Trump’s swearing in?

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@POTUS @JoeBiden - where are you?? Are you still alive? What are you scared of (other than the REAL President Trump)?

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WTH . .
Joe Biden says:
"I'm happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do, Nance ". .

Wait to see what happens next . .🤔

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Rep. Michael McCaul says fmr. Pres. Trump has a responsibility to tell extremists, who believe Trump will be inaugurated on March 4, and who the FBI say are plotting a possible attack on the US Capitol, to stand down. “This threat is credible. It's real."

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Where is Joe Biden?! Where is your guy?! Pull him out of the basement and let’s hear from him. What are y’all so afraid of? #whereisjoe

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