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These Republican traitors do not belong in the U.S. Government!
#ExpelTheGOPTreasonCaucus #ExpellBoebertToPrison #ExpelSeditionists

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These two don’t represent Public Service.

They are all about Self Service!

That’s the difference between a five-star restaurant and MacDonalds.


#ONEV1 #wtpBlue
#wtpBIDEN #BluePath

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The evidence on trump’s proximity to the planning of the extremist siege on the Capitol is piling up.

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@donwinslow @cathyob1 Right up there with #insanity of #Trump being #president-will this be the #norm? #ExpelMadisonCawthorn #ExpelHawley #expelCruz #expelSeditionists

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WHOA!!! Over 450,000 views in ONE hour of our video exposing Ted Cruz & Josh Hawley!

Americans agree it's time to #ExpelThemBoth!

Hit the RETWEET afterburners to make sure ALL Americans see their shameful treason, and push to EXPEL them!

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And how does Joe think he can pass ANYTHING with 140+ seditionists spewing hate and disinformation while he tries to do it? @JoeBiden, please expel those who tried to subvert our Republic. Anything less will allow them to hamstring your administration. #ExpelSeditionists

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I've never been entirely comfortable with hashtags like #ExpelThemBoth or #ExpelSeditionists deciding what our trending topics are. But I suppose it'll happen.

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Wait, you want #ExpelThemBoth to trend?

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My letter to Seditious Sycophant @LindseyGrahamSC:

If you allow armed insurrection in 2021 with ZERO CONSEQUENCES, you BETRAY YOUR OATH and you should be expelled from office!!


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@CaravaggioGhost @tumbleweeds702 @BubblyResister @willsonworld Thank you for including me in such fine company. Now following all.

I #Resist because the @GOP is lead by Trump, @senatemajldr McConnell, @LindseyGrahamSC et al. & Includes more than 150 Fed elected Mbrs of Congress who acted to overturn the Peoples' Vote. #ExpelSeditionists

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The violent mob of Trump supporters tried to stop Congress from certifying the election of Joe Biden.

Every single person who breached the Capitol must be held accountable.

Spare no one.

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#expelthemboth #ExpelTheSeditionists #ExpelCruz #ExpelCruzandHawley #ExpelCruzandHawley #expelthemboth #ExpelCruzandHawley #ExpelSeditionists #expelmarjorietaylorgreene #expelmarjorietaylorgreene #ExpelAndConvictSeditionCaucus

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@mmpadellan #expelthemboth

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@KyleClark @SenverDammy @laurenboebert But @LaurenBoebert does not care about those issues, she only cares about guns and stopping Biden from becoming president, oh and guns. #ExpelBoebert #ExpelLaurenBoebert #LockHerUp #ExpelSeditionists #BoebertIsDisgusting #CO3RecallBoebert #ExpelQAnon

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😎🤔😷 Never let this happen again!

Training material about terrorist activities directed by Trump against the United States Congress!
#ExpelSeditionists #JailTrump #JailRebels

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When Cori Bush raised the issue of unseating or prosecuting seditionists, Biden walked it back, saying "We need to beat them at the ballot box." This is just more of the same weak punting to voters. Why even have Congress if voting solves these problems?

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@LindseyGrahamSC The Senate should Expel all Seditionists. Take your Confederate values to another Republic! We are a Democracy. This was an insurrection! Trumpism destroyed this #CorruptGOP! #ExpelLindseyGraham #EnoughIsEnoughIsEnough #ExpelSeditionists

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😎🤔😷 Notable, too: Woman in video of Capitol attack aired by CNN today apparently shouts "1776" as terrorists move upstairs inside the Capitol.

How come Rep Boebert's Jan 6 tweet springs to mind?

#RemoveTrump #ExpelSeditionists

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THREAD: Members of President Trump’s unsuccessful presidential campaign played key roles in orchestrating the Washington rally that spawned a deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol, according to an @AP review of records.

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Today, @propublica published a searchable data set of videos from the Capitol hill attack. Amazing work by our team.

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@insidernews #NoUnityWithoutJustice #ExpelSeditionists & #LindsayGrahamSC Dismantle #WhiteSupremacy! “My pleasure to crush a #whitenationalist insurrection” - says a loyal Capitol Police officer. #Blueline disappears #GOPtraitors beat officers w/ #BacktheBlue + 🇺🇸flags

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#ExpelSeditionists like Harley, Cruz & Marshall

Unity? First, accountability: Before Joe Biden can bring America together, Donald Trump and his helpers must pay for what they’ve done -

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Both Highly Educated Lawyers Knew Better & Did it Anyway with No Evidence to Support their case! #IntentionalSeditiousAct

Then #Boebert An Uneducated #GED Gun Toting Conspiracy Theory QAnon Nut Case -an #UnqualifiedHuman

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😎🤔😷 Is that infamous tweet still up to award Boebert "hero's status", @twitter?

Or to serve as "historical document"?

#ExpelSeditionists #TweetsOfShame

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If we can win the House (2018), the White House (2020), the Senate (2021) bankrupt the NRA and destroy Fox News' ratings, we can:


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Remember when @laurenboebert tweeted this right before the capitol riots?

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Deep gratitude #OfficerDanielHodges "It was actually my pleasure to crush a #whitenationalist insurrection." N.B. #GOPtraitors killed one and beat other officers w/ #BacktheBlue flag. #NoUnityWithoutJustice #ExpelSeditionists members of Congress. Law and order @GOP types

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😎🤔💩😷 Lindsey Graham's remainder of credibility passed away with John McCain.

His extreme mendacity & illoyalty to American democracy is utterly despicable!

#ExpelSeditionists #RemoveTrump

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@tedcruz⁩ Texas has a message for you. #ExpelSeditionists

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😎😏😷 Rebellion against the sovereign, the people, is evidently a shitty idea, sens. Hawley & Marshall are just finding out!

Good move, Hallmark!

#AmericaWon #ExpelSeditionists #RemoveTrump

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My letter to Democratic Leader Schumer.

The Senate should vote to dismiss the article of impeachment once it is received in the Senate. We will be delaying indefinitely, if not forever, the healing of this great Nation if we do otherwise.

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Graham says of Biden: “If you don’t stand up against the impeachment of Donald Trump after he leaves office, you’re an incredibly weak figure in American history. President Trump is trying to heal the nation.” (Unclear how Trump is trying to do that). It’s “insane at every level”

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This is truly a "Hallmark Moment"!

Hallmark Cards is asking Republican Sens. Josh Hawley and Roger Marshall to refund political donations after their role in challenging the legitimacy of Biden's electoral victory

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@RyanSchuiling @thehill You must've been unconscious week before last.

There was a siege on the Capitol by a mob whipped up by the GOP to believe the election was stolen, despite no proof good enough for a courtroom.

5 people were killed, tRump got impeached.
It was an inside job.

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Actions speak volumes
That men cannot write.
Insurgents should resign
Or face extended plight:

May boils erode valleys in skin,
Leeches and worms
Eat away at their kin.

No one is free
When supremacists reign,
Unforgivable betrayal
Unspeakable stain.

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.@ProjectLinclon What he said! Deep gratitude #OfficerDanielHodges #OfficerHodges "It was actually my pleasure to crush a #whitenationalist insurrection." N.B. #GOPtraitors killed one and beat other officers w/ #BacktheBlue flag. #NoUnityWithoutJustice #ExpelSeditionists MOCs

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#ExpelGreene #ExpelBoebert #ExpelSeditionists
This cause is close to my heart - please sign:

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😎👍👍👍😷 Word!

#SaveLives #ExpelSeditionists

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@Haines4Laura @hugolowell She claims one thing & her mother Shawna Bentz claims another. Everyday more and more information is coming out. Now her staff is resigning? Wonder why? They know her plan didnt work & she's going down. I'm sure they're willing to talk to the FBI to save their own ass.

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Twitter has wrongly labeled this video as sensitive content.

Please retweet it so we can make sure as many people know about America’s new Jim Crow Caucus.

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Matt Gaetz should not be a Member of Congress.

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😎🤔😷 Brand marks of treason cannot be washed off!

Once you've taken it you keep it.

#AmericaWon #ExpelSeditionists #TRE45ON

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Comms directors for Boebert and Ted Cruz have resigned following deadly insurrection

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The communications director for Republican Lauren Boebert has quit after less than two weeks on the job.

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@Talkshiticus If we don't get them all #RootAndStem those tgat remain will huunket on the shadows & buikd this shit up again. #ArrestThemAll #ExpelSeditionists

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Real life captain America.

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