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#Democrats: will tomorrow be the day that #Cannabis is finally decriminalized/legalized and all “cannabis crimes” expunged?

If not, why not? You all have all 3 branches of government. I expect this should be at the top of the priority list, no?

Let’s see how they spin this.

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@justiceforme13_ C'est pour empêcher les #AntifaTerrorist de rentrer ou pour empêcher les #Democrats de sortir?

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To be clear, it is racist to ask for ID to vote, but tou must have an ID to get into the gated Capitol complex in DC? That makes all the sense in the world, if you are a moron. #Democrats are clowns and hypocrites. And their voters? Well, they ain't the brightest bulbs.

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A fence around the capital is the sign of the #Authoritarian #Democrats forgetting they work for the people. They are blocking the People's house from the #America and #Americans it belongs too. We have now taxation without true representation! #Opinion #Repost #PatriotParty

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So Democrat @RepCohen says a majority of the @NationalGuard are Trump voters so they need to be vetted thoroughly if they're in Washington.. I thought #Democrats was the party that was against divisiveness.. this is completely racist and not just at its core.

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“Black Lives Matter” attacks Police and are released? NO calls for adding those racial militants to the #NoFlyList? “Come on man!” #Democrats

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Have the Americans ( #Democrats ) have any idea what they have just voted for ?????

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I guess the #Democrats #BLM #spinelessrepublicans all forgot the message that mlk had tried to convey.

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As #POTUS will @JoeBiden be able to Unite #America??

Please Vote and Retweet to spread poll, Thanks!


#BidenHarris #Trump #Biden #DonaldTrump #Democrats #Republicans #tuesdayvibe #tuesdaymotivations #TuesdayFeeling #Tuesday

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I asked why #sleepyjoe will have more protection then #KimJongUn at his #inauguration? The crooked #democrats are afraid of something.......

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As we see the militarization of Washington and the dehumanization of people with the #cancelculture, and crushing of #American freedom. I pray we all #forgive #Democrats rather than engage in hatred.

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@SecPompeo Yet Pompeos been Like: “Israel First”

#exposedinpublic #Republicans #Democrats

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Who is responsible for the #BidenHarrisInauguration look no further than the #SupremeCourt
Sure the #Democrats stole the election But that's what they do. They're dishonest people
The supreme court is suppose to be the last line of defense & they let the country down
No Justice

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Just a reminder, as #Biden & #Democrats continue to spew their fallacies of being the "party of the people," they were the ones who fined YOU & I, #Americans & #Patriots, for NOT having health insurance, while giving it FREE to illegal aliens & foreign nationals!

#SHAM #Liars

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So this kind of makes sense... It seems the US #Democrats are taking advice from Children 😁

@problem_we @AdamCrigler @PrisonPlanet

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Today is January 19 @SpeakerPelosi @chuckschumer and #Democrats ALL so full of crap with their fear mongering & spiteful vindictiveness against #PresidentTrump @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris @SenKamalaHarris will soon start Day One of their destruction of #America rights & freedoms.

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If #Democrats provided a good product and ran the country correctly, not for personal gain, they wouldn’t have to worry about #Trump or #TrumpsNewArmy

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I asked myself the same question...if #Sleepyjoe was as popular as the #FakeMedia said then why does he need more protection then #KimJungHyun?

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What the hell are you doing? Picking and choosing #entrepreneur success based on politics? This is what the #democrats stand for. “We support #entrepreneurship as long as we like it, or a liberal #startup” - @JasonKander

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I come from a military family and the #Democrats are insulting our soldiers in Washington. The #Republicans are weak and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are politicians.

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You dumbass #Democrats that voted for @JoeBiden and support the #GreenNewDeal: how are you idiots gonna charge your #ElectricCars, such as your prius’ if #Biden abolishes #coal? You need #electricity to charge them.

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Democrat orchestrated event of an ANTIFA “breach” of the Capitol to disrupt the objections to the election fraud then the dirty Dems “impeached” President Trump for what they did. #DemocratsAreCorrupt #Democrats #Fraud #DemocratsInciteViolence

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"Faith means not wanting to know what is true."
#Republicans #Democrats #Samefuckingthing #BidenHarrisInauguration

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@JohnCornyn @playbookplus Like @JoeBiden said.... the #Democrats are capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. We are ready to get some WORK done. We are tired of the lies, the disregard for truth, the do-nothing tone set by #MitchMcConnellHatesAmericans and the rest of the #gop

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A must-read for all #Democrats who represent Americans in DC. That's you @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @DNC @PresElectBiden

A must-read if you represent me in DC. That's you @davidcicilline @SenWhitehouse @SenJackReed

via @IndivisibleTeam

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Making history is not always good. #democrats have plenty of examples.

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Omg I can’t deal with Democrats, They really hurt my brain with the stupid shit that comes out of their mouths 😖 #Democrats!!!

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#Democrats agree with #JoeBiden n #KamalaHarris that #HunterBiden is "The smartest man I know, from a pure intellectual capacity."

so it is no surprise that #Obama #NancyPelosi #ChuckSchumer #AdamSchiff picked #EricSwalwell to lead #Impeachment after #fucking a #ChineseSpy

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@richimedhurst Of course they won't.

Has #BidenHarris or any #Democrats yet spoken on @btselem declaring #Israel is an #apartheid regime? I mean, I know we haven't signed the Rome statute, where is the morality when it is more than buzzwords?

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#Democrats have the BEST people 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😊 #Obama #Harris #MLK

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You dumbass #Democrats that voted for @JoeBiden: are you really gonna let him #Amnesty to 11 million #ILLEGALimmigrants, steal middle class jobs to them and give the rest away to #China?

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@GOPChairwoman @cspanwj Joe Biden postures on #Chinese is too of #Obama errant on #China as though such may be friendly & convenient for pay to play Cha'Ching #Democrats:

#Biden @ #OATH to #CONSTITUTION is supposed to be to sworn #DUTY to people to protect them from alliances too to set asunder rights.

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@StealthKittenXO @DonMalbeuf @RudyGiuliani He could very well have done that. The #Democrats would have loved him to do that because they would have been able to cross examine. Why do you think he chose not to!

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😂 🙃 #Democrats #Pelosi #Clinton #USA #Russia #ConspiracyTheories #social

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Let kids be kids for the love of GOD, they will have a lifetime of dealing with this shit when they grow up, let them have their childhoods.

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Biden HHS pick Rachel Levine would make history as first openly transgender Senate-confirmed federal official

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.@senatemajldr will attend a church service with @JoeBiden tomorrow at St Matthews in Washington DC, a source familiar confirms to me. Biden invited McConnell. We’ve previously reported the two men have been in contact as Biden prepares to take office.

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So what really went on at The Capital?

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QAnon for Democrats? Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi suggest Putin ORDERED Trump to launch Capitol siege in unhinged interview

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The MyPillow guy is proof that we could stand to pump the cultural brakes on treating every successful entrepreneur as a genius.

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There are hundreds of thousands of American citizens who begged for the National Guard to protect their families & businesses for months on end this year, often to no avail.

But when it comes to a virtual inauguration, all of the sudden the National Guard is everywhere.

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Honduran migrant: President-elect Biden is "going to help all of us."

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.@sbg1: "America is now a country that has to build a wall around its Capitol to defend its Congress, not from some foreign threat but from fellow-Americans. Which, whatever the outcome...is quite a Presidential legacy indeed."

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