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@mattgaetz I think anything that covers your face is a good idea. #DemocracyWins #callacab #alcoholawareness

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Why does the @gop want to make it difficult to vote? Because they see democracy as their enemy. They know they are a dying party and the more people who legally vote, the harder it will be for them to get elected. In America the voters decide. #DemocracyWins #ForThePeople #USA

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@AnaCoelhoBXL @ClaraPonsati @KRLS @toni_comin Europe cannot be indifferent with this attempt by the Spanish State to violate fundamental rights. Thanks for your support in this noble cause #FreedomPoliticalPrisoners #ExilesReturn #FreedomForCatalonia #SpainIsAFascistState #DemocracyWins

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Alhamdulilah we did it
Mubark PDM Mubarak Democratic Forces
#SenateElections #DemocracyWins

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@ShayarImran Are you Funded by #islamists #PFI #SDPI like @jigneshmevani80 ,,


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On March 4th conspiracy theorists claim FORMER president Trump will be inaugurated for a 2nd term. What a bunch of sissy @gop snowflakes. They keep coming up with ways for #Trump to lose! This guy just keeps LOSING over and over. So sad! So much losing! #DemocracyWins #disgrace

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پی ڈی ایم کے امیدوار محترم سید یوسف رضا گیلانی جیت گئے ۔۔۔

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@DemagogueWatch @mmpadellan @robreiner @slpsandrakay I think they are two of a kind. They have come out for the world to see. The most vile bunch of humans our country has ever seen. #DemocracyWins #NeverForget

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یوسف رضا گیلانی کی کامیابی پر 110 فیصد پرامید ہیں (شاہد خاقان عباسی)

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@TimRyan P.S.S. #vitamins and #VaccinesWork thanks to socialism and the defense production act. #DemocracyWins

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یہاں تہذیب بکتی ہے یہاں فرمان بکتے ہیں
ذرا تم دام تو بدلو یہاں ایمان بکتے ہیں


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@IngrahamAngle Who is this you speak of? Are you talking about the loser of the 2020 election? That one-term, former president that came in 2nd to @JoeBiden? Whatever happened to him? Did he end up in prison? #DemocracyWins #AmericaDecides #OneAndDone

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@DonaldJTrumpJr says daddy is still the face of the @gop? I mean if you love America isn’t that a good thing? In 2020 he had the full support of the Republican Party and LOST by a lot to @JoeBiden Keep putting Trump up for election and he’ll keep getting beat. #DemocracyWins

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Black GOPers must speak up against voter suppression. Too many of our ancestors paid the ultimate sacrifice for them to stay silent.

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To be American, we must make a commitment to protect democracy. #votingrights #democracywins

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Capitol riot defendants facing jail have regrets. Judges aren’t buying it. #DemocracyWins #TheRuleOfLaw

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Guess who is quiet as hell about this racist and massive #votersuppression bill from @GaRepublicans? BLACK REPUBLICANS in Georgia like @AlvedaCKing @Bruce_LeVell @theangiestanton @IAM_JanelleK @jalenjjohnson @NewEmergingKing. Also quiet: @PARISDENNARD @thecjpearson @kimKBaltimore

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@JenniferWGME @WGME Can media perhaps focus on the REAL. #DemocracyWins

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“In five weeks, America has administered the most shots of any country in the world — any country in the world — with among the highest percentage of population fully vaccinated. That’s progress we promised.” — President Biden while marking 50 million shots since he took office

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@Marston4ca42 #March4 is Real to Q Cult - Sadly
#StandUp use your Voice

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THIS 👇🏼IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE FREE SPEECH AND EQUAL VOTING RIGHTS!!! #Resistance #ResistAndPersist #DemocracyWins @POTUS @VP @ProjectLincoln @funder @TheDemCoalition @IndivisibleOK @IndivisibleTeam @NewJeffCT @fireman452a @gil4cosd9 @DFire45 @mstone1104

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Can some one please tell me why the #CPAC2021 stage looks like the Odal Rune worn be the Nazi SS? Are we no woke yet? We’re being infiltrated by a nationalist movement remising of the 1930’s Germany. #America #breakfastrant #DemocracyWins #GOPCowards

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@FoxNews @newsmax @OANN @gop I was out of town for a bit, does anyone know who won the #2020election for #POTUS?
It would be the candidate that received the most electoral college votes. #DemocracyWins #AmericaDecides2020

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@FoxNews and victims of FORMER president #Trump still claim he didn’t lose the election. What’s wrong with these people? Is it hatred of democracy or America? Is it lead poisoning? Could it be fear? These maga snowflakes are so fragile. #magatears #DemocracyWins #USA

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I voted for Joe Biden. I don’t have a Joe Biden hat. I don’t have a Joe Biden t-shirt. I don’t have a Joe Biden flag in my yard. I don’t worship Joe Biden as an infallible god who can do no wrong. I voted for and support Joe Biden bc he’s real, compassionate and loves America!

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@seanhannity @MarkMeadows Has anyone seen Sean’s ratings? They went down faster than @TuckerCarlson in the bathroom of a #Florida rest stop! @RepMattGaetz knows what I’m talking out. #messy #GOPCowards #DemocracyWins

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Imma say this one time...

ANYONE coming for @MeidasTouch @J_Mei21 @meiselasb @BMeiselas are gonna get a WHOLE LOTTA NY words from me. These three men are continuing the fight and I'm PROUD to call them fellow NY'ers. #IAmMeidasMighty #countryoverparty #DemocracyWins

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@BulldogBen @FlaOutdoorLife @Forward_Light @frankiecomo @FridaKahloFan @FSFtoday1 @FuhKingElle @fwtoney @FYI_2020 @G0625R @gaiagalaure @garymerten @gayla_mixon @GoinEasy9 @GoldensPaws @gopgoesextinct @GottaWakeUpPlz @gowiththeflow71 @GraceTumbleweed @Grasshopper2049 Thank you! #DemocracyWins

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@BBCBreaking #democracywins Bear in mind though folks that she's still able to contest the revocation of her citizenship, just not from the UK.

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Looks like He DID leave a Note ......

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