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@AWeissmann_ I don’t think Trump would show his pardon during an investigation. He doesn’t seem to mind waiting out the clock. I believe he would pull it out after an indictment, and delay the criminal proceedings indefinitely while litigating the pardon application. #ConvictTrumpNow

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@FoxNews So heroes are now convicted in kangaroo courts by Trump insurrectionists!

We applaud @RepLizCheney for her patriotism and doing the right thing!

While we may not always agree on policies; we must put the country first over a wanna be, corrupt dictator! #ConvictTrumpNow

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@AmyMcGrathKY Convicting trump may finish the destruction of the GOP that they started by going all-in with trump. Convicting Trump will definitely save the country!

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When you have the biggest megaphone in the world and you use it to lie to your millions of followers for months about a stolen election, then tell them to come to DC and march to The Capitol to “stop the steal”, you have incited the Deadly Insurrection. You must be Convicted.

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@BillKristol “the truth is that if he had not meant to incite, he would have reacted with horror, mobilized the federal government, and done his best to call off the mob immediately. He did none of these things.” #ConvictTrumpNow

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"Further evidence of Trump’s insurrectionist intentions can be proven by his dereliction of duty during the attack. The House chose not to mention this explicitly in its article of impeachment. But it should be a part of the case presented to the Senate."

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@PalmerReport @BeSeriousUSA #trumpisafatty #25FOR45NOW #arrestboebertNOW #AfterTrump #CruzResignNow #ExpelBoebert #ImpeachTrump #ConvictTrumpNow #coipkluxklan #HawleyIsATraitor #LockHimUp #insidejob #MAGATerrorist #over7millionvotes #ThankYouStaceyAbrams #TrumpFailedAmerica #TrumpCoupAttempt

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@MSNBC #Trump should be convicted unless you want a trump round 2 of another 4 years who knows when. #ConvictTrumpNow

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@GOP @GOPLeader @SenateGOP @LindseyGrahamSC actions have consequences #ConvictTrumpNow

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Well, at least we know now why the pig Bill Barr resigned before Christmas...

He knew!

Of course Jan. 6th was planned by Trump.

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Thank you @kohls and #bedbathandbeyond Let’s hope @senatemajldr can follow the lead of conscious companies that put country first and #ConvictTrumpNow

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We have AT LEAST 6 years of fighting to remove ALL of the #TraitorsToDemocracy in Congress @HawleyMO @tedcruz @marcorubio & a host of Congress people, including my own @RepMikeGarcia. YOU DO NOT get a free #OverturnOfTheGovernment #BigLie #RemoveTheTraitors #ConvictTrumpNow

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We cannot ask for peace if we will not fight for justice. #MLK

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Trump will issue last second pardons tomorrow. They'll be another abuse of power by a corrupt, failed, one-term, twice-impeached president who has routinely undermined the rule of law, the constitution, and our democracy.

We must hold him accountable even after he leaves office.

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CONFIRMED: @Kohls will stop selling MyPillow in light of their CEO Mike Lindell’s role in the insurrection last week.

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The Senate reconvenes tomorrow.

They should immediately convict Donald Trump and hold him fully accountable for inciting a deadly attack on our country.

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#ImpeachedTwice #ConvictTrumpNow #ConvictAndRemove
#Trump #ConvictTrump
Rem 1 thing Dem's, Trump is what happens in the last 4 years when you run 1 EVIL (Hillary Clinton) against another UNK EVIL called (named the "Liar"). Next time for America's sake pick a better candidate!

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Here's an idea: defund Trump's presidential pension and divert the funds to reunite migrant children with their parents.

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At 1:54PM on January 6, Alex Jones announced to the crowd that he had information on Trump's movements—and that Trump would shortly be arriving at the Capitol. The "Trump is with us" lie is an element of Trump's incitement that we hadn't fully appreciated:

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The ACLU Responds to the Events at the U.S. Capitol Building | ACLU - YouTube This was NOT a protest. This was NOT about speech. #rioters #racism #VotingRights #WhiteSupremacy #WhiteSupremacists #confederacy #insurrection #ConvictTrumpNOW

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@senatemajldr⁩ ⁦@SenateGOP⁩ ⁦@SenateDems⁩ ⁦@SenSchumer⁩ ⁦@SpeakerPelosi⁩ ⁦@HouseGOP⁩ ⁦@HouseDemocrats⁩ ⁦@GOPLeader⁩ #Insurrectionists #ConvictTrumpNow #ExpelCruzAndHawleyNow

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President Donald Trump’s actions CLEARLY incited an attack on our Capitol—putting American lives and our democracy AT RISK.

It’s time for the @SenateGOP to wake up and hold him accountable.

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Session #1493. Down Today 140.
There is no therapeutic solution for the amoral con man in the WH.

@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris #ConvictTrumpNow

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#LoveLightJusticeUnityPeace #ConvictTrumpNow It's the ONLY WAY to Make Our Country Great&KEEP IT GREAT for an Eternity. #AccountabiltyForComplicity #TrumpsTerrorismAtCapitolHill #AccountabiltyForComplicitGOP #AccountabiltyForComplicity #TheResistanceCallsForAccountabilty #Resist

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Someone like Trump must not ever happen again, our country may not survive another one like him.

We must convict.

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Impeachment Manager Ted Lieu Says They Have A Mountain Of Evidence To Convict Trump via @politicususa

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@JoeBiden Love, light and justice.

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@BarackObama Criminally prosecute Trump pursuant to Title 18 U.S.C. §2383 for inciting an insurrection against the United States Government.

If Trump pardons himself, Biden must nullify the pardon with an executive order.

Let Trump cry all the way to the Supreme Court.

He will lose.


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Retweet if you think the Senate must #ConvictTrump

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