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Nyrkin isku teki odotettua pahempaa jälkeä? Jesse Puljujärvestä tipahti huolestuttava tieto #Canucks #VancouverCanucks

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"It was tough to watch a comeback like that, it was just a total collapse."

@armdog joins @Bik650 and @JamieDodd to discuss the momentum shift between the #Canucks and Oilers and what Vancouver needs to do to gain control in those situations.


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Things are getting uglier by the second for the #Canucks

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#Vancouver #Canucks: We've battled 250 times, but never like this. # #ReverseRetro
vs ...

#BritishColumbia #Hockey #IceHockey #NationalHockeyLeague #Nhl #NHLWesternConference #NHLWesternConferencePacificDivision #VancouverCanucks

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The #Canucks lineup could use some of this.

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On #Canucks : "The culture is an ever-evolving recipe and right now they haven't found a way to replace the ingredients to that that they lost."

@imacSportsnet joins @ScottRintoul to discuss Vancouver lacking confidence and finding leadership.


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Not surprising #Montreal #Canadiens #GoHabsGo @NHL #hockey team #fired head coach Claude Julien.They haven’t played well lately,15 of next 16 games Montreal has upcoming is vs good teams #Winnipeg #Jets,#Calgary #Flames #CofRed ,#Vancouver #Canucks and #Edmonton #Oilers.#Canada🇨🇦

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"If I'm the Canucks now I start bringing in as many young guys as a I can...and I just play on speed and heart."

@CoreyHirsch joins @JamesCybulski and @psolkowski to talk about making changes to the #Canucks lineup.


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I know it’s Wednesday, I know it’s late, but if anyone isn’t thinking about #FireBenning then you’re using your #Canucks time wrongly.

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Happy Birthday Brock Boeser! You are an absolute beauty! Hope you have an awesome day and score a bunch of Birthday goals! 🔥 #Canucks

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Sounds like Vancouver. #Canucks

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Reminds me a little of Chara. Too bad Tryamkin is nowhere near as good at hockey. Imagine where the #Canucks would be today if he was?

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@DavePrattSports Coach of the Vancouver #Canucks

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#canucks are only ahead of #redwings and #sens win percentage. Last ten games they are worst in #nhl. @fr_aquilini explain again how they are playing better lately?

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We’re still making the playoffs! #Canucks

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@riotsurvivor Always and listen too. #nevergiveup #canucks

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My article marking 50 years when Bobby Orr and the @NHLBruins played the @Canucks at the Pacific Coliseum; was published in @TheOtherPress. Special thanks to @DanRussellST for sharing his memories.

#bobbyorr #4 #nhl #Bruins #Canucks #CanucksAlumni

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Good thread by Woody on #Canucks goaltending situation

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@SamarSKhann That was fun to watch. Love seeing Quinn Hughes skate too. #Canucks

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PRACTICE | at Vancouver 02.24.21 #Canucks #VancouverCanucks

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@imacSportsnet Hughes is in the same category friends.
Game after game he has dropped assignments and poor decision making on D.
Luv his I game but his D game suffers without Tanev covering for him. @Sportsnet650

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@DrTejDhaliwal No question. Burke was a great example. I don't think this ownership group is willing to pay. #Canucks have essentially the smallest management group in the NHL.

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The talk is always going to be Hughes vs Makar. Quinn accomplished the same feat in 74 games. Got to stop for a minute though and just appreciate these two insane talents. #GoAvsGo #Canucks

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Though it came in a 6-2 loss for his @Avalanche against the Wild on Wednesday night, Cale Makar recorded an early 3rd period helper that has made him the 5th fastest to 50 career assists among this all-time list of young blueliners

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5 Park Destination You Must Visit In Japan #japan #holiday #Corona #coronavirus #tokyo #vacation #tiktok #bitcoin #dogecoin #london #staysafe #lockdown #canucks #BBB21 #auspol #COVID19 #japanese #vacation

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@jabo_vancouver @DrTejDhaliwal It's simple. Good teams have Miller-aged vets in their top 6 with rookies on ELCs in the bottom six being insulated. The #Canucks are doing the opposite. Except the vets in the bottom six aren't good. 21-22 year olds are leading this team.

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Greenee has to go. If OJ is scratched Thursday and Virtanen in the top 6. i'm out. Enough is enough. #canucks

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Be honest, @Canucks fans..are you ready to declare this season a loss? Should they sell at the deadline? #Canucks

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@Purge321 GN yes You Shall Cheer on the #Canucks to Victory over the #Oilers tomorrow

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When Franky unveils a Twitter Manifesto about how he's happy with the state of the #Canucks, yeah, skewer him.

When he congratulates a player on a great mental health initiative... Read the room and shut up. It's just ice hockey bro

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#canucks I got bored tonight and I wanted to see how many winning seasons this team has had in my 40 years. 18 years what I came up with. This franchised has sucked so bad for so long. #CurseoftheBambino lasted 86 years. Oh Boy!

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Maybe Funny 1040 SHOULD have the #Canucks broadcast rights after all....

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@Fan2Abby I change my mind, sign this ASAP! #Canucks could use some beef on the back end

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Good times chatting #Canucks, media, and playing the heel with @AndrewWalker650 tonight.

In this clip, he talks about what the #Canucks can hope to salvage from this season, and he ends with a loving shout out to @mariehui.

Look for the full interview tomorrow morning!

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I would put the cap back on if I could #Canucks

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Some of y'all tie your happiness way too much on how the Canucks play every game.

Y'all need to chill the helllll out. It isn't life or death. Celebrate the sick goals. Laugh at the blunders and chokes. Drink everytime Virtanen loses the puck.

/end rant


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The #Canucks are totally gonna re-sign Sutter in the off-season aren’t they

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Straight up.
As a fan and as one who loves sports, not having a sports radio station to listen to in Winnipeg absolutely sucks.

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The blender is on high at Wednesday practice:




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Perfect time to dig into @csahockey Canucks G context: Demko is 9th in NHL with 4.37 goals saved relative to expected (so accounting for D environment/shot quality best we can), just ahead of Varlamov, Kuemper, Gibson who faced similar # of chances ... Holtby is 52nd at -1.51

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Raise your hand if you're still going to watch every Canucks game this season anyways

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Claude Julien is out in Montreal.

The news Wednesday sent shockwaves across the hockey world.

Here's some of the reaction to the Canadiens' decision ⤵️

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It's tough to fight a bigger guy.

🔴 Tryamkin – 115 kg (253 lb), 202 cm (6' 6")
⚪ Fisenko – 94 kg (207 lb), 187 cm (6' 1")

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