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@Emmett_Johnson2 @mayorcantrell @DangeRussWilson @ciara @drewbrees @LilTunechi @juviethegreat @BOOSIEOFFICIAL @CurrenSy_Spitta @ItsMystikal @MasterPMiller @iamkevingates @RossKemp Watching the documentaries would give you a better insight. Clearly you don’t know what it’s like to live poor, let alone understand why black people have to hustle to make a reasonable living. Continue to be a bigot on Twitter. #ByeFelicia!

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@kenzielee_96 @USMarshalsHQ The country was already saved, November 3rd, tRump and Linny could be side by side buuuuut facing an arraignment in state court. #Losers #DumbisDumb #DunningKruger #ByeFelicia

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@unique_sassy @MajorPhilebrity if thats true, i guess @CMPunk is of white supremacy along with other lucky charm-type tats #ByeFelicia

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That can simply be "just not straight" or rejecting heteronormative constructs #ByeFelicia Dawning of the Age of Aquarius 🥰 #LGBTQ #

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Bye Rožman. Slobodno si uzmi Štefulja i Nevistića sa sobom. #rijeka #byefelicia

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Well RIP JOHN SWAN twitter page. Guess if ya lie bout shit best do it big in scale #johnswan #dream #ByeFelicia

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@BenBonnema You got your 15 minutes of fame and as someone with an inability to mask? Fuck off with your 3-strikes against customers recommendation. You're an at-will employee. #ByeFelicia

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It is always funny when no-skill labor makes batshit crazy demands (like violating the Americans with Disabilities Act) of their employers in the mistaken belief that who stocks a grocery store shelf is not entirely fungible to the organization.

#ByeFelicia #SnowflakeTears

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1 in 6 Generation Z adults identify as LGBTQ.

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@kris10w_ @MAFSLifetime I know!! That cost equipment and time to’s so f—ked if he leaves early it’s prob the first time I know of in the history of the show this they may just let him go. They should! #byechris is the new #ByeFelicia

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@cameron I have a great question. Is cryptocurrencies a threat to the bank system? Found the answer!!! ABSOLUTELY cryptocurrencies have already been an industry threat. Bitcoin and other crypto wallets can handle our own transactions let alone not paying anyone any fees. #byefelicia

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@virgomoondreams Bruh the boy be making himself look like a fool asking you text back #toxic #ByeFelicia

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@marktuan Are cryptocurrencies a threat to the banks. ABSOLUTELY!!! You see it's already an industry threat! Reason being banks are no longer needed. Not to mention we can handle our own transactions and avoid your fees. Lol #byefelicia #cryptocurrencies #blockchains #digitalwallet

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@Citibank Are cryptocurrencies a threat to the bank systems? ABSOLUTELY!!! The industry is scared and should be. You have taken enough from people. You see we can handle our own transactions and avoid your fees!!! #DENCENTERIZED #cryptocurrencies #byefelicia

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Happy anniversary to this tweet

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I say let all these churches and @GOP rallies, get together a happen. They will end up super spreader events of #COVID and it will thin the heard. Less republicans in the world to deal with. #ByeFelicia Thank you @SCOTUSblog for doing the dirty work.

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When you've decided you've had enough of someone's sh*t, do you just bounce or do you make a big deal about it?
Is it just me that's able to turn myself off and not give another flip about it?

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@BankofAmerica you have lost a 10+ year customer. after multiple appeals and a written email confirmation from Amazon that the charge was fraudulent, you refuse to approve my claim. If you can't protect me from this, why would I trust you with my money? #ByeFelicia

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Dear Twitter friends, please amplify. The first time I saw this symbol was in Charlottesville the Nazis were wearing it. A guy with a red MAGA hat and a swastika flag wore it as he chanted 'Heil Trump' #CPAC 2021

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@bluewaterjim @bluewatergrill #bestlobsterever #FriendsSinceBabies @tnewman1960 @michaelnewm #Duffy #NewportBeach #byefelicia #BackToDesert #BoBo #ThankuJimmyU #Bluewater is too fun!

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I’m convinced y’all respond to these JUST to be able to give the Internet a show. 🐶🦴🦴🦴
Cause honey the way EYE would ignore this & go about my day & keep popping 🐱? #ByeFelicia

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@RepMeijer @jaketapper Hopefully you’ll be able to score a top flight position in either the food service or housekeeping industries after your constituents realize where your priorities lie...


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@Neilwejoy Because they’re hoping you will fall for the same s*** again. Instead of #ByeFelicia, it should be #watchme as I #WalkAway. You will get none of this....

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#TraderJoes will fire someone and *specifically* state their reason is bc of that letter.. meanwhile Sprouts is holding to the mask policy, paying us for time not worked during the ice storm, giving us hazard pay and bonuses last year. I wish everyone had it this good

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When you finally find the courage to call out toxic behaviours and they try to turn it back on you. Like are you ok babe? I’ve made you sad coz I said you’re manipulative? Do you want my therapists number?

I got blocked. #byefelicia

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@SenTedCruz Is that why .@SenTedCruz flew off to Cancun and stayed at the Ritz while his constituents were freezing to death? #GQPTraitorsToDemocracy #GQPDomesticTerrorists #GQPSeditionCaucus #ByeFelicia

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@icecube @christuckerreal @wbpictures @RiverC_Official #FreeFriday #ByeFelicia 🤬😤@wbpictures FREE FRIDAY!! Let #IceCube continue his legacy #WarnerBros

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@KlezmerRouge @mikemaccana lmao blocked for trying to have a constructive debate on twitter. coward move by a total dingus. #byefelicia

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@icecube @icecube I posted this on my IG (@riverC_Official) I hope you can repost it on your social media pages 💯

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Whyyy would they refuse us this slice of happiness #ByeFelicia #byeWB Ice Cube Claims Warner Bros. Refuses to Make More 'Friday' Sequels

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#DallasCowboys need to trade Dak Prescott to the Seahawks for Russel Wilson. That’s a move that works out for both parties and is significantly better than a trade to Houston which I don’t think Dak will ever take. #ByeFelicia #Dak #Cowboys #Seahawks

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Better idea. Let’s end career politicians. #ByeFelicia

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If I Lose Followers For This,
You Obviously Don't Know Me
Or My View On Ethereum As It Is Now.

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@tokenstate Only Way $ETH Has A Chance Is If It Stops Being Consumed As A Food Coin.
A Canabilistic Food Coin Can Never Amount To Anything More Than 💩.
$ETH Eats $ETH, Why Play In The Doo-Doo!?

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ohhh BROTHER here we go

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trader joe's just fired me for sending this letter to the ceo, saying i don't share the company values. i guess advocating for a safer workplace isn't a company value?

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Yes, we must end the filibuster. But Kamala Harris can also unilaterally disregard the parliamentarian and keep the $15 minimum wage in the Covid bill. She's the Senate's presiding officer, and it would take *60* votes to block her. Do it, @VP.

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