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@BeschlossDC A one-way bus ticket on Greyhound. "Leave the driving to us." Oh and don't let the door hit you on the way out! #soglad #TrumpTreason #ByeDon

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@AmyAThatcher @SimonJester007 Like this?
"We Salute You!"

#21FartSalute #minions #DespicableMe
#trumpfarewell #ByeDon #ByeTrump #yourefired

#TRE45ON #insurrection #InsurrectionHasConsequences #impeachment #TrumpCoupAttempt #TrumpFailedAmerica #trumpforprison #TrumpFamilyForPrison2021

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It's gonna take a lot of disinfectants, sage, and palo santo to defunkify the people's house @WhiteHouse #ByeByeTrump #byedon #byefelicia

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@theDreamRabbit @BettyBowers Not to steal your thunder but I had a similar idea awhile ago...

Yeah. It just makes me giggle imagining him sliding across the ground on a pallet.

I’m not proud of that.


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@AnaCabrera The send off was last week, wasn’t it - at the Capitol. #ByeDon #Biden

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@pbump @gtconway3d Nothing to see here. So much nothing. The greatest nothing of all...

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@DaveVescio I would vote for @tedcruz before him and I fucking hate Ted Cruz. #ByeDon

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Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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Trump will leave Washington next Wednesday morning just before President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration to begin his post-presidential life in Florida.

Bye Felicia~

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@kayleighmcenany “I don’t take responsibility at all...” Donald J Trump March 13, 2020. #ByeDon

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Hey, I know 2021 has gotten off to the roughest start, but things are looking up!

#keepgoing @MomsDemand
#NRABankruptcy #NRAbankrupt

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@A1_Buckwheat @WashTimes Agreed. Let's end this now. #BYEDON

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Ivanka Trump you are an absolute disgrace to this country! Since we made this video the death count has nearly quadrupled. Your legacy is pain, suffering and death and you will never be welcomed back into society.

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@B52Malmet Eh...let him think it’s going to happen and then just don’t go through it...

Just like he handled healthcare...Covid-19...his entire time in office...He didn’t keep his promises, why should our military? #ByeDon

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@maggieNYT Keeping googling for photos of Trumps moving out. #ByeDon

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@JoeNBC @gtconway3d This will be the worst Covid-19 can ever get, and it's due to Donald Trump's failure.

This is Trump's last Friday.

Tomorrow will be his last Saturday.

After tomorrow, his last Sunday.

Then last Monday and Tuesday.

Thereafter, his last Wednesday, just 1/2 day. #ByeDon

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I wouldn’t spend a penny on a #MyPillow ... that guy is a complete jerk. Talk about white privilege! #ByeDon

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Tell 45* it will be leading a massive military parade to Joint Base Andrews before its adoring fans, then watch its face as they drive through the empty streets, drop it off at the bus station, and hand it a one-way ticket to Florida. #ByeDon

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@tedcruz Instead, yours is the party of sexists, racists, bigots, insurrectionists, and white supremacists. 🖕🏻 #SeditiousGOP #ByeDon

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Black votes won @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris the PRESIDENCY, the HOUSE and the SENATE. So can we all agree that BLACK LIVES MATTER and BLACK VOTES MATTER.
So thank trump for his racist attacks because it just movitated BLACK VOTER turn out.

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Just thinking how @flotus Melania might actually have gotten away with people thinking this shell of a platform was not completely ridiculous (and totally illiterate) if she'd only named it "Be Better" rather than #BeBest #fail #ByeDon

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@JenniferJJacobs @PressSec @maggieNYT I have no love for any Trump @PressSec They’ve delivered daily lies to America; especially @kayleighmcenany
I had always respected that position in government, seeing how they need to share important info with the public. Instead the trumper’s cr*pped on the podium. 💩 #ByeDon

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5 more days until we don’t have a tweeting crybaby in the White House 🙏 My 6 year old knows how to deal with an L better than that orange sociopath #BeGone #ByeDon #BidenHarris2020 #BeBest 🙄

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@IvankaTrump Donald Trump is the worst President in American history. He’s getting kicked out of office with a dismal 29% approval rating. #ByeIvanka #NepotismBarbie #ByeDon #TrumpCrimeFamily #ImpeachedTwice #TrumpInsurrection #TrumpCoupAttempt #BidenIsYourPresident

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Usually all bad things, news and other nefarious doings happen on Friday nights in D.C.

I'm a bit concerned about what #FredsFailure might do on this last Friday of his administration

#ByeDon #FreshVoicesRise

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tRump and MAGAts...
The Sid and Nancy love story of this decade. #lovekillz
#justgo #ItsNotOkay
#ByeDon #Days #Warzone

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@IvankaTrump Donald Trump’s Accomplishments: 375K Deaths, $28 Trillion Dollar Debt, 30 Million Unemployed, Tear Gassed peaceful protesters, Racist, Pussy Grabber, Grifted Millions, Incited Deadly #TrumpInsurrection, #ImpeachedTwice, #TrumpBanned from ALL social media, Told 30K Lies, etc.

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As the legacy of #BeBest comes to a close at the @WhiteHouse, we must continue to give a voice to our Nation's children & the issues that impact their lives. It's the values & spirit of the American people that inspired Be Best & it's those values that will carry on its mission.

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Anyone have any recommendations for the kind of “major send-off” Trump reportedly wants for himself on Inauguration Day?

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@PamKeithFL Technically, any aircraft with President* on board is Air Force One, it’s simply a radio call sign

Let him use a C-130 to get home to FL

Strap him and Melania and his gilded furniture onto a pallet and let him experience Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System first hand...

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