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#Brexit was pushed through on the back of lies, deceit and manipulation with no impact assessment and scant thought for the outcome. Scotland is now suffering the collateral damage. Isn’t it patently clear that in no way are we “Better together”?

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@PaivarintaSusa Siinä parjatussa #brexit maassa on rokotettu jo 30% väestöstä.

Koska he eivät olleet mukana thing called yhteishankintamenetelmä!
Mietitäänpä sitä!

#korona #rokotukset

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@ColinSc53744701 @marcuscarslaw1 @deescattered I genuinely don’t know. Historically it’s always been the farmers who have kept Tories in power down here. You’d have thought #Brexit destroying their industry would have been enough to change their minds. 🙄

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🇪🇺🇬🇧🐟 In pure economic terms not a major issue, but politically sensitive and disputed and, indeed, one of the last point to be agreed upon.
Read the detailed analysis on the EU-UK relations in fisheries by Irina Popescu and Frederik Scholaert #Brexit ➡️

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James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems leads $31 million investment in India’s Doubtnut. For all your digital business needs, please visit #businessintelligence #digitalmarketing #gdpr #brexit #webdesign #seo #logodesign #branding #datastrategy #aquisition #retent…

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@ShogunGalaxy @A1S93x @Tedii69 @sstawowy1 @Remainingareal1 @etxberria55 @AbulbulAmir @CatyMoon4 @juliasm18659356 @foucalt42 @nadine_feiler @The_Celtic_Kid @jamiedchandler1 @niallerc @Axine4 @brexit_fish @rudolfwm @Dontdropthelot @PeterKarlsson8 @Bunker_Boris @mark147852 @Stoneybe1 @Sillyshib @JoWienstroer @redharehorse @MylifeUK1 @fishingforleave @MichelBarnier @theresa_may @PhilipHammondUK @EU_Commission @vonderleyen @Jefferson_MFG @JoeBiden @CarolineLucas @UKLabour @LibDems @SkyNews @BBCNews @Conservatives @NicolaSturgeon Then I got your spiteful tirade ...and your #Remain mates all backing you after calling me a bigot and a vile xenophobe, far right etc ...
It's all because you don't like #Brexit or #Brexiteers!

Stop pretending otherwise!!

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@RichardAScott If, as strongly suspected, a hostile foreign state did conduct a massive disinformation campaign to influence the 2016 referendum, and that malign interference had a effect marginal enough to swing the result, how is supporting #Brexit patriotic?

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#brexit is a mistake!

Trade issues not ‘teething problem’, warns Cameron as PM branded ‘unrepentant liar’ - follow live

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Danke für die tolle Runde sowie an @akyokota und @PhilippQuiel.
Auch die Verknüpfung von #Brexit und dem Angemessenheitsbeschluss in Japan 🇯🇵 war ein sehr feiner Gedanke. 😊
Bis zum nächsten Mal. 👋

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This is a disgusting tweet and does not match what Merkel actually said - this is the sort of misinformation that you and your toilet paper of a newspaper dredged up in the #brexit debate @Kevin_Maguire can you have a word with this guy

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Wrexham Lager piece with @BBCWalesToday has now been moved to tomorrow 📺


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So American Electrical Control Gear @AllenBradley through an Official Distributor which used to take a couple of days is more like a couple of weeks now as, get this. It’s distributed through a warehouse in Holland. #Brexit #BrexitShambles #BorisJohnson

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A propósito del Brexit: algunos escritores escoceses.

Créditos: @jsolerescritor

#Brexit #Literatura #Arte #Cultura #SherlockHolmes #PeterPan #DavidByrne #WalterScott

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Yup. And what the hell do they think's going to happy if it IS ripped-up? We'd just be more fucked by them than we already are, by them. #Brexit was just an utterly stupid idea from the start, and absolutely nothing can or will change that.

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@Rob_Kimbell Very refreshing to read of someone getting to grips with #Brexit. No body ever said it would be the same. Well done.

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Exporters hit by new red tape are paying price for Boris Johnson’s hard #Brexit, says ex PM David Cameron

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As #COVID cases surge and US tolls exceed 500k , researchers are worried about new variant #B1526 that can evade #vaccines . #StockMarket plunge on collapsing US dollar, soaring #Bitcoin  , #Yellen comments on crypto , #Biden failure, #TrumpTaxes #Brexit weigh in

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There is still the fundamental inability to grasp that, just like the majority of us in NI who opposed #Brexit were told “It was a UK-wide vote”, the Protocol was also endorsed by a UK-wide vote, at #ge2019.

The reality is the Union is really not that “cherished”.


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The Brexit deal brought the free movement of citizens to an end. What are your options as an employer in the UK or EU? Watch and learn more:
#Brexit #UK #EU #GlobalWorkforce

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#Brexit Britain is in the hands of the worst, most immoral government perhaps in history. Decent citizens must ensure history records that @BorisJohnson's corrupt administration is @Conservatives which flatters itself as the natural party of government. @ConHome @10DowningStreet

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Clueless, flag-shagging Tory sh*twits like #DanielKawczynski really do want to turn the clock back to the days of Empire, don't they?

Jaysus 🤦‍♂️

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We keep working to bring you interesting content. Next BSS Webinar Series: Britain alone with J.I Torreblanca y Philip Stephens
Tickets available on our website
#BSS #Brexit #SpaininUK #UKinSpain #buildingbridges #webinar #history #culture #conversation

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We know the business impact of #Brexit, but what's the human impact? Join us on Thursday 4 March at 8:30am as we explore this question, with speakers from @tradegovuk, @bolstglobal, @InstinctifCorp. They will be joined by our #chairman, Chris Tyas #OBE:

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#UK #fish exporters have 'had it'.
WIPED OUT by the #Boris #Brexit making the #UK a 3rd Country outside the #EU trading block,
not able to export to the #EU
which the #Conservatives #Government knew would happen (as they helped introduce this).

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CRyukVA #Brexit #политика #Валюта #Деньги #Ипотека #новости #Россия #ЕС #США #USA #Китай

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#Vaccini, il generale #Johnson bravo (e fortunato) fa dimenticare la #Brexit. Su 24+, l'informazione premium del Sole 24 Ore

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Sorry Macron! #London is the world’s most investable City - leaving #Paris in the shade #Macron #Brexit

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#Brexit✅ Get Over It‼️

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Très bien.
Un seul pays hôte, donc une compétition qui aura une identité et marquera les esprits... comme ça a toujours été.
Et une empreinte carbone réduite par rapport au premier projet.
Enfin, ce choix rappelle que le 🇬🇧 est toujours europé puissant... malgré le #Brexit

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@tfoale The EU taking back control of its money. Watch and weep...

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@Femi_Sorry Scary news @femi_sorry the DUP met today with the Loyalist Communities Council - a front for loyalist paramilitary groups in NI. Arlene Foster @duponline described the discussion as "constructive".

Does the #erg know what they are doing and working with?


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GETAnalysis: #UK companies moving to the #EU would really put a dent in the #ConservativeGovernment's promise to ' #MakeBritainGreatAgain'

#Brexit #Britain #Chaos #PlanToShift #AcrossChannel #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayReview #ThursdayMusings #ThursdayRead

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Vauxhall plant future in the balance as government guarantee sought - Sky News - Post #Brexit disruptions?? Surely not?!

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Important in the ongoing post-Brexit stupidity to accept that our EU friends can be just as stupid as us - just as lethally too !

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Oh to see 99% of the people in that # are the Dutch that never saw the big consequences it had for the UK, the sht it left them in, and also supporters of the two political parties no one should want to rule a nation, remember that American orange, that's who you're voting for 😑

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You don't have to agree with the EU to bloody well know an exit will leave us in a lot of shit like A LOT because frog country has no sources, power, no nothing to keep a whole nation running. Do I need to show you reason 457 how the UK turned out when they left minus the paying.

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Now Angela Merkel has joined French Pres macron saying she won't take @AstraZeneca jab. No wonder the EU vaccine strategy is a catastrophe. and thank God we're out

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⚽ FLASH - L' #Euro2021 devrait être disputé intégralement en #Angleterre, affirme le journaliste sportif Tancredi Palmeri. L' #UEFA opte pour le format du pays hôte et désigne l'Angleterre comme étant le mieux placé. La décision sera officialisée à la mi-avril.

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The ERG says the Brexit deal they supported to "Get Brexit Done" is now "destroying the UK".

This is real life. You're not hallucinating.

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My latest story reveals how the government is using punitive costs orders to try and block legal challenges into its handling of the Covid-19 pandemic - and how this is affecting action by 2,500 grieving families @CovidJusticeUk @JolyonMaugham

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Do. 25.02. | 19 Uhr #TeamDatenschutz-Talk auf @joinClubhouse. Thema: Brexit & Datenschutz | Politische Opportunität vor Recht? mit @PhanIris @Lawchenmann @CarloPiltz @JoNehlsen @peterhense @g_arezzo und Moderator @niklas_roeck

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@faisalislam "Needs fixing fast" - its simply the rules for importing from a 3rd Country - these rules were always there for 3rd Countries and EU wont be changing these for a few UK fish exporters. On 1st January UK reverted to same status as Belarus.

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