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So IF the lady talking on the bullhorn was talking about being in the capital before, This would all make sense. These two women look too much alike to not be the same woman. Hope the @FBIWFO is aware.

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The FBI and Secret Service should be investigating #Boebert

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Lauren #Boebert denies involvement in alleged 'reconnaissance' tours before Capitol riots - The Washington Post

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

-Queen Gertrude, Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 2, 254.

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Mommy mommy @laurenboebert @RepBoebert - you are going to jail for 10 years, Mommy. And me too Mommy.

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@puxxled @donwinslow @9NEWS Sure she does!

Picking up litter by the roadside, for example.

Making license plates.

Orderly. Groundskeeper. Dishwasher.

Lots of jobs #Boebert could do as public service, under the guidance of the Bureau of Prisons.

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Colorado officials pen letter requesting probe into #Boebert's actions

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#Boebert is in a war against reality, let that sink in.

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@daveFromCB @RepBoebert @RepSeanMaloney All parties within the district need to follow the state law of course and when you have people like #Boebert , you need to collectively primary her out, you may not get (DEM) or (IND) but you move the needle closer to acceptable ! #Trumps not the only one who can Primary !

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@BigDfromCinci Jenna Ryan couldn't have said it better, the FBI arrested her today for her insurrection into the US Capitol. Sounds like God is coming for #Boebert next..

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Excellent question! Have the good people of Colorado’s 3rd district lost their minds? She seems to have no redeeming qualities at all. @laurenboebert #Boebert

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Her own state is starting to question her
fitness for office
“Our bigger concern is that hate groups are proliferating in America and they are heavily armed. We request that you create a Congressional panel to thoroughly investigate these groups"

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Report: Lauren #Boebert warned arresting deputies she had 'friends at ⁦@FoxNews⁩ ' - Colorado Newsline. Not Law & Order. #seditionist, stupid, ugly & narcissist. Really Colorado? This woman is unhinged.

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@LDBurnett @BlasineA @RepBoebert Or stay and forever be a member of the #SeditionCaucus. And look around at all the millionaires in that caucus, all the veterans, the safe representatives from east districts. You think they’re worried even though they’re traitors just like you, #Boebert? No. They’re not.

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Arrest Warrants Issued for #Boebert in Multiple Cases After She Didn't Show Up for Court Hearings. No respect for laws, no respect for people, anarchist, #seditionist & an ugly ass mug shot.

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@RepBoebert @CapitolPolice You killed a police officer. #Boebert

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Legal Expert: QAnon Republican Rep. #Boebert Should Not Be Allowed Into the U.S. #Capitol With a #Gun

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@laurenboebert @SpeakerPelosi Gauleiter #Boebert, please report to Berchtesgarten, your Leader needs you! At once!

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@kaitlancollins Growing down is the devotion of Congressairheadbabes like #Boebert

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@SteveSchmidtSES @TTuberville @DonaldJTrumpJr @EricTrump Jesus. The newly sworn in, up and coming legislators maybe the bane of us all. #TTuberville #Boebert

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The #bored, #spoiled #children intent on throwing tantrums to get their way we're created by #Republicans - #entitled whiners all. #boebert, @mtgreenee @Jim_Jordan, @DonaldJTrumpJr @MarshaBlackburn @SenTedCruz @HawleyMO @GOPLeader @senatemajldr @DevinNunes @RepAdrianSmith

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On 01-20-21 #GOP reps. #Boebert #Greene #Loomer will lead the force of #Patriots against the #USMilitaries(#NationalGuards)to protest #BidenInauguration in accordance to #WhereWeGo1WeGoAll

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Letter from 68 #Colorado elected officials requests investigation into #Boebert's actions

#MAGA Congresswoman @laurenboebert was giving tours to #Qanon #Trump terrorist mob 1 day before #CoupKluxKlan riots

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Do it!

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girlfriend in trouble... #Boebert

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Congressional candidate Lauren Boebert has a history of minor arrests, court no-shows. #Mugshots #Boebert #LockHerUp #LaurenBoebertIsATerrorist #LaurenBoebertResign @RepBoebert @laurenboebert

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Colorado officials pen letter requesting probe into Boebert's actions

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I hate that he has to say this. But thank you for saying what needs to be said @JoeBiden. It's good to have empathy, decency and leadership back.

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Letter from 68 Colorado elected officials requests investigation into Boebert's actions via @9NEWS

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How come LITERALLY EVERYONE except Most #Republicans @HouseGOP @SenateGOP seemed to figure this out.

Newsflash. Whether you vote to #ImpeachTrumpNow or not, your life is likely in danger. Unless you’re #Boebert #Greene #Gaetz #Hawley #Cruz #Gosar

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@RepBoebert @laurenboebert @RepSeanMaloney FBI reviewing video of #Boebert tour of the Capitol building with terrorists

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Hey, #Boebert how does that federal probe feel up your ass?

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#Boebert is a traitor Perood

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The shoe is on the other foot

I find it ironic, the biggest conspiracy theorist, complains about a conspiracy

Boebert is just as much an insurrectionist as the terrorists

She incited insurrection, voting approval

#wtpBiden #wtpBLUE #DemVoice1 #FreshCongress #BluePath

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68 Colorado elected officials in Boebert's district sent a letter to Pelosi, saying "there is deep concern about her actions leading up to and during the protests that turned into a violent and deadly mob."

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@ConradOliveira @laurenboebert She only has a high school education, she married a man who exposed himself to minors and she has a lengthy rap sheet. She is embedded into QAnon. Her history says she doesn’t have the critical thinking skills to be a lawmaker!

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From the rest of Colorado, we apologize for our mistake. Hey, we decriminalized psylocilibin. Maybe that played a part?

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Lauren Boebert - question of the day. How does a woman who did not graduate from high school, got her GED in the last six months end up a member of this nations Congress?

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NEW from @Reuters: Federal prosecutors have offered an ominous new assessment of the mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol last week, saying they had "strong evidence" that "the intent of the Capitol rioters was to capture and assassinate elected officials."

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Here’s your scorecard: You incited an attack. Even made a shooting joke in your Floor remarks. Tweeted and outed the Speaker’s security situation. And a cop died.

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