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Fences and guards around the U.S. Capitol but the border? Oh no, lets just let anyone walk on through and disappear into the country. Makes alot of sense right? C'MON MAN!!!
#BorderCrisis #Bidenisnotmypresident #bideniscenile #Immigration #

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Biden couldn't find his way out of a paper sack. Our country is being destroyed, the words Biden and Administration, should NEVER appear in a sentence AGAIN.

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@nkdpagan @KamVTV Idk what you're referring to but now EVERYONE knows that #Bidenisnotmypresident

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There are people behind people—those who know and will tell...
That’s why Dems are still destroying evidence!

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Ballots In Arizona’s Maricopa County Found Shredded and In Dumpster—Days Before Senate Audit To Begin

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یه چپول الان روبروم نشسته که دلم میخواد با مشت ... یه کلام از ایلان ماسک گفتم شروع کردن جفتک انداختن به ترامپ 😂😂😂😂 خاک تو سر عقده ای چپول امریکایی #Bidenisnotmypresident

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Thank you!! 👏🏿
If you want to be a $2 ho do it somewhere else.
You're dropping my stock!

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Joe Biden finally made his way out of the basement at least for a few minutes it seemed - only to be abruptly cut off for wanting to take questions. Makes you wonder who's really running things at the White House these days? @TheLeoTerrell and @RubinReport react.

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Sweet God.... who the hell thought he was up for this job? #BidenIsNotMyPresident

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@ronquille_paul @COL314 @robertbrack @Raymond10449530 @truthsearch1957 @ICanPlainlySee @Ron06212876 @Visitor22 @robcarlson20 @8BrianVogel4 @annieka77 @RalphS24381648 @traveler002 @queenalmamarie @drmiaha @Fueldog3 @HarryMi47749146 @Bradfield_Law @Big_crusher1000 @MDKitsa @sudburysanders @Sable17616 @diann6361 @MarilynLavala @P8triot_ @davidf4444 @McginnKeven @LindaK5165 @MsUnitedAmerica @janeen_long1 @mamoobonnie @3teeas @stone_loser @sdv92 @KnowUrEnemy3 @Ashnayyy1 @side_show007 @majdaz @HorseShort @LizizFine @LesScott77 @34AuburnAllie @DennisH59386592 @VivMilano @SkidBoots22 @RobinEnochs @ADeSenze @overit_miss @realDonaldTrump @parler_app #Bidenisnotmypresident

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@CNN You forgot to mention who was behind it. It was all planned by DemocRATS and carried out by antifa discussed as #Trump supporters in order to make the impeachment charge stick. It didn't work! #TrumpAcquitted #MAGA #BidenIsNotMyPresident #ImpeachmentGate #QAnon #WWG1WGA

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@TheDemocrats are vehemently trying to erase our history as we know it. They are a boil on the ass of mankind and if WE THE PEOPLE continue to elect these #RINOS we will only have ourselves to blame. #FightBack #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #HidenBiden #Bidenisnotmypresident

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Support our military! This is a shame! #Bidenisnotmypresident

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@IlhanMN and @TheDemocrats just need to open the country and quit holding us hostage we don't need their handouts we just want to get back to our lives as they were. #Bidenisnotmypresident. #TermLimitsForCongress #ImpeachPelosi

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Everyone online celebrating a $1400 check cut from a $2 Trillion check have put a new meaning to $2 ho.

Know your self worth, America 🇺🇸
It’s our tax money.

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In a nursing home? It would explain a lot. #BidenIsNotMyPresident

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Don't let Sleepy Joe see this Stat. He just might call all of us another racist name. LMFAO MAGA2024 #BidenIsNotMyPresident
Keep up the Great work Gov. Abbott

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@DawnEMcKenzie I believe that it was swept under the rug. Of course, isn't that what @TheDemocrats do with their crimes? #Bidenisnotmypresident #TermLimitsForCongress #ImpeachPelosi

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Wait what?

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Now, this sounds more like a liberal, to be honest with you there. As they feel they are superior and that they are entitled to Free everything and these are just two of your points so put your head back in your backside and STFU. #Bidenisnotmypresident #TermLimitsForCongress

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Trump SLAMS Biden In Fiery Public Statement!! Trump Already In CAMPAIGN ... via @YouTube

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Say what⁉️ 😆💨 #BidenIsNotMyPresident

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Biden tries to explain the Covid bill. This moron is President? Wow. 🤣😮

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The Biden family is America’s trash!
#BidenActNow #BidenCrimeFamilly #BidenIsNotMyPresident #BidenCheatedAndGotCaught #BigLie #ChinaJoe #Communist #ClearAndPresentDanger #DemocratCommunistParty

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Biden states “more than 400 small businesses closed unnecessarily” due to COVID! 🤣🤡🧐

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Yeah so the Demon-crats can rig
The election like they did in November.!!! #bidenisnotmypresident

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The White House 2.0... Full duplication of the main building at Fort McPherson... 🤔

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Was going to the store the other day and saw a car drive by with an F Biden flag. It was indeed hilarious, and I approve 😀 #Bidenisnotmypresident

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Joe Biden has made America a sanctuary country for illegals.

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In the name of #Unity the Beijing Biden’s White House has disabled the comments on the official YouTube channel 😂😂😂😂 #HidenBiden #Bidenisnotmypresident #BidenDementia

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My fave Dr Seuss meme so far. 😂 And amen! #saynotodictatorship , #Bidenisnotmypresident,@John_barron_46 🗣️🇺🇲

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5 weeks in and we still have no president. #Bidenisnotmypresident #BidenRemorse #BidenLied

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@wearewhiterose_ @ZoharInside @YazidiRescueOps @OhNoMo6 @YourTimesCome @IsraelandUSA @Odelia_Too @NYCREMilton @james_anderssen @David_in_Dallas @FredRosner @RoverDov123 @FarLeftHate @chrispeterson65 @coinabs @Corp125Vet @montimai YouTube saw fit2delete #DonaldTrump #CPAC2021 speech its only right y'all should have chance to see it again ifUhaven't already&enjoy a fantastic speech from our current President



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When are you all Biden supporters going to stand up and call this fraud @POTUS out?!? Wake up and smell the bullshit because that's not chocolate cake he's been spoonfeeding your asses!! #TheLiesYouTell #WeSeeYou #BidenIsNotMyPresident #BigLie #CanYouSmellWhatTheLeftIsCooking

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"You don't need to know"

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Biden's support for #HR1 legalized #ElectionFraud shows he does not support the #Constitution and is a danger to America. #BidenIsNotMyPresident #MAGA #Trump2024ToSaveAmerica

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CDC removes covid rules for Biden's illegal alien camps, but not your kids public school. Everyone sees the bullshit, don't let up.

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-more than 200,000 Texans received a vaccination shot

-COVID hospitalizations declined, as did the number of active COVID cases

-ALL 22 hospital regions in Texas are out of the danger zone

Keep up the great work to crush COVID in Texas.

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"I see it as a really disappointing development. We obviously are now ultimately sending money to less people than the Trump administration," says Rep. Ilhan Omar on Covid relief.

"It is a failure when we compromise ourselves out of delivering on behalf of the American people."

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But President Biden cannot find a way forward to open schools? #BidenAdministration

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The right to vote is sacred and fundamental — and H.R. 1 is urgently needed to protect that right, to safeguard the integrity of our elections, and to repair and strengthen our democracy. I look forward to signing it into law after it has passed through the legislative process.

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I went 89 days without a shower or a hot meal in combat.

That's to be expected

But to be forced to sleep in a parking garage in the winter when your mission was to protect a bunch of weak, winy, America HATING Democrats is an abomination


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