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@laurenboebert How dare you quote MLK you traitor?


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@Jim_Jordan @mattgaetz @RepMoBrooks @tedcruz @HawleyMO @SenHydeSmith @RogerMarshallMD @SenJohnKennedy @SenTTuberville @laurenboebert #14thAmendment now for all above
#USA #US #American
#Americans #America #WeThePeople #GenX #GenZ #Millennials #millenial @MillenPolitics

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@tribelaw @laurenboebert FBI investigation. Indictment. #14thAmendment. Prison. Traitor.

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Lauren is about to find out why we have the 14th amendment.

I guess I’m a hypocrite because “lock her up” suddenly does feel fun to say. #14thAmendment #LockHerUp #LaurenBoebertForPrison

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Its funny that I posted on FB about the 14th amendment back in September, I saw it coming even before then. @tedcruz you need a civics lesson
#Constitution #14thAmendment

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According to the Supreme Courts The current system is NOT LAWFUL under the never ratified 14th Amendment regardless who you vote!  To learn how we ended up with a totalitarian system. Click the link below!

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@RepMalliotakis didn't one of the people who for you just get busted THIS PAST WEEK for yelling "Heil H*tler" on tape?!! How DARE YOU pretend you care about anything but destroying anything MLK stood for?
#ResignMalliotakis #14thamendment #BayRidge #antisemitism #racism #StatenIsland #NYC

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@RepClayHiggins Seems you are running with the sheep who have been lead astray and are headed for the slaughter! Your loyalty is supposed to be to the people and the constitution. #14thAmendment #countdown #Shameful

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She needs to be barred from service and arrested #14thAmendment

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When does the January 6th commission begin its work?

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@DrakeDouglas_ @JesseDamiani @MeidasTouch @laurenboebert It seems to me that Rep. Boebert now has two reasonable options:
1. Resign and lawyer up
2. Provide a reasonable explanation for the tour she gave, the statement she made about her constituents, outside, and why she would announce Speaker Pelosi had been moved from the chamber.

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@MeidasTouch @laurenboebert Treason. Plain and simple. #14thAmendment and then prison.

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#14thAmendment #14thAmendmentSection3 #Sedition #Insurrection2021 #InsurrectionHasConsequences #Insurrectionist
Let's not forget about this little ditty for some of those folks who deserve it 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️🇺🇸💙😷😰

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Suspected as much, but it's still disturbing.

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@fbi I hope you investigate and charge @RepBoebert @laurenboebert. With all the cameras you have her on tape. #14thAmendment

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Honestly, every journalist/reporter who covers DC politics knew Lauren Boebert gave the tour. It's been an open secret for days. I am not a journalist and I even knew she gave a tour, that is why I tweeted what I did days ago.

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@JesseDamiani @MeidasTouch @laurenboebert 14th Amendment, Section 3. On January 6 she threatened the Speaker with the information that she had “constituents outside right now” and then communicated via Twitter that the Speaker had been moved from the Chamber.

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@kylegriffin1 @Buckysmiles They should be expelled & not allowed to remain in office. And then charges should be brought against antone that participated. #ExpelTheTraitors #ExpelJoshHawley #ExpelTedCruz #ExpelLaurenBoebert #ExpelMadisonCawthorn #Traitors #Sedition #SeditionHasConsequences #14thAmendment

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.@laurenboebert conspired and abetted a federal crime. She must be arrested & indicted as such.

#Seditionist #LaurenBoebertForPrison

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@tedcruz The fact that you have not publicly addressed “Wait yeah, he’s with us!” is telling that YOU STILL THINK THERE IS A CHANCE. @HawleyMO @laurenboebert @RepMTG et al @senatemajldr @FBI @FBIWFO #Resign #Arrest #14thAmendment Get the foxes out of the hen house.

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Hi @laurenboebert, you are in a whole lot of trouble.

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BREAKING (CNN): Rep. Steve Cohen confirms that Rep. @laurenboebert gave a large tour prior to the attack on the Capitol.

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@pecriel @marcorubio Don't bet on it, they aren't as smart as they think they are!
@SenRickScott doesn't realize he's no longer eligible to sit in the Senate his #Expulsion will be coming up soon. The #14thAmendment forbids #seditionists from serving a government they tried to overthrow #ResignScott

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@Patty74837036 @CheriJacobus @tedcruz can be voted out. #TedCruzIsATraitor and I hope he is forced to #Resign because of the #14thAmendment

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New Capitol siege footage published by the New Yorker shows rioters rifling through Senators' desks

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Targeting GOP Senators With #14thAmendment Retaliation: Democrats are leading a charge against GOP Senators in an effort to remove then under the #14thAmendment. The post Targeting GOP Senators With 14th Amendment Retaliation appeared first on The…

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The rest of the world doesn’t understand why we have the Second Amendment.

They don’t get that because of it we don’t have to ask for their approval.

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Matt Gaetz should not be in Congress.

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cc: @RepBoebert = you got problems.

68 officials push for probe of congresswoman who tweeted lawmaker locations during riot via @Yahoo

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WHOA!!! Over 450,000 views in ONE hour of our video exposing Ted Cruz & Josh Hawley!

Americans agree it's time to #ExpelThemBoth!

Hit the RETWEET afterburners to make sure ALL Americans see their shameful treason, and push to EXPEL them!

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Member of Congress attacking a state election official...of her own party.

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